Boy Cum Dump – by dogsex1991

2017 sex gay story: Boy Cum Dump – by dogsex1991. I couldnt help it. My name is Ryan I’m just a kid and I am a whore. I have always been given a lot of strife for being gay, but never so much as the last two months of my life.

2017 sex gay story: Boy Cum Dump – Chapter 1

by dogsex1991

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Boy, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Drug, Gay, Humiliation, Rape, Reluctance, Spanking, Torture, Young

That’s when everything changed. My face was accidently plastered all over the news and everyone found out about my hidden life. Well let me tell you how it started….

At first the older man who introduced me to this way of life was my uncles best friend, he raped me. But that’s a different story. To make a long story short he introduced me to some friends who apparently loved my “youth” and they introduced me to their friends and so on. Unfortunately none of this was consensual as I was……………..young.

Anyway this particular story started one cool summer evening. My uncles friend and his 2 cronies had picked me up and taken me with them to the outskirts of the city, we hopped out of the car in a desolute area and walked towards some wooded area that in the day would’ve been a public park.

As we made our way into the bushes surrounded by trees in an open public park I suddenly heard voices, many many voices. I realised then that there was more than these 3 men here tonight.

I wasn’t surprised they did unexpected stuff like this to me before. As we made our way deeper into the trees the voices got louder and seemed more plentiful then before and quite suddenly the trees opened up and we were in the middle of what could’ve been a camp, just an empty big circle of land surrounded by thick dense vegetation.

We were invisible to the outside world. As I took a step into the clearing a bunch of men stepped out from behind the trees, there were at least 50 men, all of them older gentleman my fathers age or more. I sucked in a breath of air as I gasped, suddenly I felt a cloth wrap around my face and nose I felt instantly lightheaded and my muscles felt weaker and very floppy.

As I was loosing consciousness I felt what was probably a syringe sting my neck as I was injected with something. It made my heart rate get faster as I took deeper longer breaths, my penis suddenly felt really sensitive and got uncomfortably hard against my shorts, what did they do to me?

As I fell to the ground I felt someone catch me and place me down gently, as he laid me on the ground I felt my cloths being violently ripped off me until I was naked, my legs were lifted into the air and I heard the familiar squirt of a bottle probably lube, this was confirmed when a finger suddenly without any resistance shot up my ass, I realised my sense were quickly getting more sensitive especially my skin. It must have been the drugs but I could feel every blade of grass and every grain of soil that I was laying on.

As the man rolled me onto a blanket that was placed on the floor I saw the others form a circle around me, thankful at least I had a blanket to lay on I realised my dick which was rock hard was leaking precum suddenly started throbbing harder, as if anticipating some sort of sexual act. That scared me I never wanted to be used by my uncles friend and I knew I never liked this.

Suddenly a man bear like in appearance approached me from the throng of men around me. This man was huge and quite stocky, he had a gut and hairy chest as he came to me he knlt between my legs and without any more courtesy wrapped his left arm around my back and his right arm around my neck.

He got quite close to me, then carefully with his face near mine lips almost touching he whispered, “wrap your arms and legs around me babe” I was so dazed I didn’t even argue. I tried to raise my arm up but my muscles were really weakend by whatever they put in me,

I did try but I couldn’t move, seeing me fail he adjusted my legs for me so that he had me spread wide for him, my lubed asshole could feel the air, now he placed his hand on the floor, he looked like a gorilla, my legs were wrapped around his beefy forearms and I was presenting to this random crowd of men, I tried to hide my shame as all these perverted eyes were devouring my supple naked body,

but again my limbs wouldn’t move and I just lay there on my back, arms flung out to the side legs wide open ready for this beefy man to take my young ass hole. Happy with my position the man then started to slowly thrust his dick forward, I felt my cock consistently throbbing start to leak precum onto my stomach with each throb. When the head of his penis first made contact with my ass sphincter a few thoughts shot through my head, first was the size, like the man it seemed his cock was thick, I don’t think I had ever had a dick this big in me before and fear shot through me.

Second, unlike usual, my sphincter did not suddenly close up or tense up at all it stayed perfectly still and relaxed, in fact I realised I couldn’t have tightened it even if I wanted to, these drugs they had put in me must’ve been responsible for that. And third, just the touch of his penis head against my rectum sent shockwaves of what I could only describe as excitement, pleasure and desire through my entire body. Although I couldn’t move I felt everything and my ass hole it seemed was hyper sensitive.

I let out a deep breath and unwittingly a long moan, these drugs were playing havoc with my hormones. The man then stared straight into my eyes and thrust forward slowly, and without resistance like a hot pole through butter his cock slipped into me with no resistance at all, I felt no pain as he slowly entered me.

But. I felt all the pleasure, as each bump, each crevice and each vein of his penis was felt by the inside of my ass and again I couldn’t help but inhale deeply my eyes wide open in a sexual, drug induced daze, as my ass twitched with unexplainable feeling, it tickled and at the same time felt so full, I could feel each throb of his dick deep inside my ass I could tell his dick was throbbing slower but my powerfully then mine was.

Oh and my penis it was throbbing like crazy, the deeper he went the more precum started leaking out of my dick and I felt it get so hard and dripping my juices all down my dick. As he finally shoved all the way in I felt his balls press against my cute white ass, he pushed harder and my ass yielded, but that did it for him and me. He let out a deep deep growling moan, he didn’t move he just savoured the warmth of my ass wrapped around his cock.

Finally after what felt like minutes, although it was probably seconds he pulled out halfway, and again I felt every bit of movement. My legs started to tremble, I don’t know whether from the drugs, the sensations or the anticipation. And I could feel my balls tighten as if I was about to cum. As he pushed himself into me again I felt him speed up and his balls met my ass with a tight slap.

As I felt his dick rub past my prostate which felt greatly larger than usual, I felt my cock spring up and some precum shot out of my dick and landed on my neck, it was warm my legs started to twitch and shake this time from the unbelievable amount of pleasure coursing from my ass to my penis and throughout my entire body. My head flopped to the side and I could see all the men starting to touch themselves and stare at me. But I didn’t care anymore, all that cared about was what I could feel happening to my body.

The man then pulled himself almost all the way out of my ass again and again I let out an involuntary gasp of air as the drugs magnified the sensation of everything, still half dazed when he thrust into me this time it was so fast his balls slapped my ass so hard I could feel the sting, as if I had been spanked by his huge testicles, the deep penetration again wrecked havoc with my prostate and again a jet of my salty precum shot up and this time landed across my cheek and some one the side of my lips as I laid there, I heard some men groan as it dribbled down my lip.

My cock was straining so much, I just wanting to ejaculate. Then the man put his right hand behind my head and with his tounge as he pulled out of my ass again licked all the precum from my neck to my cheek in one long slobbery lick. And to me even that felt amazing as all my sensory neurones fired, I couldn’t help but moan. I smelt cigarettes as he with a animalistic groan said, “im gonna cum, fuck im gonna cum already” I didn’t really know or register at the time what he meant, then he wrapped his left arm around my back just above my ass and started to French kiss me, making sure to lick all my precum off my lips as well and thrust into me so hard and fast that when he sunk all the way in, this time my body was pushed forwards a few centimetres from the force of his thrust, and still my ass had no resistance.

As he slammed into my rectum I felt my dick start to warm up and swell, it couldn’t handle all these sensations anymore and it started to squirt, my orgasm snuck up on me and I didn’t even realise the first few strings of cum that landed on my face, but suddenly I felt the mans grip tighten as he bear hugged me, he squashed the air out of my lungs and try as I might I could not move or fight back or resist, then felt a warm, hot glow fill the inside of my ass and I realised he was cumming, still in his bear grip, he kept thrusting quicker and quicker into me.

And that’s when the lagging sensation of my orgasm hit me and I shook like an animal, my dick was squirting all my cum against this mans belly as he hugged and fucked me and I could do nothing as I squirted again and again and again. I could feel my sperm over my cock as his tummy rubbed it everywhere causing more unbelievable sensations to pulsate through my body. As I squirted and he kept thursting, I could feel jet after jet of warm cum filling my ass and I could not stop myself from moaning like a bitch in heat as he bred me.

I realised my previously paralysed muscles had some how come back to action as whilst I continued to orgasm my arms were wrapped tightly around his neck forcing his face against my neck and my legs were wrapped around his hips allowing for deeper penetration as I kept on cumming.

Then all of a sudden he stopped and I felt the air rush back into my lungs, but even after 10 squirts my cock was still orgasming despite no more sperm coming out I kept climaxing. It was hyper sensitive it was one big continuous orgasms. The man slowly released me and I felt his cock slowly slip out of my ass hole, it was only when it was completely out that my dick finally started to calm down. Yet it remained rock hard. Then I finally stopped cumming I felt my body again become paralysed completely.

The man left me there and walked over to the others and I heard different men say things like “fuck only 1 minute man that’s all you lasted,” “fuck it must be good,” “the drugs are definitely working,” “ did you see the precum and how much he squirted,” “he will be ready again in 20 seconds.”

And they were right. I could feel my ass was again tight and relaxed as if that man hadn’t just fucked me, my cock was still hard and I was again really horny, I could feel my balls getting heavy again with sperm. The only evidence that anything had happened was my sperm that had landed on my face and chest and then sperm that was leaking out of my ass.

I watched dazed as my head flopped around, as another man walked up to me in the middle of the circle, my uncles friend “how was that,?” he asked “I couldn’t speak I was so tired from that orgasm, “don’t worry” he said “that was only one guy, with this in you, he said tapping the needle, you will be good for all night. Oh, and by the way you can only move when you are actually cumming, so if u wanna leave that’s fine, just stop me from fucking you while you orgasm and and we will let you go. As you start to orgasm all u have to do is push us away and stop anyone of us and we will stop, but only while you cum, whore”

Then he took his place like the other guy and I felt his dick against my ass. And for the first time, I was looking forward feeling this cock in me.

hope you all enjoyed, if u like it will make part 2

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