The next day I woke up feeling ashamed and confused. I still could not believe what happened yesterday. Did my friends really use me to blow their loads? Did I really cum from being fucked by Tim? Did they really film the whole ordeal and did Jonas really piss on me? It all felt surreal to me, but then I remembered the message Jonas send me and looked at my phone. There was the video and the message telling me to come to his place and bring a shaver with. It all really happened.

After a few minutes I groggily got out of bed and took a shower contemplating what I should do. Should I talk to my parents about the situation? Should I go to the police? I mean I have video proof me being fucked. But the only visible face was mine and I also came. Would they believe me? No probably not. Maybe it was for the best to go to Jonas and talk about the situation?

I finished showering and dried myself looking at myself in the mirror. Looking at my dick embarrassed that my size brought me into this situation. What if I only had a bigger dick? Then it wouldn’t have been me, but Leon. I turned around not being able to stand to look at myself right now and started to get clothed. I went down and ate some cereal thinking how I should talk to Jonas about the situation.

“Hey, I wanted to talk with you about what happened yesterday and the video. Can I come over later on?” I texted him, hoping he would answer me soon.

“Sure, you wanted to come over anyways today, sweetie.” He replied after a few minutes.

Sweetie? Did he not talk to me like that yesterday? Did he still think of me as a toy to use for his pleasure? No surely that wasn’t the case. Maybe he just wanted to make me feel better about yesterday, feeling sorry for what they did to me?

“You can come over whenever you want.” He sent with the next message.

So after I ate my cereal, I got up from the table, put on my shoes and went outside to walk to him. It was really hot today and I immediately started to sweat a little on the short walk over to his house. When I arrived, I rang the doorbell and waited for a bit. After a while the door opened and his father, Benjamin, was there standing in the doorway.

“Hi Theo, Jonas is upstairs playing some video games. You know where his room is.” With that he turned around and went in his garden laying on blanket on the grass enjoying the sun.

I suddenly felt really nervous. His father was here, and I wanted to talk with Jonas about what happened yesterday. Did he know anything about yesterday? No I was just overthinking things. So I started to go upstairs to Jonas’ room knocked and went in. Jonas was sitting on his PC in his underwear as it was really hot in his room. He had the windows open making it possible to see in the garden.

He turned around in his chair and looked at me.

“That was quick. Could not wait to see me again?”

“Sorry, I just felt like I needed to talk to you about what happened yesterday and.”

“Oh yeah, did you bring the razor?”


“Remember I asked you to bring a razor. Did you seriously forget to bring one?”

I just stood there dumbfounded. Not understanding what he was saying.

“Listen here Theo. I told you to bring a razor so that we could rid of that useless body hairs of yours. With a dick that small you don’t need it. Damn people could mistake you for a real man for which you need a real dick.”

“What are you saying?” I shakily asked. “I wanted to ask you to delete the video and talk things out.”

“You did not bring the razor, there is nothing to talk about bitch. I think actually I should punish you for following orders.”

I couldn’t understand what was happening. My friend talked to me like I was just some slut he could order around. He told me I wasn’t a real man because my dick was to small. He wanted to shave my body hair to show others I wasn’t a real man. I thought he wanted to smooth things out with me, but I did not expect that.

“Ok listen here, I’m willing to forgive you not bringing a razor today, but in exchange you will have to crawl between my legs and keep sucking me off, while I continue playing COD.”

“What? NO! I’m not doing that. I’m not for you to use.”

“Well if you don’t ill send the video to our class group showing everybody how small your dick is and how you came being fucked by a big dick.”

“No please everything but that please. Please don’t make me suck your dick again. Can we just forget about yesterday and play COD together.”

“Not by a long shot. You did not bring the razor and need to be punished. SO either you suck me right here and now or everybody will see the video.” He said in an angry tone.

“But you father is here. What if he comes in?” I tried reasoning with him.

“Forget about him. He is tanning in the garden. And I can see when he comes inside to warn you. Even though it might be fun to show him what a small dick you have.”

“Please don’t do that to me.”

Suddenly he pulled his cellphone out and showed me that he had the video already in the text field for our class group preparing to send it.

“No, no, no, no. I’ll suck you off while you play on your computer, please just don’t send that video.”

“Good choice, baby boy. So get naked and crawl under may table.”

Not having a choice I reluctantly got naked covering up my dick with my hands.

“Get your hands away from your dick. It’s not like I haven’t seen that little thing before and maybe you don’t even need a razor. There is so little hair on your body anyways that one could think you just started to hit puberty. Now get on your knees and crawl under the table.”

Turned beat read and already remembering the shame I felt yesterday I got onto my knees and crawled under the table. He rolled with the chair in front of me, so that I was not trapped under there. To my back was the wall and to my front was his underwear which was already bulging as he was seemingly already excited. Luckily if someone entered the room, they wouldn’t be able to see me like this as the chair hide me completely.

“Good, no pull my dick out and get to work, bitch. Oh and don’t let it bother you if I talk. I’ll play a few rounds with some friends of mine.”

I felt a cold shiver run down my back. He would be talking to his friends while playing. Did he really just think of me as some kind of toy to use? I felt so humiliated right now. I really was about to blow my friend again as he was playing video games. He really was using his power he had over me to humiliate me and use me for his pleasures.

“Hurry up or do you want me to tell them what is happening?”

I slowly started to move a little closer to him grabbing the strap of his underwear tugging on it a little. He lifted his ass up so that I could pull it off easier. When I pulled it down a little his dick jumped out of the underwear slapping against his belly. I could smell his musky smell again making me remember how he pushed his dick all the way into my throat making me deepthroat him. I could hear him talking to his friends all the while this was happening.

“Get it in there already.” He said loudly.

Was he talking to his friends or me? I couldn’t tell, when he suddenly jiggled his dick in front of my eyes, making the meaning of his sentence clear to me. I grabbed his dick with my hand and gave it a few tucks seeing he was leaking a bit of precum already.

Not wanting to make him angry and telling his friends what was happening I moved my face closer to his dick. His smell was stronger than yesterday. Did he not shower today or was he just sweatier as it was so warm in his room? I opened my mouth and took his swollen member in my mouth, only a few centimeters though. I immediately could taste his salty precum and the smell got more and more intense.

What was I doing? I was kneeling on the ground in front of my friend who was naked and had his dick in my mouth. I felt so ashamed, so belittled. Did he really not care about me, did he just see me as a cum-bucket for his nuts to empty into?

“That’s it. Lets go in a bit deeper.”

As he said that he suddenly jabbed his hips up pushing his dick deeper into my mouth making me nearly gag and pulling back. He really was teasing me by talking to his friends in ways he could be talking to me. They all heard what he did say not knowing what his actual intention was saying that.

“Come, lets get it in there as deep as possible and stick around for while seeing what will happen. We can let the others see what is happening here right?”

That was definitely a threat aimed at me. I swallowed hard still tasting his precum in my mouth and I got again closer to suck his dick. I slid his hard dick into my mouth having my eyes closed. I could feel a tear running may face down in humiliation and started to slowly lower my head taking his hard member deeper into my mouth. I could hear him grunt a little and his dick twitched a little in my mouth as I did so.

Not wanting to make him angry and make him send the video to everybody or tell his friends I started bopping my head up and down rubbing my lips against his dick. I could taste all the precum he was producing a lot of. I could smell his musky scent. I could hear him joking with his friends how nice it would be to have a bitch sucking the off right now. All that made me feel like a bitch, like a dirty whore only used for the pleasure of others and I hated that feeling, but what could I do? Nothing so I kept sucking on his dick.

“Lets play some ball games guys.” Jonas said lowering one hand to jiggly his huge nutsack.

Knowing what that meant for me I released his dick out of my mouth and lowered my head down to his hairy balls. Here the scent was even stronger, and I could see the sweat accumulated there. They looked so disgusting, but yet for some reason I was amazed at how big they were compared to mine. I opened my mouth and sucked one ball into it. Jonas moaned and I could hear his friends laughing over his headphone.

His balls tasted really bitter and salty. I could taste the sweat on the and feel the hairs in my mouth. I like around them smearing the with saliva while I stroked his dick with my hand, hoping that made him cum faster. Ending the humiliating ordeal for me all for once. I kept sucking on his balls for 5 minutes at least when he again lowered his and slapped his dick against my face, making a loud slapping noise. I froze. Did his friends hear that? What about his father. What if he heard that?

“Ok later guys. I have to go help my father in the garden a bit.” I heard Jonas say as he removed his headset.

“Ok now get to work on my dick again and keep rubbing my balls. Ill reward you with my personal protein shake in a few minutes.” He laughed at me.

I turned completely red hearing that. Did he really want to shoot in my mouth?

“Please don’t come in my mouth.” I said as I looked at his dick which was completely wet with my saliva.

“Bitches swallow their loads, so that’s what you will do or else the video will be sent.”

Hearing that I gave up, knowing I had no choice. It felt like my last resistance broke there and I could feel a few tears running down my face as a once again took his dick in my mouth and rubbed his balls. He was leaking massive amount of precum, so I had to swallow from time to time tasting him again and again.

Suddenly I heard the door open, and I froze. His father opened the door and was leaning against the frame talking to Jonas.

“Where is Theo? I didn’t hear him leave?”

“Oh he is on the toilet.”

“Ah ok. I just wanted to tell you guys there is a little beer in the fridge downstairs that you two can have.”

“Ah thanks dad. Having a beer is a nice idea. Well get it later.”

“Ok have fun.” Benjamin said as he turned around and closed the door.

“Well I guess you were lucky he didn’t see or hear you down there. Now keep sucking, I’m getting close. And remember if you waste a drop there will be consequence.”

He leaned back in his chair giving me better access to his dick. Still feeling shocked and scared that his dad might come in again and see me the next time I started sucking him again. Moving my lips up and down his hard dick. Playing with his hairy balls. I could hear him moan, not really caring that his windows were wide open, and his dad might hear him.

Suddenly I could feel his hand on my head and pushed me down. Forcing his dick deeper into my throat, pushing my face in his thick bush. I gagged but he did not care. He started to rock his hips up and down, fucking my face.

“That’s it bitch, let me fuck your face. Take it like the faggot you are. Let me use you like a real man uses their sluts.” He moaned as he picked up the pace really fucking my face now.

I was drooling on his bush and tear were adding to it as well. I felt so ashamed, being naked under my friend’s table. Having my face fucked while being told that I was used by a real mean the way I should be used.

And then it happened. Jonas groaned loudly and his balls tightened in my hands. His dick started to twitch and his cum flooded my mouth. It tasted salty and was really slimy. I had to swallow as he was cumming so much I had difficulty breathing. He kept cumming in my mouth, he at least shot 7 huge shots while he still fucked my face. All I could do was let him cum in my mouth and swallow like he told me to.

After what felt like forever, he stopped cumming and stopped fucking my face.

“Few that was a good load. Swallow it all and clean my dick, sweetie.”

I swallowed nearly gagging on the taste and licked around his dick. Removing all the cum that was stuck to it. When I was done, he pushed the chair back and pulled up his underwear. I was still naked under his table exhausted, humiliated and tasting his cum in my mouth.

“Get out there bitch. Show me that little pecker again. Jonas laughed.

I crawled out and stood up not covering myself.

“Nice you even are hard after me fucking your face like that? You really are made to be used.” He said pointed at my dick which was hard.

Why was I hard after that? After being used and humiliated, why did my dick betray me again?

“Well put your underwear on. I don’t want to see that pathetic excuse for a dick the hole time.”

I turned towards his bed where my underwear was laying and stopped mid movement. Did his father see my clothes on his bed when he came in? Could he have guessed what was happening while he stood in the door frame and later on hearing his son moan?

“Yeah, too bad dad came in. I’m sure he did not see you, but surely saw your underwear. Too bad you put them there on display. Maybe you wanted to be caught?” Jonas laughed as he got up.

I again turned red and quickly grabbed my underwear putting it on to hide my erection from him. While leaning down to put it on he slapped my ass making me yelp in surprise.

“Damn I should have filled your hole up, like Tim did yesterday. Marking you a total cumslut. Maybe another time. For now you can just sit down in my chair while I get a few beers.”

Not being able to look at Jonas I slumped down in his chair looking at his screen, seeing the video of me being fucked on display. I quickly closed it not being able to see me getting humiliated and looked out the window. I could see his father laying in the garden and he waved at me while grinning. I quickly looked away fearing he heard Jonas cum and guessed what happened here.

“Hey Theo, mind coming down here for a sec?” I heard Benjamin calling me.

“Well better go down there Theo, I have to leave anyways, but don’t put anything on. Stay in your underwear.” Jonas said having returned and standing there in the door frame. Fearing the worst I got up and started to walk downstairs.

To be continued.

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