My first year in College – Chapter 2: Austin

My first year in College – Chapter 2: Austin

I was nervously shaking behind the 403 door.

I was trying to reassemble my thoughts but all I could think about was this guy’s hairy thighs, his abs well defined with the glorious happy trail between his V line, the huge dick between his hand, the pearls of sweat on his nipples… but then the terrorized face.

This instant when I walked on him lasted two seconds, maybe three, but this remains, to this day, one of my most striking memory.

The glimpse of Austin that I caught that day maybe the main reason I became so obsessed with him. He was so perfect and it was so sudden that I instantly had the desire to see more, to inspect more, to enjoy more of his body.

Already, I could not remember that clearly of his dick. It seems huge but was he cut? Uncut? Did I actually see his balls or did he hide them right away? I mean his hand was covering most of it, well some of it, he was definitely hung but I immediately took a step back to close that fucking door again. I was craving for more. If only I had looked a few seconds more!

Austin opened the door. I was still standing there in shock. He was wearing some unbuttoned trousers – I could almost see some dark pubic hair – and a grey t shirt. His face was a bit red but he looked stunning.

He started talking. Good, cause clearly, I could not have said a word.

“Sorry, I was taking a nap”, he said casually.

A nap, sure. I remained silent.

He was no longer naked but he was still so fucking hot. This young man looked like a Hollywood actor with a jaw so lean he could break anything, including my heart. His blue eyes were mesmerizing. His dark hair were… “And you are?”

Jesus, I needed to come back to Earth.

“Oh sorry, I’m Tyler… I think this is my room.”

“Oh fuck.” Austin seemed to relax, understanding what had happened. “Well. I’m Austin. It is also my room. I was told that my roommate would be a certain Tyler but I did not know you were supposed to arrive now… at all!” he extended his hand.

I shook his hand starting to recompose myself a bit, but the fact that I was shaking his right hand which was on his penis 30 seconds earlier did not help to get me any cooler.

“Yeah. I am only starting class tomorrow but my parents… well, I… I thought that it would better for me to settle in before the first day.”

“That makes sense.”

An awkward silence ensues. Finally, Austin took the lead of the conversation again.

“Well, we are not going to stay in the corridor all day, come in, it’s your place!”

He moved away from the door. His bed was still a mess and there were some white Calvin Klein underwear right in the middle of the room. Looked like there was some stains of precum on those but maybe it was just my imagination. Surely, Austin did not take the time to put the CKs back on before putting his trousers on.

We both looked at the evidence of his crime and he said:

“Ok so, maybe I will avoid taking off my underwear in the middle of the room from now on…”

He was a bit embarrassed but smiled through it. Clearly, he was not in the state of horror I would have been in if the situation were reversed.

He picked up his underwear, re buttoned his trousers, put the underwear in one of the drawers and proceed to offer me a tour of the room. I was just trying not to be disappointed by his new resolution of keeping his underwear on at all times.

There were two beds, one on each side of the room facing the door, a large desk with a chair between the two beds with a window above it. Right beside the door, on one side there was another similar large desk, on the other side a sink with a mirror and some additional drawers. There was also a microwave and some more spaces to store clothes or school stuff. The room was nice, it was not too crowded with furniture so it seemed bigger than I thought and everything looked pretty nice in there… including Austin. Above his bed, the poster of an NFL player was watching us.

“Look, I have already put my stuff here and chose this bed but clearly I don’t care, if you want to switch.”

“No that’s fine”, He was evidently already feeling VERY comfortable in his bed.

“I’d rather slept on this side anyway.” I said putting my bags onto the bed on the left side of the room. Looking around I noticed he had brought some gaming materials and some manga. “Oh you read some Garuto?”

“A big fan, you too?!”

“Yeah! I left mines at home but I’ve read all the collection so far. This room is pretty cool. I was afraid it would be smaller than that.”

“Yeah, I was a bit worried when I came in, the building is not as nice as they sell it. There is a lot of stuff not working in the laundry rooms and in the bathrooms but at least, our room is quite nice.”

“Our” room. This sounded good.

“What do you mean by not working?” I asked.

Austin invited me to leave 403 and took me to the other side of the corridor, right after room 405, a door with a shower sign on it was waiting for us.

Austin opened and I saw my second naked guy of the day! Well, to be fair, this time he was wearing a towel and brushing his teeth. A bit less intense than a full jerk-off session, but still.

“Hi” the guy said, his mouth full of toothpaste. His body was not perfect but he was cute with his ginger hair and nerdy look. Besides, I was immediately drowned to his ginger pubic hair that I could see poking out of his towel… *focus Tyler, focus*.

“Hi Gary, this is Tyler my roommate, he just arrived. I am his tour guy”.

Gary shook my hand. His bulge under his towel getting dangerously close to me.

“Hi, I’m in second year but most of the people on this floor are 1st years. Welcome to your palace!” He spat in the sink. “I’m also the R.A. of this floor so please do not break anything — there’s already enough of that — and don’t drink — at least not in communal spaces”.

There were 3 urinals right beside the door on the left, in front of the sinks where Gary was brushing his teeth. Besides the mirrors, there were three stalls, looked like toilets and in front of these stalls, some showers.

The shower stalls were supposed to be private but on the 4 showers available, 1 was completely missing a door and the other one was obstructed by a sign which said “NOT TO USE.”

Gary explained: “This shower stall is supposed to be fixed since I got here, if you try to use it, good luck! There is not a single drop of water coming out the drain but you’ll have the pleasure to be washed up with a lot of brown smelly dirt… Probably the shit coming from the 5th floor’s toilets!” Austin and I looked each other in disgust. “We used to prank new arrivals with it but see, I’m nice, I’m warning you!”.

Gary smiled and continued: “We spent all of last year with 3 showers available for the 12 guys of this floor, I’m telling you, sometimes it gets crowded in here. Normally at this time of the day, it is quiet though…”

Immediately, images of naked young and muscular College guys fighting to access a shower popped in my head.

“Sorry for the disturbance” I said.

Gary went towards one of the urinals and took his towel off so that he could pee. He did not seem to mind being naked at all as he continued to talk, while using the urinal.

Thanks to this move, I had a perfect view of a superb peachy and hairy ass – yeap, he did have some ginger hair right between his cheeks as well -. *do no get hard Tyler*

Gary did not have the Abercrombie and Fitch body type but he was so at ease with wandering around naked, it was hard not to notice him and not to want him… Or maybe, it was just me? He was also kind of hairy for a guy, well a man, of his age… His pale ginger hair on his white skin made me want to caress him… and… *For the love of God, FOCUS TYLER!*

“That’s fine guys. I’m in 401 and my roommate is not here yet, so at least I got some intimacy in my room.”

I instantly thought of Austin, jerking off and I felt my dick getting hard. This bare ass in front of me, the thought of Austin beating his cock off… I had to calm down.

Gary put back his towel on before facing us and got out of the bathroom. I have no idea what he was saying. At this point, I was just trying to recompose myself. I even did my best not to try to catch a glimpse of his cock while he was readjusting. This was killing me.

Although, those guys were not done teasing me as Austin said:

“I’m going to take a leak while we’re here. You want to go visit the campus and take a bite then?”

He started unbuttoning his pants which I knew for sure would not reveal any underwear — I was getting so hard and I was afraid it would show – Austin turned to the urinal…

“Well, yes for sure. I…”

Without finishing my sentence, I practically ran to a toilet stall. Fuck. My dick was now hard as a rock. How could I be so horny and nervous at the same time? A few seconds later, I realized I must have looked weird, running to the stall while he was taking a piss and regretted my move.

I managed to calm down, had a piss on my own, and when I got out, Austin was no longer in the bathroom.

I went back to room 403 – and knocked this time. He said “can you just wait 10 seconds I’m changing?”.

Why the fuck did I knock? The things I could have seen…

When he opened back the door, he was still wearing the same clothes… I guess by changing, he meant that he did not intend to stay commando all day.

“Ready to go?” He asked.

I was.


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