Violate Me

A gay story: Violate Me

“Miss Lendell, please send in my next appointment.”

I stretched behind my desk, wishing the stress of the day would ease up. A romantic dinner with Beth would make it all worthwhile, I thought, as I cleared my desk in preparation for my next new parolee. I heard my office door open. “Please come in and take a chair,” I said, looking up. It was then that I froze, involuntarily, at the sight of the boy who stood in the doorway. He wore a black leather jacket and tight-fitting jeans, and his beauty took my breath away.

My first thought was that I was being set up by some candid camera thing and that this young man must be some sort of model at the very least. But it was his jeans that drew my eyes back to him, the enormous bulge where his cock rested, barely contained by the denim fabric.I managed to pull my eyes away and open the manila envelope lying on my desk. “Mr. Devins, I believe,” I said, again raising my eyes to look directly into his deep blue ones.

“Please come in and take a seat Mr. Devins and we will begin.” and again I pulled my eyes from his and forced them to the dossier in front of me. I felt him come in and take a seat at my desk and I left him to get a look around my office as it settled most of my parolees and allowed us to build a better rapport. As I scanned the list of charges that had brought him into my life I saw that it was a sexual based case. I leaned back in my chair and once again his eyes were on mine. His hair was so dark it was like pitch, falling loosely just a little past his shoulders with natural waves that framed his cute face which was carefully neutral, giving away nothing of what was going on inside of him.

“Well Mr. Devins it seems that you are here due to a sexual assault charge. Why don’t you tell me about it and we will go from there.” I offered as our eyes never left each others and once again I told myself that something was wrong with this whole scene and found I had to force myself back into my professional stance and that somehow it wasn’t easy.

At first there was only silence as my eyes moved ever so slightly to his mouth. I wanted somehow to tenderly kiss him and I ached for his returned passionate kiss, tender yet hungry. When my eyes found his again, they had changed somehow. There was a knowing look in his eyes that had not been there before and he looked away for a moment.

“Well sir, what can I say really. I had a sexual relationship with a person younger than eighteen and I am here sitting with you now…being punished for god knows how long.” and a mixed look of pout and defiance etched his face and he went silent.

“Dennis that doesn’t tell me very much about what really happened and I’m afraid I don’t have the details in front of me as of yet so please, once again tell me what happened.” And I turned to pick up my coffee from the corner of my desk with as nonchalant an expression as I could manage. He let his lips part just so and I almost dropped the coffee in my lap when he did it. But I was in a relationship with a hot woman and I loved her. What in the hell was I doing fantasizing about this boy?

“Well, if you really are interested in all of the details Mr. Scollins I’ll give em to ya” he said his deep blue eyes still on mine. There was no look of anger or animosity in his eyes at all, just a look of resignation. I nodded for him to proceed with his telling of his side of the story.

“I am a senior at Glenblade High school and I don’t have many friends cause my mom and I just moved here from Florida. I do all of the normal teen stuff but I’m into photography not sports so there’s not a lot for a guy like me to do ya know?”

I nodded that I understood and he continued. As he talked I watched his mouth move and once he stopped in the middle of a sentence and licked his lips and I realized that I had been staring at his cute mouth and started suddenly when I knew that he had caught me. He showed no indication whatsoever that he was aware that I had been staring at his lips and fantasizing thank god and I let him continue, purposely forcing my eyes back from his face to his rap sheet so as not to lose myself again.

“There was a girl in my homeroom class that seemed kind of a loner also and I found out that she was the photographer for the school paper. So one thing led to another and we started hanging out.”

Here we go I thought as he related the story to me…here is where his awesome looks make the girl melt and he fucks the shit out of her and somehow this kid gets caught. But I was very wrong.

“We started sharing pics and shooting stuff around the school and we really enjoyed being around each other. She really knew a lot about photography and she taught me a lot. One day I went home with her to see her camera and her makeshift darkroom. It was cool and everything and really she was a lot better shooter than I will every be but as we were there looking at her pics, her brother walked in on us.”

And then he stopped talking as if he had run out of story to tell me. I looked up and realized that I had been letting my eyes slowly wander all over his body while I had been listening to him. Shit.

This time there was a strange look on his face and he was looking right in my eyes.

“Please continue Denny.” was all that I could manage and I suddenly realized in horror that I had a raging hard on and that it was showing big time. Thank God I was behind my desk and he couldn’t see it or it would have been very awkward to say the least.

“Get a grip on yourself for gods sake” I thought

“Mr. Scollins, excuse me for asking but are you alright? You seem kinda distracted or something.”

I looked at him again and he had a defiant look of “I know” on his face. I didn’t know what to say to him so I brushed his comment away with my hand.

“Just a lot of cases on my mind Denny. Go ahead.”

” Ok well we all started hanging out and Paul and I, that’s her brothers name ended up hanging out more together because well hell, we’re guys right? Anyway we realized how much fun we had together and one night he and I were drinking some beers that I had gotten a hold of from a friend and it just happened…”

I was frozen to my seat as the details of this young studs sexual escapades aroused me until my cock ached inside my suit pants. But what I couldn’t understand is what had happened? Had he fucked the sister late that night or had something else even more unbelievable happened that night.

“Ok what um just happened Denny?” I asked clearing my throat.

“Well Paul and I had sex sir.” he said as he looked away in embarrassment.

“Ok, I understand please continue.” I managed to say with a neutral voice but my mind was picturing the entire scene. Dennis Devins naked, his beautiful cock being sucked on by some other gorgeous teen hunk and Dennis moaning in pleasure as thick spurts of cum squirted from his sweet cock.

“Sir… Mr. Scrollings? Are you ok sir?”

I managed to pull my mind back to reality in time to see Dennis looking at me with a strange look on his face.

“You just kinda went away there for a minute or two sir, um are you ok?” he asked sweetly, a genuine note of confused concern in his voice. I felt myself blushing even though I tried so very hard not to.

“Yes, yes Dennis I’m fine just remembered something that I needed to take care of this afternoon that’s all, I apologize.” I lied picking up my coffee to sip at it again.

“Well sir that’s really all that I know. We had a great time together and we wanted to see each other again we both agreed. Then the next day I was arrested at school and taken to the police station where he and his parents were. They had set up some kind of hidden camera in his room for gods sake and that’s how they found out. He said he cared about me and didn’t regret being with me but they insisted on pressing charges, soooo again….here I am.”

I let the information sink in and fought to keep my face neutral as I responded.

“Well Dennis, we all make mistakes. That is what in fact makes us human right? I’m going to talk with your lover and his parents and see if we can’t get this whole thing reduced somewhat alright?” I said as I smiled encouragement at him across my desk.

“That would be really awesome sir, I mean I know that you know I’ve never been in trouble before and I was locked up for over two weeks already. I thought I was going to jail or even maybe prison but when the judge just gave me parole I felt like I could still have a life after all ya know?” he said half smiling in a unbelievably cute way.. I felt my dick harden again and now it ached for release.

I stood signaling that the interview was over forgetting about the huge boner in my pants and he stood also his eyes going immediately to the unhidden bulge in my suit pants. He cleared his throat and looked away embarrassed. I felt myself blushing again and walked to my office door opened it and said goodbye with as much dignity as I could and closed the door behind him.

I sat stunned behind my desk for how long I was not sure and then it was Launa gently knocking on my office door to ask if I wanted her to bring me back Chinese from her lunchtime. I thanked her and declined saying that I needed some fresh air and was going out myself. I walked to the mens room and went into one of the huge stalls and sat on the toilet finally releasing my stiff cock. I immediately started to stroke it thinking about Dennis on his knees with his beautiful pout mouth wrapped around my cock and sucking me slowly, gently, loving every minute of it and it wasn’t half a minute until cum burst out of me and I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure. I came and came and then I just sat panting with sweat all over my forehead and face as my heart pounded out my wicked lust. I relaxed for a few moments and cleaned myself up and left the building feeling strange and dreamy somehow and I hoped that it wasn’t some candid camera setup as they would just have caught me jacking off to one of my parolees!

I found a quiet little Italian cafe around the corner and went inside for a slow lunch and a bracing glass of wine while I figured everything out. I ordered a simple lunch of soup, salad and bread sticks, and ate quietly absorbed in my newfound lust for a young man whom I had just met in my office. My God, I jacked myself off thinking about him! I thought as I finished my meal and sipped at some cinnamon flavored coffee.


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