My first year in College – Chapter 17: The Bread Game

My first year in College – Chapter 17: The Bread Game.

My dear reader, I have been telling you all about my freshman year of College for a while now. Doing that, I am trying my best to be as real as possible, although I can never be sure of what the other people featured in this story were actually thinking.

Did my brother notice my “incidental” touching during the night we were sleeping in the same bed? Did Austin remember that I played with his body on New Year’s Eve? What was Professor Fletcher really thinking when he was fucking my virgin ass?

On a snowy February day, I escaped my own thoughts as I got to look into somebody else’s mind through a post shared on an obscure forum. I know, I should not have looked on his computer but Austin had left his screen opened, right on the page.

I could not help myself.

With a bit of research, I was able to find the original publication posted back in 2022 by “A6969” (great pseudonym Austin by the way…). Having it on my computer now, I am able to share the entire post with you. I hope this will help you understand Austin better before I continue on with my story — and hold on to your favorite jockstraps because the rest of my freshman year from this point is going to be a bumpy ride!


Forum: “Sexuality discussions and more.”

Thread: “Am I normal?”

Description: In this thread, we ask you to share your own experiences, truthfully. We aim at gathering a community to help you navigate those sexual phases where you wonder whether you are normal or not. We all go through this and be sure there won’t be any judgment here! Good vibes only!

Post from: A6969.

Date: February 9th 2022. 10.22pm.

“I’ve been reading this thread for a while now and I thought I would share my story. For obvious reasons, I’ll keep it anonymous but I’d love to have your feedback and advice…

My name is A. I’m a freshman student and I just celebrated my 19th birthday. I broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago.

I’m an athletic guy and I’ve never had any issue picking up girls. Although, since the break-up, I’m struggling with finding girls of my taste. I’m not too sure how to explain this, but I’ll try and to be honest.

If that even makes sense, I’m writing this post mostly to understand myself.

Within the fraternity i’m part of, all the guys seem to live crazy sex experiences and I have always been kind of jealous of them. My girlfriends prior to College were beautiful but not really into rough or kinky stuff in bed while I was already – I guess like every other guys? – wanking off to hardcore porn… The more I was watching porn, the more I wanted filthy stuff, and the more I was bored with my girlfriends.

When I met this girl in College, she was very blunt, attractive, and much more into sex and trying out things than any other girl I had before. She let me fuck her in the ass the first night we had sex! But still, I was not fully satisfied, especially when I was hearing (or sometimes seeing videos of) my teammates gangbanging girls, slapping them, pissing on them… All those things I saw in porn and which got stuck in my brain (or in my penis’ brain).

For the most part, I remained faithful to my girlfriend but I did cheat on her once, as part of a, let’s say “celebration”, we were having with the others guys of the frat. Afterwards, I felt very guilty and decided to commit 100% to the relationship, trying to be the good guy.

I should not have.

After four months of relationship and as I was about to introduce her to my parents, that bitch french-kissed another boy right in front of me, and right in front of all my friends. I had never been this humiliated in my entire life.

Anyway, fuck her!

The thing is, I have always known that what I was seeing in porn was not “real life” or “not normal.” So, even if I was sometimes frustrated with the sex I was having, I thought that everyone was feeling this way and that it simply could not get any better, or rather, any filthier. But this was until I met the guy who leads our fraternity, let’s call him “X”.

I realize with X that actually; some people do practice “porn-sex” in real life. X is fucking girls like a mad man, doing the kinkiest shit imaginable, some of this stuff I had never even thought of. This made me rethink everything. Maybe, I do not have to work on the frustration I am feeling, I do not have to try to get rid of it, but instead, I should just act on it! Live the (nasty) dream!

But it’s not that simple. I do think, deep inside of me, that the way X is acting is not normal and I’m not sure I want to follow his footsteps.

All College guys are obsessed with sex I guess, but for him, it’s even worse. The guy is either talking about sex, having sex, or planning his next sex party. A couple weeks ago, I saw a video of him fisting a woman. Then, I realized the woman was about 60 years old. More than the act in itself, the age difference shocked me. He was pounding her pussy like it was nothing, laughing, and having a younger girl suck his dick at the same time. Although, as often, after the shock, came the curiosity… And now, I wonder… What would it feel like to do it with a woman 40 years older than me!? Should I try it or is this just wrong?

I don’t know if X is an actual sex maniac or if it’s just that, contrary to others, he owns up to his sexual drive and is never shy to act on it. Maybe it is because of his big dick, his penis surely takes too much blood away from this brain.

Believe me, I am known to be well endowed and I used to the “biggest” man in every locker-room I went to, but compared to X, every guy would look “small”. With a dick this size, some would be shy or unease, X is just super proud of his abnormally large and long tool, and has built a huge muscular body to go with it.

To enter the frat, the first humiliation of every new pledge is to compare his dick to X’s.

When he got hard next to me and requested that I got an erection too, I struggled. The rule was no external help (no porn or anything) and we both needed to get hard in front of the whole football team and other members of the frat. If you could not get hard, you could not join. If you could get hard and compare yourself to X, you were admitted to the frat. And, if one day, one guy would be proven to be bigger than X, the new guy would automatically become the new leader of the frat.

These rules were invented by X himself during his sophomore year. He was a smart guy and did not take much risk to lose his chief status.

Because of X and his own obsession for filthy porn and kinky girls, all the members of the frat are used to share their sex adventures – and sometimes to share their girlfriends – with the team. It has become sort of a competition between the guys to try to beat each other up in the craziness of their sex encounters.

Literally, the “biggest” guy is our leader, it is pretty clear that the frat is run by our penises, more than our brains.

At first, the stories of the guys were kind of a shock to me and as I said, I felt guilty about taking part. But now, I’m just wondering, should I go full in and fuck my mind even more? Play the game with the other guys, trying to find girls who would accept to be treated like whores? Show the guys a video of me fucking a couple of twins, an obese woman, a teacher? Share those bitches with the group? Or should I try to sober myself from kinky sex? It’s like the more I taste the real thing, the more I’m addicted, it’s even worse than porn!

Basically, I’m lost.

I took part in two “sexual gatherings” since my break-up and in both instances, it was mostly about watching our leader X fuck girls while us, the other teammates were merely authorized to circle jerk around the action. We were allowed to cum inside the girl mouth.

It was still very hot though.

That’s my other question: is that weird to find circle jerking with friends hot?

I also do it with my roommate, sometimes we watch porn together and we jerk off our cocks. Mutually, I mean. Is that weird? Since I’m telling the whole truth, the other day, my roommate even sucked my cock! I had already jerked off with some of my bros but never received a blowjob from one of them. I actually liked it.

It was super weird at first, being sucked by a guy, especially because I consider my roommate almost like a brother, but still, I closed my eyes and he really went in there and it got me to cum. The poor guy, I exploded in his mouth, he had to spit it out in the sink!

I guess that ultimately, I find the “forbidden” aspect of it very exciting. It’s like fucking with a College girl is fun, but it’s so expected. Fucking with her sister while she’s watching, that gets interesting!

I think my main kink is doing something I have never done before or something which would be shocking to others if they knew. So yes, having another guy sucked my cock was hot. Just like having a MILF doing it. And maybe one day a granny! I want to discover something that I had not already jerked off to a hundred times on the internet.

One day, I read an article about women now having troubles with their sexual life because of porn expectations. They would feel force to do some stuff or would never feel up to the task. I wonder if us, guys, are not struggling even more. Sometimes I’m afraid my brain is definitely fucked by the amount of stuff I’m watching. For instance, I would have never thought to fuck a trans woman (I mean, still having a dick) before, but after seeing it in a movie, now I want to explore more.

During the past month, I did have some opportunities with girls, but it would have meant inviting them to dinner, courting them, dating them: a lot of work to probably end-up in a disappointed missionary position. Don’t get me wrong, I would still appreciate it, and I’m always happy to put my big dick inside of a wet pussy or suck beautiful titties, but it’s not the same excitement as having X offering me a crazy nasty bitch on a platter.

To be honest, jerking off and exploding in front of a porn or with a buddy is easier and sometimes, even more exciting than sex if the girl is not ready “good” in bed.

This got me to think about something that I had never considered before and also one of the main reasons why I’m writing this. Could that mean that I might be bisexual? Besides my roommate sucking me off, I had actually more sexual interactions with guys these past couples of weeks than with girls.

I am definitely attracted to women but still, to which point we can say “no homo” while having your bros’ dicks in your hands? Every time there is a party or some after-training banters, it revolves around stupid challenges like licking the other guys or sniffing them. Maybe, we are all closeted homosexuals? Or maybe heterosexuality is a social norm and sexual orientation is not real, we are simply programmed by our environment to find women attractive? That was the theory of my bitchy ex-girlfriend anyway. She was not very bright though so I would not be too keen to believe her theories.

Yes, I am still mad at her.

Something happened just yesterday and it confused me even more.

After training, X announced that he had found 3 Onlyfans Girls who accepted to come to his mansion in the sole purpose of getting fucked by all of us during an entire weekend. The plan was: no limit, the rougher, the better! The girls were known online for sharing the kinkiest content. I knew one of them (let’s call her “L.”) and I had already cummed to her videos more than once. Of course, we were all super excited to take part!

The whole thing would be filmed and broadcasted on the girls’ respective x-rated pages, but all the guys would be wearing hoods to preserve our anonymity. According to X, they needed 10 guys and we were 11 potential participants.

X had invented a sick game, as usual, to decide between the guys who should come and who should be left out. He called it “the bread game”.

The rules were simple. With no external help, all 11 guys needed to jerk off and cum on a large piece of bread. The last to blow his load had a choice: to renounce to the event and be excluded from the fraternity or to eat the whole bread, sprayed with the sperm of the entire group.

We were all showering, naked of course, when X explained the game. In his usual style, he was casually pissing in the drain while talking about the girls and their most recent antics. Even flaccid, his dick was unbelievable, at least 4.5 or 5 inches in length and 2.5. or 3 inches in girth. I told you, this man should be in a freak museum.

As always, nobody dared to challenge the game or its rules. X decides and just like perfectly trained soldiers, we obey. It’s just the way it works. If you are not capable of following orders or refuse to participate in the fun, then you are labelled a pussy and put aside from the group.

I accepted the game without fully thinking about the consequences and took my position.

X had thought it through as he took a piece of bread out of his bag and placed it right in the middle of the locker-room floor between two sets of benches. Some of us sat down, other were standing, and we all started to touch our cocks. One of our mates, that I do suspect to be gay, – not that I would care – only had to touch his dick for 2 seconds to get it fully hard. He is known to have spontaneous hard-ons in the communal showers, he is also sharing my bathroom in the dorms and I got to see him hard tons of times already.

I had a stupid thought at first. What if I got hard too quickly and everyone assumed I was gay myself? Then, I realized that nobody cared about that and they were all rapidly stroking their cocks, eager to cum first. I mean, they were right, losing the game was way worse than cumming too early in this case.

Two of the guys helped each other with their hands while closing their eyes to cum faster. With no porn, and only masculine energy around, it was hard for me to focus. I was too stressed to get a good erection. I started to think of the latest video of L. I had seen (her rimming a black guy) but I could not ignore X right next to me, heavily breathing.

He was not the first to cum though. Two guys jizzed their loads on the bread pretty much at the same time, one of them missing completely his target and cumming on X’s feet. X’s reaction was immediate, he slapped him and ordered him to clean his feet. The guy obeyed and with a disgusting face started to collect his own cum from X’s foot.

He used his fingers, that was a mistake, of course.

“With your tongue!” X barked.

Again, the guy with poor aim obeyed and started to lick his cum out of our leader’s feet. This scene, I have to admit, helped me achieving a good hard on. It also helped some of my other comrades as a few of them cummed at this instant. A friendly fire touched my forearm, the black guy who had just shot on me was cumming like a fucking geyser. I did not force him to lick it out of me though.

After a few minutes, the guys who had already cummed started to laugh and joke around, betting on their horses: Who would be the last one to cum?

I looked a X. He was enjoying his time, smirking and making some comments about his big balls being full. He seemed able to fully control whenever he wanted to cum and was casually looking at the 5 other remaining guys in the “competition”.

This pressure did not help me and I had to gather my thoughts again to my favorite lesbian scene to maintain my erection. Two other guys cummed in front of me. The bread was now fully covered in a thick white substance, gathering the sperm of no less than seven men.

After less than a minute, one other guy cummed. He did not have much jizz and X made fun of him, encouraging the other guys to do the same “how many times did you jerk off today to have so little milk left in your tank?”. Still, he was now an official guest to the week-end sexcapade.

While he was mocking him, I started to think of what X could do to that poor guy, making him suck his feet, his ass, forcing him to eat the bread. Those fantasies helped me get my juice coming. I felt the sensation of excitement growing on me. I knew that I was getting ready. Sadly, it was already too late. The 9th guy loaded his cum on the bread, this time a very large and thick amount, and only X and I were remaining in the game.

From this point on, I knew that I was screwed.

I looked at X’s enormous dick, his two hands were far from sufficient to cover the entire surface of his foreskin. He smiled at me as he blasted his huge load effortlessly on the unrecognizable piece of bread, I cummed too but it was a few seconds too late.

It took me a while to realize the tricky (and messy) situation I had put myself in.

When the fact that I had lost slowly sunk on me, I really thought it would be impossible to do. I could not go through with it and eat that moistly disgusting piece of bread. In a million years. Who would do that? No one!

I pleaded my case to X, I really wanted to go to the sex party that week-end. I knew the girls who would be there, I had already dreamt of fucking one of them. I had cummed watching them on my phone.

X told me that of course I could come, but the rules were clear. I needed to eat my lunch first. I needed those proteins to join the “real men” who were able to cum on command. I had cummed too but this did not seem to matter.

The other guys started encouraging me, laughing loudly and screaming I was a pussy if I did not eat it. Some said “it’s good for your health!” “it’s the rule of the game” “you will regret it if you miss all the fun this week-end!”

Peer pressured, I reached down to pick up the piece of bread as if someone else was controlling my hand. Only touching it almost made me puke. I took a step back.

X left me no choice though, he suddenly pushed me down holding my neck in his large hand, and a second later, I had my face pressed against the disgusting piece of bread. I could smell the strong odor of semen, I could feel the bread sticking against my cheeks, some of the cum was sliding down my face to my chin and neck.

I know what needs to be done this kind of situation. It was a battle for power, to gain respect. You cannot submit, you cannot be a pussy. Either you fight back and punch the bully, it was impossible here, either you show what you are made of, you take control, in this case, it meant putting the fucking soaking bread in my mouth and eat it.

I did it.

Tired of being forced towards it, I pushed X’s arm and took the bread in my hand. Cum leaked through my fingers as I smashed it in my palm. I then put the whole thing in my mouth in one go, ate it, and swallowed it as best as I could. The taste was awful. The disgusting and shock looks of my teammates worse. I pushed it through my throat.

In a way, I felt some kind of power, purposely looking in the eyes of the men who just cummed: I was eating their semen, absorbing their DNA, their beings, their energy.

However, a few seconds later, I could no longer breathe properly. There was just too much cum. I was choking as I felt the spongy liquid stuck in my throat. 11 horny college men had jizzed. Bubbles formed in my full mouth. I swallowed some more. I felt sick to my stomach. I coughed. I felt dizzy.

I kept on pushing through, feeling jizz between my teeth. The other guys were not laughing anymore. I held it as much as I could but at some point, I puked. A mixture of saliva, bread, and cum was now on the floor. There were some applauses and more disgusted faces. 24 hours later, I still can feel the taste of their cum inside of me.

I don’t know what came on to X, I guess he needed to show that he was still the leader, still the one who was not afraid of anything. He got himself on his knees, looked all of us in defiance, bent towards the liquid I had just puked on the floor and licked it. He then proceeded to eat it all.

I was shook! Was there anything off limit for X?

The guys cheerfully applauded at that point and the decision was rendered: I was admitted to the sex party which will happen next week-end and the Bread Game was to become one of our new games post training.

To be very transparent, I’m not bothered because this was a “traumatic” experience. I’m not here to be a pussy, to cry out that “the other guys were mean”. I had fully accepted the rules of the game. Anybody else who would have cummed last would have eaten the fucking bread. This time it was me but a lot of times, others guys were the victims of the hazing. It was only fair in a College fraternity.

The thing I am bothered with has more to with the fact that it WAS NOT a traumatic experience. When I think about it now, I am questioning if I may have liked it… I sure loved the dominance X was showing off. He is so sure of himself, of his manhood, that he can lick cum out of the fucking floor and still call himself an Alpha Male.

Above all, I am disturbed that I was willing to do such disgusting things only to get the chance to participate in an orgy. Am I really capable of eating loads of sperm in front of my teammates just to fuck a girl in the ass? It seems that I am! When they say you learn a lot about yourself during College years, I just did not think I would learn that about myself.

I’m afraid that if I go to this party, it will be my finale step into the kinky world of X and I don’t know how I could ever back to normal after that. At the same time, there is no way in hell I won’t go, I want to deepthroat that Pornstar until she cries her eyes out!


I am sorry if my story is confusing. I am confused myself. I’d just like to have some of your opinions… Guys, is this normal? Am I normal?




I swear I did not intend to read the whole post but once I had started to read through the first paragraph, I could not stop.

“I actually liked it”, Austin said about my blowjob.

“It was super weird at first, being sucked by a guy, especially because I consider my roommate almost like a brother”, a brother, he wrote.

“The poor guy, I exploded in his mouth, he had to spit it out in the sink!” If only he knew how much I liked it!

And the stories about Tobias, or should I say “X”, the things they were doing… I thought I knew everything about Austin, I did not.

Austin entered in our room only seconds after I turned off his computer. It was close, I was jerking to the last part of the post, reading all about the bread game, just before he came in.

Austin did not look like his usual self, he was preoccupied:

“Have you heard what happened? I just saw the cops in front of the campus! That shit is real!”

I had no idea what he was referring too, my mind was still very much focused on figuring out who the other guys of the story were. 11 men. He had swallowed 11 loads of cum, including his own.

“The police just came to take him, right after his class!” Austin continued, seemingly excited and anxious at the same time. He got my attention.

“Who? What the fuck are you talking about?’

“The professor! Ty!” Suddenly, he seemed thrilled. “You know him actually! I completely forgot! You had him last semester! He’s accused of raping students.”

He marked a pause:

“Male students.”

I felt myself shaking.

“What are you saying? Who’s the professor? I don’t understand!”

“Apparently, he has raped several students over the years! This story is insane man! Medias are already coming in to the Campus! Wait, since you got him last year, maybe you’ll get interviewed!” Austin looked at his phone to check his info: “His name is Fletcher. Professor Fletcher, you got him last semester, right?”

My heart dropped in my stomach.


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