My first year in College – Chapter 10: Tobias’ secrets

My first year in College – Chapter 10: Tobias’ secrets

In the next few days, I did everything in my power to recreate the conditions of a jerk-off session between friends.

I was trying not to be too obvious, last thing I wanted was to scare Austin away. I would purposely jerk off during the night in the hope he would catch me, I would sometimes bring up the subject of porn or women to get him turned on… A week passed by and I had no luck.

Ashley was not helping. More and more frequently, the blondie was emptying Austin’s balls before he joined our room to sleep.

I was starting to think that the roommates’ masturbation session would remain an isolated incident, when one evening, as we were both lying in our beds, Austin started to talk about something that happened a few nights before, after football practice.

“Ty, can I tell you something you swear not to repeat to anyone else?”

My interest was immediately peaked. For a split second, I thought: was Austin about to come out?

“Sure, anything! You know you can trust me.”

“I know…” He seemed hesitant; I did not want to push him. “I sort of officially became part of THE ALPHAS last night.”

I was expecting a more shocking revelation.

“Is this supposed to be a secret?” I looked at him between the bars of the desk standing between us.

“No… I guess that is now official news… But I had to do certain things to be accepted.”

Austin was not about to tell me he was gay, but maybe he was about to tell me how he had to suck all of the football team’s dicks to be accepted in the frat. Just with that thought, my dick woke up in my boxers.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well… I had to fuck someone… I had to cheat on Ashley.”

Someone? That lucky “someone”. I took good notice that he did not say “some girl”.

Austin continued: “But man, I have been thinking about it since then. I cannot get it out of my mind.”

“Because it was so hot?” I tried a joke to lighten the mood.

“You cheeky pervert… No… Well, it was very hot. I just never cheated on my girlfriend before…”

“Who did you fuck?” I asked, trying to hide my avidity and excitement.

“A MILF. A crazy nymphomaniac MILF.”

I must say that again, part of me was disappointed he did not say a DILF. At the same time, I think the jealousy of knowing Austin would have fucked another guy instead of me would have killed me.

“A MILF? They made you fuck an older woman as an entry ritual? I’ve heard of worst…” I spoke.

“Well… Not exactly… You have to do some crazy things before that. The MILF is sort of the finale stage, the gift you are offered when you make it and officially join THE ALPHAS.”

“What crazy things….?” Austin did not know but I was starting to caress myself under the covers, imagining what he might have done.

“Well, you know, the usual stuff, stupid bets, drinking a lot, skinny dipping… They asked me to measure my dick, I had to get hard and compare it to Tobias… You know, to Mister Elephant Man. Those men are insane but once you’re in the frat, you get access to so much stuff.”

He gave a bit more details on the benefits of the fraternities but I was stuck on the part where he said he had to compare his hard dick with Tobias. I kept on touching myself, trying to be as discreet as possible.

“Who won?” I asked.


“The measuring contest!” How did Austin not get that it was the most crucial part of his story so far?

“Tobias won… of course”

“Seriously? But man, your dick is….” I stopped myself there. “Well, big.”

Austin laughed.

“Not as big as Tobias though. He is bigger than Henry if this gives you a hint.”

Fuck. He was bigger than Henry?! I now understood where all that confidence was coming from. Tobias / Elephant Man was comparing his dick to every potential addition to the frat, proving to each guy that he was the most ALPHA of the ALPHAS. Maybe I should try to join myself?

“I heard that in some fraternities, some guys had to blow the other members’ dicks to enter!” I said, eager to know more. Maybe I needed to be more careful because Austin seemed a bit surprise by my question.

“I think it happens sometimes. Not within THE ALPHAS though. Probably, I could not have done that anyway… I mean… I did have to lick one guy’s asshole to get in. I was blindfolded so I don’t even know if it was actually his ass, but it was super gross!”

Austin was one to talk with all the rimming porn he was watching, I thought, but he continued:

“Between us, I think it was Martin’s cause I felt a lot of hair.” He semi laughed and made a disgusted face.

“Awww”, I gasped. The sound coming out of my mouth started as a moan but then I pretended to be grossed out “aaarf”. My dick was now fully hard and out of my boxer briefs. “Man, you really did want to join the frat boys to eat Martin’s hairy ass crack!” I said, trying to mask my envy.

“Shut up Ty, that’s just the football spirit!”

“Sure” I said. “But what happened with the MILF then?”

“Well… that is the real crazy part. I know everyone thinks Tobias is fucking a bunch of girls around but in reality… This goes far beyond than that.” Austin marked a pause. “Ty, you promise, this part, you absolutely have to keep between us.”

“Dude! I’m 100% with you. No matter what happens, in a million years, I would never betray your trust.”

Austin seemed reassured. He also seemed that he needed to talk.

“I think Tobias is some sort of a sex maniac.” He spoke. “I guess he had fucked so many girls our age that he got bored with casual sex… He went to more kinky stuff. He has signed in on a lot of erotic and porn websites. He sends pics of his horse dick, well rather his elephant dick, to women and selects the nastiest bitches who dare to respond to him… I said the nastiest, not the prettiest. You have no idea how far some girls are ready to go for Tobias. It’s like the more he treats them wrong, the more they want him.”

“Ok, so basically, Tobias fucks older women and sluts… To tell you the truth, I think the whole campus knows that.”

“No Ty, you don’t get it. The whole campus knows that he fucks around. But Austin has a sex room at his place and there are women there, permanently. Henry and Martin confirmed it was true: Members of THE ALPHAS can go by and fuck them… It’s like those girls are Tobias’ sex slaves or something. He finds them, gets them addicted to his cock, offers them a place in his house and then he shares them with his bros. When he wants too. Those girls have to serve him in every way.”

“Wow… this is… this is a lot.”

“Yes, he does crazy things to them. I saw pictures and videos. Most of them are drugs addict or messed-up women who like to be abused… I saw videos of him pissing on girls, choking them… Multiple girls at the same time, making them lick his ass. The dude has no limit at all. I did not even know stuff like that could happen in real life. And the girls seem to like it… Well, I hope they do!”

“I’m not surprised that some girls actually like that…” I ended the sentence in my head: I definitely would.

“For my first night as an ALPHA and after I passed all of the other tests, Tobias and the other boys organized a surprise for me in the locker-room. When I got there, a woman was handcuffed to a bench, on her knees, wearing see through lingerie, her mouth wide open. She had a little sign: “property of Tobias” around her neck.”

“Fuck.” I was shocked and aroused. Suddenly, I wanted to become a property of Tobias as well.

“Yes… fuck, indeed! As soon as I entered, she offered herself to me. Ty, I’m sure you understand. I could not resist! I’m just a man. I fucked her like crazy. I had to!” He sounded like me when I tried to justify creeping on my brother. “Jeez, I’m getting hard again thinking about it. I know it’s not right for Ashley but to tell you the truth, I destroyed this woman with my cock and I don’t even know her name.” He now sounded very proud of himself. “It was almost like I had been teleported in a porn movie; it was unreal.”

“Man, you’re getting me hard.” I spoke. I wanted to jerk off more freely so I thought it was the right time to say that.

“I know, I know. She begged me to fuck her in her ass, in her pussy. I can tell you she was not shy about wanting my dick and was not afraid of its size. It’s the first time in my life I fucked someone like that. She was able to swallow it all.”

Austin lifted off his sheets and showed me his hard bulge under his underwear, his dick poking out of it. “See I’m fucking hard too now!”

Austin continued his story and we masturbated in our respective beds. He was fondly remembering that crazy night and I was picturing him, hard fucking that lucky woman. He told me how all the other football players joined in at some point and then ended up gangbanging her.

One after the other, and sometimes two of them together, they would offer their dicks to the slut, fucking her, slapping her, spitting on her face, boobs or ass. Martin, Henry, and Luis were all part of it. I was drooling at that thought.

Tobias was apparently the roughest and most intense one. He would spank her ass until it turned blue. He ended up making the poor woman cry. Although, apparently, Martin was very rough too as he could not let go of that girl’s throat, she was chocking herself, her nose forced against his bush, her saliva running through Martin’s balls. Austin described him as a “crazy throat fucker”. He also told me he was very impressed the woman could take both Henry’s “Big Boy” dick and then Tobias’ elephant cock in her ass. To close the show, Tobias would order the other guys around, telling them when and where they were allowed to cum.

After 20 minutes of jerking off, Austin cummed at the exact moment he retold that he exploded in her mouth, his dick way deep inside his throat as she was gagging, trying to hold it in, while Martin and Tobias were double penetrated her.

I cummed too. Some went on my chin. I licked it; Austin did not notice. After a few seconds, I broke the silence:

“Man, you should not feel guilty about Ashley. This has nothing to do with her. What could have you done? It was like some sort of forced sex ritual.” I was trying to reassure him, he seemed to feel even more guilty now. “Look I just cummed hearing about it. How could you not do it? Clearly, this was only sexual, it was like watching a porn except the Pornstar came out of the screen.”

“Yeah! It was EXACTLY that!” This seemed to be what he wanted to hear.

“See, you did not cheat on Ashley, you simply lived an intense experience of virtual reality porn.”

“Yeah… But Ty… Tobias has other girls… I think the ALPHAS fuck sluts regularly… Do you think I am allowed to do it… again?”

I laughed. Did that mean that I would now have to share Austin’s semen with both Ashley and random girls he would fuck in the locker-room or at Tobias’ place?

“Bro, don’t push it… But no matter what you do, I won’t judge. And if Ashley cannot fully satisfy you, it’s only human that you go search for you fun somewhere else.”

“That’s such a sexist thing to say.” He replied.

“Are you actually lecturing me?” I asked. I was not mad. The irony was just too evident.

“No… I guess I’m not one to talk.” He was lying down naked, his flaccid cock still full on cum, lost in his thoughts. Visibly not in a hurry to cover himself.

We went to sleep; None of us bothered to put our underwear back on.

We did not mention his confession again but Austin told me a few days later that he chose to do the right thing with Ashley. Obviously, “doing the right thing” did not include telling her what had happened, but it would mean, not gangbanging other girls again. At least, it was the plan.

Thankfully, the rule of not cheating on Ashley did not apply to our jerking off sessions and as we were advancing in the semester, those became, if not a habit, a casual thing we could propose to one or another before going to sleep.

It was maybe the seventh time we were beating our dicks together and I could not resist complimenting Austin’s cock once again:

“Your two hands together can barely take it all!” I was genuinely impressed.

“I would need a third” he said jokingly.

You guessed what happened next, I offered mine — as part of our friendly banter of course — and Austin proposed to let me jerk off his dick, just for the fun of it. “I don’t know what it’s like to be wanked with 3 hands, we should try! Give me a hand bro!” He was joking but we both knew he was not actually.

We both wanted to try it.

I had to refrain my excitement as I did not want to ruin this opportunity by accepting his offer too quickly. This instant was more than two months in the making and I did not want to scare him away if he felt like I was too into it.

I did go for it though. Of course. I extended my hand like it was no big deal, even pretending I was a bit grossed out by the touch of his monster cock. His dick was hot and thick, almost vibrating under my hand. Everything I had dreamed off. “Arf, that’s fucking weird man!” I said. Who was I kidding? I felt some precum leaking from his head on my finger. I was in Paradise.

I kept on going. Quickly, he removed his own hands and I started to use both of my hands; I was very much enjoying myself; he was too. He was avoiding looking me though.

“There’s just something about someone else doing it!” He said “Gimme yours, it’s unfair if you’re the only one having to touch a cock.”

Sure, man. I would not object to that… Such a “gross” experience, you should go through it too…

In the spirit of fairness, he started to jerk off my cock, and again, I had to take it upon myself to manage not to cum. Thankfully, the previous couple of months had taught me how to edge myself and how to contain my load. But this was another level. I was on another planet, I would not last long.

We were standing side by side, jerking each other off. Sometimes, I forgot to pretend to watch the movie in front of us (another boring porn featuring only women), I was just focusing on his dick and balls that I touched incidentally. He was rock had, me too. We were know wanking off on the same rhythm. I felt like we were one. His warm dick pulsating under my hands, my own dick squeezed by his hands. I knew I could not stop myself from exploding at this point.

“Should we cum together?” I proposed.

“Yes… ready?”




We both blew our loads holding each other’s dick. My hand was full of Austin’s sperm. It was warm. I was in heaven. I could have fainted after so much pleasure and such a sweet release. Austin seemed a bit uncomfortable with my huge load of cum on his hand, he quickly washed it off in the sink.

I pretended to do the same but then, I went straight to the bathroom. In reality, I had kept as much cum as possible on my hand,

Gary was in the bathroom, I ran in the toilet stall and hide there. “Wow someone had to shit!” Gary shouted.

Austin’s warm juice was still on my hand. I ate the whole thing. Sucking my fingers to taste every drop of his cum. This felt salty. Delicious. Some dropped on the floor and on the toilet’s seat, I went on my knees and lick it all. What else could I do? I was turning into a fucking beast and I would not allow myself to waste a single drop. I had just cummed, but my dick could not rest. I jerked off again while eating Austin’s cum and jeezed again on the toilet door. I licked that too. I was out of myself.

The mutual jerk off session happened twice after that. My life was actually turning into a Porn fantasy and Austin was the ideal partner in crime. I could see that he enjoyed our private time as much as I did… Well, Ok, maybe not as much, as the mutual wanking, the touch of his big cock, was driving me literally insane and was occupying all of my brain space.

Also, it would become casual for Austin to sleep naked next to me. Sometimes I would jerk off to his sight twice in one night.

We were in early December when everything went wrong.

I was waiting for Austin in my underwear, ready to propose another intense jerk-off session to a new medium – an erotic novel I just found on Literotica about a girl servicing two roommates -, when someone knocked at the door.


Janice opened. I was a bit disappointed.

“Hi Ty.” She noticed I was in my underwear, and seemed a bit nervous “Oh, sorry, I am not bothering you?”

I could not answer that I was waiting for my roommate to jerk off with him, so I simply said:

“Not at all! What’s up?”

“I came to ask… Well Ashley and Austin asked me… And they asked me to ask you… If I could sleep in your dorm tonight, they’d like to spend the night together.”

“What do you mean?” It was pretty clear what she meant but I was in denial.

“Well, apparently they got tired of just fucking for half an hour, and they want to spend the whole night together…” She seemed defeated.

“Oh yeah, of course…You’re welcome here!”

I did not mean any of that. I had a new goal in mind: Eliminate Ashley.



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