My first year in College – Chapter 4: Birth Marks

My first year in College – Chapter 4: Birth Marks

The first day of class was not very memorable.

To be honest, I could not tell you which class I took that Tuesday, but I could tell you with certainty that Austin was sweaty when he came back to our room and that he removed his blue sweatshirt instantly as he sat on his bed. Selective memory, I guess.

Austin seemed tired after a long day and told me a bit about the different people he had met. On my side, I don’t remember talking to anyone in particular…

He was laying back on his bed, his arms behind his head, displaying once again the perfection of his biceps and armpits glistening with sweat. He told me he had registered for the Football try outs and I promised him I would try to get into Tennis class.

I guess that Henry, the sexy black guy who was part of the Football team, would soon find out if the jerk-off stories Austin had been joking about were true.

Austin went to shower before we head out to dinner.

I noticed that he had left his dirty white Calvin Klein underwear behind him. The boxers were right under his bed. I knew from the day before that they had been stained with precum.

I could not say what came over me but I simply could not resist. With my heart beating fast, I reached out to the filthy pair of underwear and immediately stuck them to my nose, inhaling the scent. I had never done that before; In this moment, I NEEDED to smell those briefs. To lick them. To sniff them some more. Austin’s residue of precum was on my tongue and that felt right. It was like the first taste of a new addictive drug. I knew it was bad for me but it was too good to turn away.

My dick was getting hard but I had not lost my complete mind. What if Austin came back? I had to resist and refrain myself from jerking off.

I leaned against the door to limit the risks of Austin entering the room unannounced and almost choke myself with the underwear. I knew, I had not much time and I had to inhale the odor of my roommate’s balls as much as I could. I licked them some more. I felt like an animal. I was an animal. My own precum was licking in my underwear, I was not even touching my dick.

Then, I realized that my saliva had left some very distinct stains on the briefs. Fuck. Maybe I did lose my complete mind. How did I not think about that?

Starting to panic, I put the briefs back where I found them, hoping Austin would not notice anything. I was shaking and sat on my bed.

When he came back in the room about fifteen minutes later, I was pretending to read the notes I had taken during the day. I was surprised to notice that Austin was already dressed up. He was wearing a black shirt and had put some perfume on.

I realize how pathetic this is but I was constantly questioning how my own behavior was affecting his. Was he now getting dressed in the bathroom because he noticed that I was staring? Or did he think I was actually uncomfortable with it and wanted to respect that? But then, why would he go shirtless and be so fucking sexy most of the time? Leaving his naughty underwear behind? Sometimes, I did think he was trying to arouse me.

More realistically, Austin — contrary to what I was I was doing with him — was not always thinking about me and did not take my reaction(s) into consideration to affect his own behavior or decisions.

While we were going to the 1st floor to join the rest of the students who were eating inside, Austin casually mentioned he had plans to eat with Ashley.

That bitch, I thought, full of jealousy already.

I told him I did not want to mess up his date but he insisted that I tagged along, as precisely, he wanted me to be there in case it would be too awkward.

I guess Austin did not get the memo about me being the definition of awkwardness.

We sat with Ashley, one of her girlfriends, and Gary, our favorite ginger neighbor.

To be fair, Ashley was not a bitch at all and was even pretty funny. She was not pretending to be that perfect student girl with the photoshoped Instagram pictures and idealized life. On the contrary, she was happy to share tales of her worst embarrassing moments, including the first time she had sex.

This, I remember because her anecdote was one of the best I have heard when it comes to tales of “losing one virginity”. The guy who was fucking her literally called her “mummy”, right in the middle of the act. When he apologized before going home, he repeated the same mistake with a “sorry about earlier, mom”. Ashley was imitating that poor guy so well we asked her to redo the line a couple of time.

The five of us ended up spending the evening together, playing cards and talking about our life in high school. Was I actually making friends? Who would have thought?

When we got back to our room, Austin asked me if I noticed the way Janice was looking at me and what I intended my next move to be.

Janice was Ashley’s friend, with whom I just spent roughly 5 hours, but as he was asking me this question while he was painfully and slowly getting his trousers off, I forgot who Janice was for a few seconds. His bulge, and then his thighs, were on the way, preventing the tight jeans to go down easily.

“I don’t know about Janice. I’m not sure she’s interested… But Ashley definitely is. I mean, it is damn clear that her cleavage was worn just for you.”

“Oh! Fuck man, don’t talk to me about that cleavage! I’m going to have a hard on again before going to sleep!” he laughed.

I laughed too, pretending that I was not at all aroused by this comment and the thought of another night of “Dick Sighting”. He was now wearing only his underwear, grey that time, and the bulge was more apparent than ever, just below his treasure trail. I tried not to drool.

“You don’t go to bed?” he asked me.

“What do you mean? Of course, I’m going to bed. I’m not going to the stores at 1am!”

“Well, why don’t you get undress then?”


“Oh… I mean…”

I was about to say something vague, to find a good excuse, but for once, I chose to be sincere: “To be honest, I’m not super comfortable with my body… I’m not as fit as you and…”

Austin got closer to me. We were both standing in the middle of the room. He had never been that close actually. I could have touched him. He looked concerned.

“Man, you are 18. You are in College. We are going to spend a full year together in this room. If you feel like you have to hide away every time you are shirtless, you are going to be miserable. And to be honest, this is going to be uncomfortable for me as well because I don’t intend to do the same.”

I felt a bit taken aback.

“Sorry man…”

“Don’t apologize. I’m not saying that for you to apologize but I’m just saying: man, you look good, you have no reason to be shy and more importantly, I don’t give a shit what you look like anyway! This is just us here, what do you think, that I’m going to make fun of you? Because you don’t play football every 2 days and don’t have enough abs or something?”

“No, of course not…”

“And don’t get me wrong, I’m insecure about my body too, I don’t think my body is where it should be at and I work every day to get there. So, either you get comfortable with yourself, either I’m taking you to the gym every day to fix that!” He flexes his biceps to make his point. I must say it was a nice touch to convince me.

It was the first real conversation that we ever had and it was about one of my biggest insecurities. I sat down on the bed.

“First of all, Austin, there is no way in hell you can be insecure about your body, you look like you come straight from a cover of Men’s Health. Second of all, you’re right. But please, can we not make a big deal out of it? It makes it even more complicated for me if we do a whole thing about me having my shirt on or off…”

He seemed to realize he had gone a bit too strong and sat on his own bed. His blue eyes staring in mine.

“Yeah, I get that… Sorry. I did not mean to cross a line. This is just my style with my bros. Do whatever you feel comfortable with, just know that you can be yourself around here.”

I smiled. I was “his bro”.

He continued:

“And as for my insecurities, have you seen those birth marks…”

He stood up again and turned around to show me a brown mark just above his grey boxer on his back.

“You mean, that brown mark… Yeah I see it now, I have not noticed before…”

“Well… I am very self-conscious about them…”

“There is only one.”

Austin took me by surprise and slid down his boxer to fully expose his right cheek to me.

FUCK. As the teens would say nowadays: I was shook.

Again, I had to fight to remain calm and not get hard. That pale and slightly hairy bubble butt was too perfect for me to handle.

“Oh. Yeah, I see them now, there are two smaller ones here… Nice ass man by the way!”

I said playfully, trying to look like we had some straight bros fun… I was not very good at this but he laughed.

Remaining in this tempting position, his ass right in front of my eyes, he continued: “I’m betting on the fact that if my abs and V lines are defined enough, people won’t get distracted by those stupid birth marks.”

At this point, just like when I jumped at his used underwear before, I could not control myself and I slapped his ass. It was like my hand moved without my consent or control.

For a second, I thought this was the end of it all but Austin busted out in laughter. “What the fuck ty?!”

“Sorry bro, you deserved this! You are talking no sense about these birth marks! I had to stop you” I responded jokingly.

Austin did not seem bother at all by the slap and he was now trying to get a good look at his birth marks in the mirror, twitching his body so he could see his own ass in the reflection. His underwear was still hanging very low and I could even see his pubic hair and the top of his penis. Just a few inches lower and I would have a full view. Maybe a wrong move and the underwear would slide down even more… I was mesmerized but tried to focus back on the conversation.

“Dude, you look fine… Who cares about three birth marks? And you’re right. I was too hot last night anyway” (in more way than one).

I took off my t-shirt and my jeans and ended up in boxers, in front of him. To this day, I have no idea how I managed not getting hard in this moment.

He continued to look at himself for a bit, clearly checking his ass, and then readjusted his boxers. His dick was still bulging, it was like he was constantly in the state of a semi erection.

“Let’s close the stores this time, it woke me up last night.” He said.

I was a bit disappointed. Did we really need to close the stores?

Thankfully, I realized that night – and the ones afterwards – that the stores did not permit to have the room in full darkness and I could still have a nice view of my roommate sleeping… and of his daily morning woods.

I went to sleep with the image of beautiful birth marks in my mind.

I was becoming more and more obsessed with that man and my boxers would, once again, be filled with precum when I woke up the next day…

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