The Living Doll – by Ouroboross

2017 incest gay sex story: The Living Doll – by Ouroboross. This is my first story on the site, I’m looking for any advice or tips that people can give! I know I’m not the only one in saying that before I got to bed most nights, I jerk off.

2017 incest gay sex story: The Living Doll

– by Ouroboross

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I don’t mean to boast but I am pretty big down there, almost 8 inches, and the only thing worse than going to bed with a fat hard on is waking up with one. But tonight, was different – I had felt odd since dinner. Not outright sick, but a bit more tired than usual.

I wanted nothing more than to go straight to bed, so that’s what I did. Shutting my bedroom door, I slipped into some loose shorts, climbed under the covers and fell sound asleep.

It must have been the middle of the night when I woke up because it was still dark outside my curtains. Funny, my alarm was what woke me up most days at it was set to 9:00Am.

Before I could think on that I realized with a start that there was someone else in my room. It took my eyes a moment to adjust but then I saw who it was – my own little brother, Adam! I tried to open my mouth to ask him what the hell he was doing in here but my mouth wouldn’t open. None of my body would move, I was frozen completely in place.

“Sam, can you hear me?” My brother asked in his squeaky teen voice. He was right at the side of the bed, rubbing my shoulder gently as if to wake me, but there was no way for me to respond. A nasty grin passed across his face at my silence. “Guess those pills in your food worked earlier. Now I can have some fun.” I only had to wonder briefly what he could mean by that, because as my eyes flickered downwards in horror he dropped his pajama bottoms to the floor. His cock flopped free, long and thick, it put mine to shame despite my seniority. And it was hard, very hard.

I felt Adam’s hands on my head, turning me to face his crotch, and I was powerless to resist. I could smell it now, the musky stink of cum and sweat. All I could do was wince in disgust as he pressed his throbbing cock head to my lips and forced it inside my mouth, my body making no effort to resist.

“Fuck…” my brother moaned as he forced inch after inch into my wet mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t move willingly, but my body was putting up less than no resistance, not even gagging on his big member. Even more alarmingly all the feelings were there. I was sucking on my own brother’s cock, and I could taste every inch of it!

Satisfied with how far down my throat he was, Adam pulled out a little and then slowly thrust back in, gently fucking my face. He was moaning more now as I drooled all over his cock coating every inch of his shaft. The room was silent except for Adam’s grunts of pleasure and the wet noises of him using my face. I was used to the taste now, and could even feel myself sucking on the treat inside me.

Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth with a wet pop and looked down at his handiwork. His heavy cock glistened with wetness and pre-cum. I could feel that my mouth was still in the shape of a lewd O, ready for someone else to take advantage of. There was nothing I could do except look up at him with teary eyes pleadingly. This just seemed to drive him on. “Time for the main course,” Adam giggled.

Before I had time to process what he meant, Adam climbed onto the bed and pulled off the covers. He took off my shorts, revealing my own painfully hard cock. I realized that it had been hard all this time, there was even a bead of pre-cum drooling down the tip. Next, he gripped my ankles and spread my legs up into the air. When he let go they stayed in exactly that position, open and welcoming to him. With evident excitement my brother guided his cock to my virgin asshole and aimed the wet tip into me. Gripping tightly to my waist he pressed his cock against my hole as hard as he could, gritting his teeth. I winced in pain, tears flowing freely down my cheeks, hardly believing it could ever fit inside. But he was insistent and my backdoor finally gave up as his cock entered.

The feeling of being stretched was impossible to describe. It hurt, but at the same time I was a pleasurable sensation I never imagined I would feel. Adam was silent, except for coos of pleasure as he gradually fed inch after inch of his shaft into my eager asshole. His grip on my waist was painful by the time he was all the way inside me.

I knew what was coming next, but I still would have screamed out loud if I could have. Pulling out slowly – as if savoring the moment – my brother then shoved his cock back inside of me. Intense pleasure shot through me and overshadowed the pain, but before I could get used to it my asshole took another hard thrust and my eyes rolled back in my head.

Adam was working into a rhythm now, drilling my asshole with quick, eager thrusts. His moans of pleasure rose over the squeaking protests of my bed. I would have been moaning too, but instead I settled for drooling obscenely out of my facial fuck hole – my mouth! With a jolt of pleasure my own cock twitched and erupted cum up onto my stomach and chest.

By now my brother’s rutting was quick and frenzied, his panting showed his desperation for release. His cock had made a major impression on my once tight hole, now his member was being swallowed easily by my backdoor. Adam froze mid-thrust, he groaned aloud and emptied his huge load of nasty cum into me. With a dirty popping noise, he pulled out of my ass, leaving me filled with his incestuous spunk.

“We’ll be doing this a lot more now that you are my living sex doll, Sam. The pills did most of the work, I just had to add cum.” As he finished speaking I felt the load churning in my ass. My whole body was throbbing, and I felt myself changing. My face was morphing, becoming more feminine and soft. My short hair was lengthening, tumbling down to my shoulders. My skin all over was becoming paler, and the ass which my brother rode such a short while ago was growing softer and fatter. But most alarmingly of all, I felt my cock shrink by several inches.

Adam smacked is lips with satisfaction. “I think you’ll need a few more loads before the job is done though.” With seemingly no effort, he picked up my naked body and carried it out into the corridor. Quietly, he bundled us into his bedroom and shut the door behind him. Adam set me down on the floor and pushed me out of sight, not even bothering to properly hide me.

“Don’t worry Samantha, you’ll get used to being my sex doll.”


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