Lovely Writer – Chapter 3 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

Lovely Writer – Chapter 3 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

GENEi can’t believe this! Of all people…i mean of all aspiring applicants out there. Seriously? If i could change the minds of mamu and director ivan , i would do so. It’s like there’s no commotion happened eariler. Yeah. We continue the casting for my first ever boylove Series. The ” Bad Engineer the series “.

” Gene! What do you think? Isn’t handsome? Look at those biceps man. He has a perfect teeth and good body. Gosh! I’m really sure! As in 101 percent sure that our series will be surely hit! Oh? He’s looking at you. Omo. Did i introduce you formally to hunter? ”

” No thanks. Where did you get that talent? Huh? ” I asked him while looking at him. He was sitting on the side while holding a bottled water. I don’t know. Why did they choose him? Yuri was beside me. My friend. Also gay. I don’t mind getting friends with lgbt. They’re funny. Also a true person.

” Don’t underestimate my actor okay? He’s from united States dear. He’s hunter Villafuerte. Half american half thailand. He can understand little filipino cause i heard once he has a filipina nanny. His accent is very cute and….”

“And I’m not interested. I feel not comfortable with him. What can i say is..that! He’s luring us! Can’t you see. Those handsome and angelic face. I will ripped it. ”

“Wag ganun. That’s bad. okay. I will introduce you to him today. Okay. Chill man. Just be cooperate. ”

“I’ll try. ” Yuri walks towards him and make a discussion. All i can see is..he was staring at me. Which makes me uncomfortable.

After 2 days, thankfully finished the casting part. At last. Hunter and yul wipl be the main lead of the series. Yes. I can see their perfect chemistry off cam. Yul Collins is an actor. A veteran i guess. I can see him on different shows, dramas and nl series. His acting is superb. While hunter..

I don’t know. Maybe he’s good also.

Like his doing now, smiling brightly while facing at the camera together with yul.

“Gene! Come here! Let’s take a shot! ” Yuri signal me to stand besides him but the minor cast already postioned themselves. Hunter and yul adjusted themselves. What? I planned to place at the back? The only vacant seat is on the center. Hunter and direk ivan on the left side while yul and mamu on the opposite side.

I gulped.

“Ano pang tinatayo mo dyan gene! Upo na. ” Mamu shouted at me. Causing it to get their attention. I walked towarrds them and signaled yuri to exchange place. But look what he’s doing now. Laughing.

“Diyan ka sa gitna. Ikaw ang writer nito kaya be proud. Ayaw mo ba dyan? Saan mo ba gusto umupo? ” They laughed on what he said excempt yul. While sitting on the chair , i heard little laughs. It’s him. This two faced guys smirking at me.

” Okay. Let’s take formal first…1….2…3! ” The photographer said and focusing the camera. I distant myself on hunter upon taking pictures. Relax gene.

” Smile gene. Smile. ” Yul suddenly speaks at me. Smiling. Those charming eyes. I can’t help but to smile.

“Okay! That’s it. ”

“Hep! Can we shot wacky pose? ” Yuri suggested and all the cast are getting excited. Why another pic? Why? Can i slap yuri side by side?

” Okay wacky! I………..2……..3 ”


I feel like my heart skipped beat on what hunter did.

He placed his broad arms into mine. Smiling brightly. Fuck! I thought my heart was going to burst on what he did. After taking pictures we packup things and giving goodbyes to each other.


it was 5pm in the afternoon when i finish buying stuffs at robinsons mall. Did i locked the shop? I immediately get on the bus and running across the street.


“W-what are you doing here? look at yourself. ” I blurted out. He’s here. Solo. Looking at me while sitting on the side of the the street. I see him scartching his arms and neck. This idiot!

“Uhm…i taught of waiting you here but.. you’re here. ” He only said. I hold his hand and invite him to the shop. This idiot! If i don’t came here today something will happen to him. Turning up the air conditioned and rushed to the kitchen. Making him a warm milk. I don’t know why? Sacrificing himself outdoor of the shop just to drink milk.

“Here. Can you please text me if you’re coming so that i will not getting worried. ”

“Ahm…i don’t have your number. ” He sips the milk. Fuck! This is so embarrassing. I see his lips full of milk so i wipe it using my thumb.

“Ah..wala ba? Sorry. Hand me your phone. ” He got phone on his pants and gave it to me. Omo. There’s no Password. Well i thought many people nowadays putting locked their phones for privacy.

After typing, i returned it to him. ” Why did you keep visiting the store solo, that milk. It an ordinary milk. Actually you can make your own nor condo. ”

” I’ve tried that. Many times. Even different brand. But… it’s different on what you’ve made. ” Okay. I’ll surrender. Fine. It’s been quarter 6pm but I’m here. Together with him.

” Can i take you photo? My colleague want your photo..would you mind? ” I started a convo with him. I think he’s introvert. Maybe not.

“Ah…sure! can take a photo of mine if you are joining. ”

“Sure. Here we go! 1……..2…..3! Click. ” I looked at the photo. Why my hand it like this. Fine. I don’t have a talent in photography. It’s not blurred but not focused.

“One more…okay? 1……2………..3! Click! ”

I was shocked on what just happened.

He kissed me…….on the cheek.


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