My first year in College – Chapter 15: The morning after

My first year in College – Chapter 15: The morning after

Austin was now heavily snoring, lying horizontally on my bed, his feet at the edge, one shoe missing — lost during the difficult trip to the bedroom — the other one still on his foot. He seemed passed out and a deep smell of alcohol was coming out of him.

Do I really need to tell you what I did next?

I started by taking off the other shoe.

This made sense. Who could blame me for that?

I also removed the socks. They were stinking. Did I need to smell them? No… Did I do it anyway? Of course, yes. I revealed Austin big feet while sniffing on his socks and bit my tongue. His feet were a bit bruised by football practice. I did not care. No, I even preferred it that way. The feet of a manly jock. I put the socks right against my mouth and inhaled the sent again. I took my time and enjoyed the moment. Apart from his breathing, Austin was not moving at all. He seemed far gone.

I was now kneeling at the edge of the bed, a few inches from his feet, choking myself with the two sweaty socks, slowly caressing my cock through my clothes.

After a while, this teasing was no longer sufficient to appease my cravings, and I licked his toes.

I swear my dear reader, I tried not to! I tried to resist! But the heart wants what he wants.

I did it almost imperceptibly at first, my tongue barely touching his feet. But once I had started, I could no longer stop myself. I started to suck on his big toe, smelling his right foot at the same time. I changed my position to lie on the floor, below him, my head placed right under his feet. My own saliva felt back on my lips as I was sucking and licking. I removed my trousers, got my dick out of my underwear and started jerking off.

This lasted a few more minutes. What if Austin regained consciousness? He would think there was a dog licking his feet under the bed. He would be right. I was a dog. I was a bitch for him.

I went back on my knees and started to jerk off at the sight of his full body lying before me. Even with his clothes on, his body was appealing. His bum looked delicious through his tight pants.

I put my dick back in my underwear in case he would wake up and started to undress him. That’s what bros were supposed to do in such situation. Right? I was just helping a friend out.

I took off his sweater first, his t- shirt came out with it. I had to move Austin and touched his sweaty chest in the process. He was totally unconscious. His pecs felt good under my hands. After I removed his top, I got worried a bit. Was he ok? He was still breathing and snoring normally, lying on his chest. He was ok, I convinced myself.

I would explain to him the next day that he was smelling like shit and that I had to help him take out his clothes. He would be thankful.

Then I started to slide down his trousers.

His black boxer briefs came down with the jeans, revealing his butt and ass crack. I did not expect for the underwear to go off as well but I continued to slide everything down. I kissed his right cheek. Ok, I will admit, this may have been an unnecessary risk but how was I supposed to resist? I kissed his birthmarks. He hated them. I found them beautiful. Perfect, even.

I took off my dick out of my underwear again and jerked off above his now nude body. His underwear was slid down on his calves. His thighs, his ass, his back. Everything was stunning. I wanted him.

Again, I am not proud of what happened next, especially after the resolutions I had taken but I spread his cheeks to inspect his asshole. He was still out. What Austin did not know could not hurt him.

It was quite hairy. I liked that. A very pale pink asshole. It was tight. I smelled it. I inhaled the scent. I wanted to take it all in.

I pushed things further. I started to lick in asshole slowly. The jizz flew out of my dick before I could realize it. The first contact between my tongue and his ass was too much for me to handle. I cummed. Some landed on Austin’s ass and thighs. I ate it, moving my tongue along his body, cleaning the evidence of my crime… As I said before, there are few things I hate more in life than wasting cum.

While I was licking a bit of cum out his hairy ass, Austin moved.

I thought I was having a heart attack. I was stunt.

He mumbled.


Fuck. He was awake. He had felt my tongue inside him. He moved his head a bit but did not completely turn around. “Mmmmmf…” Ashley… He said. Did that mean she rim him often? I knew he liked that from his taste in porn.

It was already too late when I saw his hand searching behind his back. In a moment of terror, I felt his hand reaching for my head, still bent over, and he pulled me further towards his ass. Pushed by Austin, I continued to rim his ass. He let go off his hand. “Mmmmm… Ashley.” He whispered again.

I pulled back. I was now standing beside the bed, my flaccid dick covered of sperm fully exposed. My whole body was shaking. I managed to put my underwear back on.

My resolution did not last long, did it…?

Austin mumbled something else that I could not understand. I could certainly explain removing his clothes off, but the ass licking, that would be hard to explain.

I stayed like that a few minutes before I heard him snoring again.

I put his underwear back on, touching again his buttocks and groin in the process.

I lied down next to him. What would happen the morning after? He had just made me lick his asshole. I had cummed on his butt… Did he realize?

A few hours later, I woke up in my bed, Austin’s face right next to mine. His lips only a few inches away from mine. A ray of sun illuminating his cheeks. I gazed at him for maybe an hour before he opened his eyes.

“Hi babe…” He said jokingly. My heart melted.

“Hi Austin… Slept well?” I was a bit anxious. What would he remember?

“I feel like I’m dying…”


“Yeah… You bet…”

“Well, you had to expect the hungover after last night mate…”

“Oh man… I drank too much… right? Did I do something stupid?” This thought seemed to wake him up for good. He straightened in the bed.

“You did make out with my sister-in-law Mallory!”

His eyes opened wide: “I DID WHAT?!”

“I’m just joking but you should see your face right now!”

“Not funny dude… Damn, your parents invited me and I totally blacked out… Maybe I should apologize to them?”

“No, that’s fine, they were already in bed when you started to be a little too excited, and then, you just passed out on the bed…”

He looked at his clothes spread out on the floor.

“I don’t even remember getting to bed…” What a relief.

“Ryan and I had to carry you out, you undressed as best as you could and passed out.” I said this casually and he did not question this version of the story, neither he mentioned any rimming. Good.

“You seem fine! How can you not be hungover? I saw you drink as well!”

“Yeah, I did drink, a bit… but not as much as you…”

He made a face:

“I really need to shower. I stink.”

He got up out of the bed, his grey boxers were hanging much lower than usual – my work was messy the night before – and I could see his pubic hair as well as his very obvious morning erection. He noticed.

“Oops.” He said smiling.

“Not something I have never seen before.” I responded. Truthfully, we were way passed the point of caring of showing off our respective morning woods.

“Yeah… but maybe I should calm myself down before going to the shower.”

“Yes, I’m not sure I would appreciate you walking to my mom like that.” I joked. “I’m hard too” I exposed my own morning wood forming a tent through my ample underwear.

“It’s so hard to have it come down in the morning when you have not jerked off in a while” He said.

“By in a while, you mean the last 24 hours?” I replied.

He laughed. If only he knew that last time I jerked off was on his bare ass just a few hours prior…

“We could jerk off now!” I propose.

And we did. He lied back on my bed, he took his phone and searched for a good porn we would enjoy. We had already jerked off together multiple times but never in the same bed. This level of intimacy was something new. It turned me on some more.

I got fully naked myself and started beating off. Our legs and arms were almost touching. I was barely hiding that I was looking at his huge cock and leaking head. This dick, I could never get enough of. Living this experience in my childhood bedroom was unreal.

In the position we were in, he had to hold his phone with his left hand so he could jerk off properly. That was not super comfortable for him so we switched places. Austin literally moved over me in the bed so we could change sides, his bare ass brushed my dick fully hard. OH MY GOD. I would have to remember this moment for many jerking-off sessions to come. I almost cummed on his ass (again).

Once we were both comfortably settled, we watched two girls sharing a big black cock, spitting in each other’s mouths on the small screen. Austin, inspired, spat on his dick. I spat on mine. He smirked.

“Copycat” he said.

I spat on his dick to make him shut up, it seems to only get him more excited.

He took my hand and put it on his dick. “Wash out your saliva nasty boy!” I knew what to do. We had been there before. Not for a while though. I was super excited to find back this feeling of his dick pulsating under my fingers. He reached my own dick. We mutually jerked off for several minutes.

I spat again on his dick and balls while touching them. It was getting filthy, filthier than anything we ever done. Another barrier had been lifted. Maybe, it was the right moment to ask Austin if I could suck him? Or maybe, I could go straight for it! I was sure he would not mind at this point.

Pretending to want to have to a better view of the screen, I moved closer to him to fully touch his legs. He did not react. What was I expecting?

So much for “new year new me”, I thought, it was not even 11am on Jan. 1st and I had already broken all of my rules.

“It does make a difference when it’s someone else touching your cock right?” He said suddenly.

“Yeah…” I moaned.

“Look at that bitch’s pussy, never seen a girl in real life being that wet! Hmmm!”

I felt I was about to cum, I knew he was about to cum as well. We knew each other well at this point.

Generally, when Austin felt I was about to jizz, he would remove his hand from my cock to avoid getting splashed. I then felt obligated to remove mine from his cock even though all I wanted was feeling his warm milk on me.

We were about to do that when the door of my bedroom opened wide:

“WAKE UP GUYS!” Ryan walked in the room wearing only his red boxer briefs, suddenly shocked by his sight: his young brother and his roommate were wanking each other off!

I was petrified, horny, already about to cum, I could not stop: I blew my load! Right in front of my brother and right on Austin’s hand.

“Fuck!!” shouted Austin. Showing his hand to both my brother and I. Ryan started to laugh hard, closely followed by Austin.

“WHAT THE FUCK GUYS!” Ryan fell on the floor, hysterical.

Austin made a joke but was quite red, he had not cummed and his cock became flaccid. I noticed my hand was still on his dick, I removed it hastily.


Austin was a bit embarrassed and was casually wiping his hands on some tissues found on the nightstand. Me, I was mortified.

My brother could not stop laughing.

“Well, that’s awkward” Austin stood up, putting his underwear back on.

I put my hands all over my head, trying to hide myself, and realized it was full of cum. I wiped it down on the covers.

“Ryan I… This is…”

Ryan finally stopped laughing, he sat down on the bed smirking.

“Because you think I have never jerked one of my buddies off?!”

I was stunt.

“I need to go to the shower now, if you’ll excuse me. I will leave you settle this between family members.” Joked Austin.

Still naked, hiding under the covers, I wanted to bury myself in a hole.

Ryan replied:

“Yes, go to the bathroom Austin. You look like you need to finish something! See, my brother, had, at least, the guts to finish the work. Do you need a hand?”

Did my straight brother just offered to my straight best friend to jerk him off? I was exploding inside. A nice change from exploding outside you might say.

“No thank you.” My roommate declined politely with a smile. “I can take care of myself.”

He left the room. Implying he was about to finish himself off in our bathroom. This was unreal.

“Ryan… this is the most embarrassing moment of my life.” I finally said.

Ryan had a more serious tone now.

“Who cares? Guys do that sometimes…” He paused. “Although… Does he know?”

“Know what?” I knew exactly what he meant but I kept pretending.

“Well… Tyler… are you not…” He looked at me intensely before finishing his sentence: “gay?”

I did not reply. I guess this was a sufficient answer in itself.

“That’s cool you know. Nobody cares.” He said and left the room.

I felt empty and exhausted in all possible ways.

That afternoon, it was planned for Ryan, Mallory and Austin to go back together as Austin’s parents were living near Perv City. We all said goodbye and I was a bit terrified as what they could say to each other during this long car ride. I must say, I also thought of all the dirty things Ryan and Austin could do together.

I had four days left in my parent’s house before going back to College. At first, I was so drained from the previous week that I did not think about sex (well not as obsessively as usual). I read some manga and went back to my safe place, playing hours of video games with Austin.

But two days before going back to Campus, I was getting horny again.

RAMSOM_PL was no longer active on Instagram, he told me it would be for a while, and I was starting to chat again with some strangers through Anna’s profile. Although, it was not that fun when I did not the guys I was talking to.

This fake profile did make me feel some type of power. I did get my brother to stick a toothbrush in his ass… What could I get other men to do? And then came another thought: What could I get Austin to do?

I sent a request to Austin Instagram profile. He approved it in the next few seconds. The boy was always horny.

And just like with my brother a few days before, I started flirting with my roommate. After 4 messages, he was already sending me eggplants emojis. A very encouraging sign.

The next day, he was sending me shirtless pictures and was asking for my Skype, my Snapchat or my number. He was not very talkative in his chats but sent me vocals, insisted on playing “live”. “Cam4cam” he would call it. This fish was harder to get than my brother. Live was not thing I could not do even though I contemplated the idea of buying a blond wig for the occasion…

The night before going back to campus, I sent him another video of Sofia/Anna. She was touching herself. I wanted Austin to go further. I knew it would be more difficult when we would share a room. Merely impossible. I had to act now.

He reactivated positively to the video:

“Fuck Anna, I did not know you could be that naughty! Do you like to be a naughty girl?”

“Oh yes babe!”

“You want to be MY naughty girl?”

I knew exactly what turned him on. I went all for it:

“Yes baby, I would suck you deep until I cry, I would lick your ass, do anything you want! I’ll be your bitch.”

“Hmmm, fuck babe! Do you want to see my big dick?!” He sent a picture of his bulge; he was hard under his boxers. Again, this was very impressive. I knew this was not false advertising.

“Oh yes please!”

“Send me another video live.”

I did. I took a similar video from the one I just sent. My collection was sufficient to have footage for days of sexting.

He did not respond at first.

Then, 10 minutes later, I received a single message, seconds before “Anna” got blocked by Austin:


Fuck. How did he know?



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