Lovely Writer – Chapter 6 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

Lovely Writer – Chapter 6 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

He kissed me..

…On the side of my lips.

I felt his lips. 36.5 temperature, his hot kiss causing me to red. When i open my eyes i saw direk ivan clapping and yuri. The cameraman show the take to direk. Hunter just patted my head and go to direk. Yuri just hold my hand and we sit on chair.

“Are you okay gene! Ang galing mo doon. Teka…namumula kaba? Asus. Did You think that he will kiss you for real? I instruct hunter to kiss you on cheek. We use camera angle to portray that you actually kissing. How was it? Is he good? Do you like him na? ”

“Ahh-why do i like him? No way! I’m straight guy. A guy. You know. ” i defend myself.

” Oho. Just say yes or no gene! Why you’re so defensive. Hm..i smell something. ”

” That’s you’re hand. Did you eat shawarma by chance? ”

” It’s not me. Why would i? Look at hunter he’s really into acting. He’s not the person that you used to know. He good to me even I’m queer, good to his co actors. Generous and kind to others..”

“Are you referring a priest? I’m sure behind that angelic face there’s an evil inside him that he hides. He’s luring us. I’m really sure that he’s hiding something. ” I’ll make sure to remove his mask.

“Whatever. Anyways. I miss saint. I received your message. Tell him that he will treat us on meal. ”


” What’s that gene? Are you groggy? You only drink one glass! Hey! Wake up! ” Gui slapped my face. I’m not like them. With high tolerance on drinks. Me, gui, khim, and yuri drinking at this bar. I looked at khim. She’s dancing like a wildgirl. While yuri was stepped on the sofa. Dancing on the beat. I pulled his hand.

“Hey yur-i! Gg-o downshh. You lookss laaike a prossstitute. Hehe. ” I didn’t understand what I’m said.

“What? Bitch? Can’t hear you!! ” He shouted at me. Geez. I noticed some guards come to our place. The guard shouted at me.

” Sir. Pakisabi sa kasama niyo bumaba siya. Bawal po yan. ” He pointed at yuri. Currently dancing like..wait! Why he unbutton he’s pants?

I immediately hold Yuri’s hand. ” Hey! Shame on you! Do you want do die? Stop! I said stop!! !!!!!! ” I yelled.

In just a second, everything was stopped. The dj, people dancing on floor including yuri. They’re looking at me like ” what the fuck ” face. I see khim on the side ., she still dancing even if there’s no sound. Opps! Napasobra ata.

“Yeah , yeah,….fuckshit! Who turn off the musicccc! ” Khim yelled while walking on the center stage. She climb and holding a mic. What? Where did she get that?

” Are you ready people!!!!! PAARRRTTEYY PIIIPOOOLLLL DJJ GO!!!? ” she shouted as the music began to play again. Fuck! She’s wasted. What am i going to do with them. Yuri take off his pants causing me to vomit. I feel like piercing my organs and take it out.

I drank water to get my senses. ” Ayaw mo talagang bumaba ah! Sumama kayo sa presinto! ” The guard pulled yuri and fixed his pants. One guard hold my hand.

” Mga kuya, hindi ako kasali dyan.hehe ” i said.

” Don’t lure us kid. Sa presinto kana magpaliwanag. Kasama nang mga kaibigan mo. Nakita ka namin bata. ”

” Yeah! That’s my friend. Partyyy!!! ” I facepalm on what he did. I notice gui taking picture at me while talking to them. Yeah. He’s very drunk. Not again. He’s likes to take a pic while drunk. He even focus it on my face.

” Oh? Click! Click! Click! Just smile gene..look at the camera..ayan oh! Ang nagwagi!..arayyy! It hurts! ” I slapped his hand. I stand and walks towards the stage. I climb up and pulled khim’s hand.

” Nakakahiya na khim! ”

“Why? Oh..dahan dahan lang..dahan lang..dahan—-ouch! Masakit iyon ah! ”

” Lagot talaga kayo sakin ni gui paguwi! Ibaba mo yang mic! ” I hissed.

“Ay sori, is this not free? Haha…” She laughed while the others are watching us. I’m embarrassed not for my self. But for them.

” Kuya naman. Aalis na kami promise di na kami mang gugulo! Okay? Please? ”

” No. Alam niyo ba na bawal ang pinag gagawa niyo. Eto! Tumayo sa sofa at naghuhubad! Hala! Sumama kayo sa presinto at doon na tayo magusap. ” The two guards pushed me and yuri, khim and gui out of the bar. Fuck! Why me ended like this?


At police station


“Mga sir? It’s misunderstanding lang ang nangyari. I mean we’re just drunk but can you give at least a chance for us to explain? ” He pleaded to one guard sitting on the chair. We are all here. In a cell. I see 2 girls looking at us.


” Ayan kasi, edi nadala na kayo ngayon? Yuri, are you boldstar or what? Khim! Ngayon kalang ba nakalabas ng bahay? Gulo gulo na ang buhok mo at kalat na ang make up mo. Aigoo.” Gene said while his hand holding the bars. Fine. I’m just carried away.

” Stop guys okay, wait? Isn’t your birthday khim? Kantahan natin siya guys. ” Wika ko.

We sang at chorus.

” Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday happy birthd– ”

“Hoy! Mga panget ! Magpatulog kayo! ” Someone yelled at us. That 2 girls. Sitting on a bed.

” Che! Happy Birthday to—”

” ANG INGGAYY NIYOOO! ” someone just shouted at the other cell. Paki ba nila? Hindi ba sila nag bi birthday? Mga talipandas na to.

” Okay guys, again. Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you . happy birthday happy birthda—– ”


We stopped.

“Happy–” i sang again.

“ISA! ”

“OO NA PO TITIGIL NA. ” Gui slapped my shoulder. ” Ayoko nang gulo yuri! ”

” Fine. I pity khim because her birthday was celebrate it in this..cell okay! Here’s your imaginary cake. Make a wish. ” Wika ko na umiiyak. Gene and gui just smiled at khim. She gets teary eyed. I handed my hand assuming it’s a cake.

” okay. Ahem. Uh. I know god. I’m not gonna wish to make me gorgeous or anything, cause you think , I’m calling it miracle but thank you, I’m here with my friend’s who supported me and guiding me. Wait! Naiiyak ako. But i wish na sana makaalis na kami dito kasi ang baho nang kili kili ni yuri..

“Ako ba iyon? ”

“Oo eh. Baba mo konti yung cake. ” We laughed.

” Isa lang po ang hiling ko ngayon? To us to get free from this cell huhuh..” khim hugs gene and gui after blowing the cake.

“Nako khim. Diba gusto mo nang 2gether the series bracelet? Bibigyan kita nun. ” I said while holding her hand.

“Ano ba iyan yuri, sabi mo bibigyan mo din ako ng bracelet ng 2gether. ”

” Nako tumigil ka gene, Birthday mo ba? Naku..khim i feel so bad for you..” we hugged each other.

“Oi! YURI PANHAN AND FRIENDS..laya na kayo! Pre buksan mo na. ” Napatalon kami at napa dasal bilang pasasalamat. Kung sino ka man na nag piyansa sa amin. Yayakapin talaga kita sa tuwa.

After we get out on the police station. We all parted ways except for gui.

At Gene’s Condo

” You still wake up? It’s already late. Utang na loob gui! magpatulog kana. ” I passed on his place reaching for water. My throat is dry. While drinking, i walked on the sala and sits on the sofa. Gui was so focused on tv.

” Hindi pa ako inaantok. Look gene! Eto yung sinasabi kong favorite na palabas. Gabi na nga lang ang timeslot nito. That guy wearing black is the main lead. Jusko Fluke! ” He says while eating popcorn. Wait? Did he cooked my popcorn? Hayys! He just smiled at me and making peace hand.

“Ano bang title niyan? ” I asked.

“The world of Married! Btw, how about you applied that scene on your new project. Boyslove again right? ”

“Yeah. I don’t have thoughts on how to start this one. ”

“Perfect. How about revenge thingy? What do you think? Yeah! Teach that bitch a lesson! Chismosa ka ah! ” Wika nito na tila ramdam ang palabas.

bro…don’t stop them. We might get hurt!

” look at what maam angeline looks like. Can we call an ambulance? ” the guy looked at the three guards watching. They immediately avoided as if no one had seen.

” heyy! Help me here! will you just two standing there? Can’t you see? This gay man will kill me! ” the guy smiled and grabbed her waist.

Gui: Nako wag niyo nang tulungan!
Gene: sira! Baka patayin siya nung lalaki.
Gui: shhhhh! Quiet!

” There are many ways to ruin your husband’s career … how does it sound? It’s fun right? ” the guy smiled. plastic. He looked at the side of the mini table. He immediately took the glass wine and broke it on the table.

” FUCCKK YOU WH-HAT IS T-THAT? !! ” the guy quickly approached her and put the piece of glass around its neck. I smirked.

Gui: yan! Yan! There you are! Itarak mo na! Go!
Gene: kumalma ka nga! Natatapon ang popcorn!

” if My son can heard again your useless gossip … I WILL CRUSH YOU YOUR HUSBAND !! ” he shouted in front of it and it closed. but her forehead is sweating. she kept looking at my hand and gulped.

” What if I slit your neck? ” he was about to stick it when she screamed. He threw the piece of glass into the field.

Gui: go fluke! Sagot ko na ang kabaong ni Angeline!

“Just kiddi—

Gene: letse! Yung renta mo dito ngayon buwan di pa bayad, kabaong pa kaya!
Gui: hala! Why did you turn off the tv? ayy..hugot? Speaking of that. Here. May pasobra yan dahil special ka.
Gene: ewan. Thank you.

Gui: welcome. Btw, I’m going to Mom’s house tomorrow. Medyo matatagalan ako doon. Is that okay?

Gene: if it is urgent , that’s fine. When did you planned to come back? Next week?

Gui: I’m not sure but I’ll text or call you about that. Ayoko mang umalis pero kailangan kong tulungan si mama. Ikaw ah. I lock mo parati yung pinto. Kahit condo ito marami pa ring nagkalat dyan.

Gene: ma mimiss ko yung luto mo.
Gui: may ulam naman dyan sa ref. Nagluto ako kahapon kaya init mo nalang. Baka magpapasok ka nang kung sino sino dito ah. I’m warning you. I’ll call you on messenger every night to check if you’re fine here.

Gene: no way. I won’t. you’re overreacting, am i ofw? Let’s just sleep because you have to wake up early.

On the next day.

I was startled when i heard someone’s banging my door. Seriously? It’s been 7:30 in the morning.

“Gui! Open the door please? ” I shouted shortly and continue to sleep.

After 3 mins.

Arrrrrghhhhhh! I can’t take this anymore! Yeah! My mind is still processing. Gui left.


“Hello gene! Rising shine! ”

” Ahhh. Yuri! It’s too early! What brought you here? ” I asked while wiping my eyes.

” There are 3 rooms in your condo right? ”

“Yeah. And then? ” He cleared his throat and about to speak when suddenly a man from his back showed.

” Hi gene.. ” my toes are are feeling numb right now. No! No way! This can’t be. Tila tinakasan ako nang dugo sa nakita.

It’s him.


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