My first year in College – Chapter 08: Brotherly bond

My first year in College – Chapter 08: Brotherly bond.

Only Professor Fletcher’s thick ass could make me think of something else than Austin’s jerk off session. That day, I purposely sat right in front of his office, finding the perfect angle to study his body. Such research would end up much more useful than Constitutional Laws anyway.

My hard on persisted during the two hours of class, day dreaming about all the things that man could do to me.

I did have some idea on what I could to him and starting by opening his hole with my tongue seemed like a great plan. Sometimes I could swear Professor Fletcher look back straight at me and would spread his legs, so that I would have a better view of his bulge. It seemed big, did he not wear underwear? Maybe he had a semi… Maybe he loved being watched? Certainly, he did. A boy can dream, right?

After a quick lunch with Gary, I met up with my brother who had come to pick me up. As always, right on time.

Ryan was wearing stylish brown shorts and a black tank top, exposing his large shoulder and armpits. It was a hot day in the end of September and Ryan was enjoying the sun outside of his car, leaned against the hood.

“Hey big brother!” I said walking towards him.

“Hey Ty”. He hugged me. His big arms felt right around me. He was sweating, I liked it. I know this feeling was wrong but I missed him a lot and, although I am not proud to admit it, I missed his body as well.

“How is College life treating you?”. We entered the car and started chatting. I retold the last couple of weeks, omitting some details like the orgy I stumbled on or my fascination for my roommate’s dick.

I must have mentioned Austin a couple of times during the one-hour drive to Ryan’s place though, since Ryan asked me, when pulling over in his streets:

“You sure seem to like that roommate of yours a lot. If he your boyfriend or something?” He was semi joking and offering me the perfect opportunity to come out.

I did not.

“Don’t be stupid Ryan, and try to focus on parking instead of talking non-sense, you’re about to run over this old lady!”

I could not be too bothered with Ryan; I had just spent the entire ride looking at his muscular and hairy thighs while he was driving in his shorts. He was allowed to tease me.

Ryan and Mallory were renting a little house on the outskirts of Perv City, they were both working in an hospital there while finishing med school. Mallory was a tall brunette, sexy, probably a bit naughty but hiding it well under her innocent looks. She hugged me warmly when I came in.

“We only have one bedroom…” Mallory apologized. “But you can put your clothes in the drawer in the living room, we made room before you arrived.”

“That’s totally fine! Thanks for having me, guys!”

“And this little trouble maker deserves nothing more than sleeping on the couch!” Said my brother, jokingly.

“Oh Ryan, stop… I already feel bad that we make you sleep on the couch Ty… I mean I could sleep in it and you could sleep with your brother…”

“We do have a king size bed” continued Ryan.

The thought of spending the night with my brother procured me a weird sensation. It was lust. I tried to ignore it.

“The couch is totally fine”, I replied, “it is the size of my dorm’s bed anyway!”

Ryan and Mallory took me to Perv city during the afternoon and we went to the movies before dining. We watched a stupid action movie where aliens infiltrated the Earth. The main character was hot though. I would have to search “his name + naked” on Google that evening.

One interesting thing did happen in the theaters. I was sitting next to my brother, Mallory on the other side of him. Ryan was holding the popcorn box in his hands. Well, I thought he was. As I went down to reach some popcorn, I grabbed my brother’s dick through his short instead. Literally, I felt his balls in my hand.

I quickly moved aside, now feeling his muscular and hairy thighs. “What the fuck?” he whispered while the main character was battling one of the aliens with a sword (yeah, it was a stupid movie, I told you), “just looking for the popcorns!” I replied, he laughed quietly and asked Mallory to give us back the sweets.

I was blushing a bit. But I was not feeling as embarrassed as I was aroused. It was just an honest mistake… Or did I just do that on purpose?

That night, I went to sleep on the couch and Mallory and Ryan wished me a good night before leaving me for their king size bed. Ryan was wearing pajama pants but was shirtless. He seemed even more athletic and a bit more hairy than I remembered. Mallory was wearing a nightgown, black but with a bit of see-through. I could basically see her boobs. Not as exciting as my brother’s pecs and bulge though.

I was honestly rather uncomfortable in the couch and had trouble falling asleep.

Minutes after I finally started to drift off, something or rather someone woke me up. Ryan was moving in the kitchen that I could see from my couch. Fully in the nude.

From where I was lying, I had a clear view of my brother facing the open fridge, his muscle butt in full display between some yogurts and a salad. I thought about the toss my salad series. Ryan bended over, what he was looking for was in the far lower row of the fridge, visibly behind a lot of other stuff, as Ryan had to battle, completely learning forward to finally access some kind of green juice. His hairy ass crack was almost opening up. I got hard.

Maybe sleeping on the couch was not such a bad idea after all.

He turned around, his body still illuminated by the fridge’s light and drank his juice, almost facing me, his big dick hanging between his legs, his balls quite hairy also very visible. It is weird how genes work sometimes; his nose was smaller than mine but his dick was bigger and thicker than mine. I literally got the short end of the stick – pun intended.

Maybe he had just fucked Mallory and he needed to take a break. I assumed that Mallory and Ryan were both wandering naked all the time in the house and he had forgotten I was there. Or maybe he did not forget I was there. He knew that I was gay, he noticed that I touched his dick in the cinema, and now, he was standing in front of me, naked. Maybe he was actually trying to turn me on! And it was working!

Ryan half finished his juice and put it back in the fridge, bending over once again. He went back to his bedroom.

My dear reader, on a scale from 1 to 10, how much of a perv are you when you actually come to the conclusion that your own brother, who is totally straight, is trying to arouse you?

The next morning, Ryan was back in his pajamas and proposed that we go play some tennis after lunch. Mallory would not join as she was about to start an 18 hours shift at the hospital.

When we arrived at the tennis club and it was time to change, I made a point of not looking at my brother. I was starting to feel a deep shame about my dirty thoughts and was determined to go back to normal. Yes, he was putting his tennis shorts on but no, I did not need to see that. I could swear he was wearing a jockstraps though… was he really?

After an intense match – I actually beat him but it was close – we did need to shower. No stall in these locker rooms. The showers were communal. No intimacy, at all.

Not leaving me any choice, Ryan immediately said:

“Let’s hit the showers, we stink!” He smelled me; his nose touched my neck. It gave me the shivers. “Especially you… arff!”

We both were sweating a lot and we even had some troubles removing our clothes. I had to lift Ryan’s t-shirt out of him. It was wet. Ryan’s chest was wet as well.

He was not even naked and I was already starting to get hard. Fuck, I could not get hard while in the shower with my brother. This would be far too messed up.

*Think about the grandmother Ryan almost hit yesterday. Think about car accidents. Think about deaths.* I tried to calm myself.

Ryan got fully naked and entered the showers. He was not facing me and on my right side, I could see his ass. He started to shower. I went as well, looking the other way, fighting hard not to look.

I did look. How could I not?

His body under water was stunning. He turned around, his eyes were closed, enjoying the heat. His uncut dick was dripping water, I wanted to lick it. I wanted to suck it. Deep. I know this was wrong but I felt the semi coming. I got out the shower, quick.

That made it official. There was no turning back, I was turned on by my big brother.

It was only the beginning though.

We spent the night just the two of us at his place. We watched some TV and I complained of a bit of a neck pain following my night on the couch.

“Really, where exactly? You know I follow some physiotherapy courses this semester. Maybe I could help you out.” Suggested Ryan.

“I’m fine. It just hurt a bit, mostly in my neck and on my lower back.”

“Come on, take off your shirt, I’m sure I can help with that!”

Was Ryan really proposing to massage me? We were entering a very dangerous territory. Don’t get me wrong dear reader, I definitely wanted to go there, but this felt risky. My shame was battling with my excitement.

“Really? How many courses have you taken; you don’t think you’re going to make it worse?”

“How dare you?! Trust your big brother!”

My excitement won. I had no choice but to obey. I got shirtless. He positioned himself behind me and started to massage me. The neck was fine but the more he was descending to the lower back, the more I felt warmth rising in me, and not only in my back….

“You should take your pants off too and lie down.”

Again, I obeyed. I had lost the will to resist. I needed this. His firm hands on my body.

We moved back to the bedroom and the massage started again. I was in another world. Lying on my front, fully hard, I had no idea if he had noticed but I did not even care at that point. I wanted this so bad, I wanted him.

His massage was good. He did not remove my boxers but was not shy about massaging me right above my ass crack. What if he went in there…? Just fuck me right in his king size bed?

Suddenly, he was done and I came back to reality.

“Bro, did you fall asleep?”

“I don’t know… maybe…” I was still a bit lost in my thoughts. “Thanks Ryan, you’re good!”

“Ahah you should stay here. Mallory is not here tonight so we can sleep together. I’ll just go get change.”

I was still very hard in my underwear and slipped myself into the sheets. “We can sleep together” he just said. He was the one pushing for this. I was not trying to take advantage of the situation. I was just obeying to my big brother. What choice did I have? And the couch was uncomfortable…

Ryan returned in the room, only wearing his pajamas pants. I could see his bulge and a clearly visible penis line. I was really horny and a bit disappointed he did not sleep in the nude this time… or maybe in his jockstrap? Did he really have one? I did not dare to look in the locker-rooms… So stupid of me!

“Perfect, you chose Mallory’s side! So, we’re good to go.” Ryan said while scratching his abs.

He turned off the light and join me under the covers.

That night was one of the most erotic I had ever lived to this point. Every time our feet or legs would touch, I would feel like an electric choc going through my whole body. I was hard the whole time, my dick dripping with precum, sometimes even actual cum. I was barely touching myself but I could still have jeezed at any point. His hot body besides me, his armpits a few inches from my nose, his dick a few inches from my hands. I could touch it…

When he was deeply asleep, I “accidentally” touched him multiple times, my arms would find themselves press against his hairy chest, my feet would go over his leg, my finger would touch his bulge… This was a bit riskier; he moved a little and I thought it would be the end of me.

He kept on sleeping though. I kept on playing.

I took things a bit further when his dick got hard in the middle of the night. I saw his bulge slowly but surely growing in his pajamas. I took my own dick out of my underwear, licking my precum and the actual cum which was coming out of my dickhead. My cock was throbbing, if I touched it just a bit too much, I would explode immediately

At some point, he turned brutally to the other side. I was now facing his back and his ass. My dick was so closed to his ass; I got even closer. Fuck, I touched it and I almost cummed on his pajamas. I had to calm down.

I was focused. I knew this opportunity would not come again and I wanted to remember every mole on his skin, every hair, everything.

My hard cock touched his beautiful ass covered by a thin piece of fabric again, twice, maybe three times. I was careful not to do anything crazy. If he had woken up, I could still pretend to be deeply asleep. Just some incidental touching… At least, this is what I was saying to myself.

I think this kind of rhetoric is what some people called: “thinking with his penis.” I definitely was.

He turned back, facing me again. He was now very hard himself. As I wondered for Austin, I wondered for my brother. Who was he dreaming about? Probably not me…

His dick moved inside his pants and I could not hold it any longer. I took a peek. I reached down and pulled down his pajamas’ pants. I took a good look at his fully erected cock, a good 7 inches, his cock-head coming out of that uncut dick, also precumming a bit. That must be part of the family genes.

Oh god… Family genes!

Disgusted by my own behavior, I suddenly let go of the pants that I was still holding, they fell back quite roughly on his dick which was now partly out of the pajamas. At the exact same time, something vibrated loudly on the nightstand, I panicked and took his phone. Ryan snored loudly and turned back… Shit, was he awake? His pants were now only covering part of his dick. Would he notice? Did he notice?

Thankfully, he was still visibly asleep. That was close. My hands were shaking.

I now had his phone in my hand. It was unlocked. Maybe I unlocked it by mistake, maybe he did not think to lock it before going to bed, either way, I did not expect to see what I saw.

The messages which caused the phone to vibrate was coming from Instagram DMs from an unknown account. An Asian girl named “Nikita_tmmm” was sending nudes. EXPLICIT NUDES. Fingering her pussy, licking her fingers, and a bunch of pics and videos of her, showing off her feet. Previously, moving backwards in the same conversation, I could see a certain “RAMSOM_PL” asking for more feet pictures and sending dick pics… A nice big juicy uncut dick…


It was the dick I just had seen a few seconds ago. My big brother’s dick.

I clicked on the profile. Hundreds of posts starting for more than 2 years ago were available.

The profile picture was the photograph of a shirtless man taken from the back, unrecognizable, the rest were pics of my brother, flexing his muscles, almost always shirtless, sometimes in very tight speedos… I knew Ryan’s Instagram profile; it was nothing like this. Almost no shirtless pic, always with Mallory… The bio of this one read: “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it” Oscar Wilde.

RAMSOM_PL had 534 followers. Only women. Mostly foreign girls. Some having their feet in their profile pictures.

My brother had a secret Instagram account to dm girls. This was a surprise. Perfect boyfriend was actually a fuck boy! How did it keep that hidden for so long? Probably, he would use it only when Mallory was gone for long hours… like today. The profile was private so you could only figure out it was him if you were among his followers and Ryan could accept or deny a request to follow. The little fucker with a passion for feet!

He coughed.

Fuck. Was he awake? I was still lying right next to him, his phone in my hands, my dick out of my pants, hard, checking his alternate Instagram profile and messages. I could not be caught in this position: it was bad.

He coughed again.

I froze for a minute but nothing else happened. I put back the phone on the nightstand. To this day, I still wonder if he noticed anything that night… Maybe he did and he considered it was just too awkward to ask your own brother to stop creeping on you.

I went to the bathroom. There, I finally gave in.

I did some back and forth with my dick, caressed my balls, picturing all I had seen during the week-end: his ass in the shower, his flaccid dick in front of the fridge, the bending over, his hard dick in the bed with me… I cummed on the bathroom floor.

Looked like I had just found a new obsession.

Which was worst: creeping on your straight roommate or on your straight big brother?


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