My first year in College – Chapter 3: Nightgown

My first year in College – Chapter 3: Nightgown.

Austin and I pretty much spent the whole afternoon and first evening on Campus together.

The campus was so vast that it took me days to find my ways around it. I had rarely a class in common with Austin who wanted to major in sciences.

I learnt a lot about him on the first day, he was always more talkative than me.

I was reassured that he seemed like a genuine nice guy. We did have a share passion for manga and video games which helped breaking the ice. However, very quickly, there was no doubt on his heterosexuality as his main topic of conversation revolved around the hotness of the girls who were passing by us. He was not a jerk about it as some of the College kids can be but still, our day was filled with “wow, have you seen this one?”, “damn, that girl knows how to wear a pair of jeans”, or “I would leave my entire family and settle on Mars to start a new life with this woman.”

I mostly nodded. When I felt like he might think that I was no interested in women, I would add a comment: “and have you seen her friend? She was hot too!” Then he would say “perfect, if you prefer her friend, you can take the brunette and I’ll take the blond.”

In reality, the only hot thing I was interested in was Austin’s vein running though his contracted biceps and his hard nipples peeking through the tight and sweaty white t-shirt he was wearing.

On the evening, the students regrouped on the first floor of Building C and everyone got a chance to meet.

Building C welcomed 48 students, first floor was the nicest with a large space to chill with sofas, couches, nice rugs, and a big TV. Right beside the lounge area was a dining room that felt like a high school cafeteria filled with tables and chairs. Laundry room was in the basement and some guys had installed a couple of gym equipment there with a few halters on the floor and a punching ball.

Second and third floors were welcoming girls, fourth and fifth, guys. That was only the theory though, as throughout the year, a lot of people switched rooms and floors, more or less officially.

From the first night, Austin did get a lot of attention, especially from one blond girl, who purposely sat on the same sofa. She seemed to find Austin hi-la-ri-ous.

Between you and I, Austin was hot but he was not that funny.

The evening was going well until one of the guys from the fifth floor started to ask if anyone had already done some various sexual acts… It was all nice and fun until we came to the gay stuff and I felt myself blushing. The blond hottie who was chatting with Austin said she already French kissed her girlfriend. Austin jokingly replied that: “obviously, I had to jerk my mate off once or twice after football practice!” “It’s just common courtesy!” “said another hot guy.

That guy name was Henry, he was black and one of the tallest and fittest guys of the group. He was wearing a golden earing and seemed to be constantly smiling or laughing. Henry looked more like a 30 years old than a 19 years old and my eyes kept on moving slightly towards his big ass, or alternatively towards his bulge, clearly showing, even through his jeans.

After a while, we went back to our respective dorms and Austin could not stop talking about Ashley, the blondie.

The main question of the night remained: Was he kidding when he talked about jerking off his teammates in the locker room? Maybe he was joking but, in my mind, I could picture very clearly Austin grabbing two of his mates’ cocks, jerking them both at the same time, while himself was handled by a fourth guy, on his knees, licking his balls and jerking his huge dick producing a large amount of precum. I must admit, in that fantasy, this fourth guy was me.

We were about to go bed when I started to get anxious again. I had brought some pyjamas but would that be too nerdy? What is the appropriate outfit to wear when you sleep in the same room as a guy you just met? A nightgown maybe? I smiled to myself.

Austin did not seem bothered at all.

He took off his shirt, sneakers, and socks seconds after coming back to the room, and started brushing his teeth shirtless while checking himself out in the mirror. Should I start by licking the bottom of his feet, directly sucking his toes, or go for the nipples first?

To understand the creepy behavior that I would showcase later on, you have to visualize how much Austin’s chest was insane. Nobody in my high school had a body like that. Austin was not kidding with his football practice and his upper body was the closest thing I had seen to a work of art. He was lean, athletic, and got black hair in all the right places: just around the nipples, right between his v line (oh…. That treasure trail…), and those pits…. I could have drowned in those! The guy was merely impossible to resist.

I had met a lot of hot guys during my first day on campus but no one compared to Austin. I really did get the best one!

See my problem dear reader: how I treated him like a collection object already. I did not “get” anything at all. Just a new way of torturing myself with a straight guy I could never have.

I quickly changed my shirt for a tank top, and changed my jeans for a pair of pyjamas. No nightgown in sight but the perfect virgin look…

On his side, Austin simply through his jeans on his chair and went to bed still wearing his white Calvin Klein underwear. I could not resist to catch a glimpse of his bulge while he was rearranging his bed and damn it, it was actually huge, poking very clearly through the underwear. That confirmed what I saw when we first met: Austin’s dick was way above average. Also, some pee and/or precum stains were still visible right near the head of his cock.

Please Lord, let me clean that up with my tongue. I promise I would do an excellent job.

Austin would sleep in his undies and I would slip in my pyjamas like the uncomfortable nerd I was. Austin did not make any comment though.

We forgot to close the stores of the window and the moonlight was making it possible to have a good view of the room… and of my roommate.

I must have drifted off cause when I looked back at Austin in the middle of the night, he was no longer fully under the covers, and was no longer wearing his while CKs either. Still no nightgown though. He was wearing more ample and longer underwear — probably to give his dick and balls more freedom.

His new pair of underwear, featuring yellow ducks on a sky-blue font, were semi hidden by the blankets. One of his leg and foot were coming out of the covers. All of his being looked delicious. I had to refrain from crawling towards him and start licking his body off. I would have started from his toes and find my way up to his crotch. The room was hot and he was sweating a bit.

Sure, the bulge in the Calvin Klein was nice but the possibility of anything slipping out of the looser underwear was much higher, I was plenty satisfied with this choice of clothing. Although, that meant that I could not sleep at all that night. What if I missed the moment where Austin’s dick would finally be fully visible? I just could not risk it. I had to keep my eyes open.

Austin was sleeping quietly, sometimes snoring a bit. Every time he would make the slightest move, I would stop my breathing hoping that the underwear would position itself in a way that would make me see everything, or at least something, anything… *Pray the Lord I get to see the tip of that monster*

After 40 minutes, maybe an hour, he turned back to sleep on his chest. The underwear did move a bit and his ass, paler than the rest of his body, was almost showing completely, tempting me. I could even see some hair coming from his ass crack at the edge of his underwear.

I somehow drifted back into sleep and when I opened my eyes, just a few hours later, daylight was giving me a much better view of Austin. And what a view!

A full tent had been created in his loose underwear. His morning boner was fucking majestic. Now that I had time to study his anatomy, I was certain that his erected dick was at least 8 inches. Crazy! Austin looked rock hard under his pants. That was not surprising, after all, the guy was not able to cum the day before and obviously, tension had been building up in those balls.

How many dreams did he have about Ashley? Was he currently thinking of fucking her? In the ass maybe? Maybe he was more interested in her wet pussy? Or her mouth… wide open? I would open mine… I would push myself and try to swallow it all, until my nose would touch his pubic hair… I would struggle with such a huge cock… But I would for deep-throat Austin until I choke and cry my eyes out. He deserved that.

I lurked at his underwear merely hiding his huge dick, fully erected, for maybe an hour. I was enjoying every little throb. His right hand sometimes would come near it, sometimes the cover would hide most of the view. At some point, I thought he was about to start jerking off as his hand came dangerously close to go inside his pants but he was still sleeping. At most, he scratched his pubic area a bit… Still, this was more erotic and arousing than any porn I had ever watched. I could see pearls of sweat on his abs and then again, a hard throb, like a dangerous snake alive in his pants. Wow, what the hell was is dreaming about?

I was still deeply staring at his XXL bulge when I heard a horrifying:

“Mornin’ my friend”.

My face got instantly red. I had to learn to play it cool. I pretended to still be half asleep:

“Hi mate… you awake?”

“Yeah well, I guess. We are having a conversation.” He said jokingly.

Ashley was right, Austin was hilarious…

I semi-laughed. Austin was now fully under the covers, except for his arm placed behind his head, making his biceps so fucking big and giving me the perfect view of his armpits. Between the dick and the armpits, it was hard to say what I was craving more. To be honest, I could have settled for every inch of Austin’s body he would have let me have.

“I think I’m gonna take my shower now.” He got up, his tent had disappeared but I could still see some sort of a bulge, even in that ample underwear.

He casually put his hands in his boxer and scratched his balls, looking at me. I was hypnotized. As his hand reached for his balls, I got a full view of his pubic hair.

“Wanna join?”

Wait, did he just invite me to a shower with him?! Sad truth is: I was so hard I could not possibly get up without him noticing.

“Hmmm, I think I’ll still try to sleep some more and go behind you.”

“Behind me! Ahah, you cheeky man!”

Fuck. Why would he say that? He did just make a joke on the fact that I was gay right? Or maybe it was just friendly banter between bros? Did he catch me lurking during the night?

Austin reassembled his towel, took some clothes and head out. I was instantly regretting my persistent looks. Why did I need to be such a perv? Could not I have left a hot straight man alone?! I could still feel my precum in my pyjamas. What a creep. My thirst for Austin was literally licking out of my dick.

Austin went back in the room only a few minutes later, still wet from his shower, fully naked and only wrapped up in his towel:

“Sorry, impossible to change in there, someone was having a shit and two other guys were fighting for a shower room. You mind if I change here?”

I did not mind. AT ALL.

“No, go ahead.”

“Don’t look at my ass you freak”, he smiled.

“Ahah…” I turned around to face the wall, he spoke again and seemed surprised.

“Dude, that’s fine. I mean, I don’t care! You don’t have to actually turn around.”

Was I supposed to actually look at him now? Fuck. What the hell are we supposed to do in this situation?

“No that’s ok, I’ll give you some privacy…. But what you just told about the bathroom makes me not want to go!”

“Well, yeah, it will probably smell like shit but dude, you cannot not shower for your first day of Class!”

I turned around as he was finishing dressing up and putting some deodorant on his pits. Damn, he was so attractive. And he was also right. I needed to shower. I got up and headed to the bathroom myself.

At first, it seemed empty but I heard someone showering in the first stall. The second one had the door removed, but the third stall seemed available. I entered and start pissing in the shower. To this day, the first piss in the shower in the morning is still one of my favorite feelings. There was some precum in the mix, consequences of the night I just had.

I heard the other guy coming out of his stall as I was starting getting hard again, rethinking about Austin’s bulge. I could write a book about that bulge.

Wait… I literally am writing a book dedicated to that bulge!

I needed to have a wank or I could never survive this day.

Still hard, I started to touch my dick slowly. I was now picturing myself sharing the same bed as Austin, kissing his lips, touching his hard cock through his underpants. I started to jerk off more intensely when another guy entered the bathroom and the two students started having a conversation. It stopped my jerking off session, they were talking about their class.

I think that one of them was Henry, the sexy and tall black guy I had met the night before, the other one I could not recognize. They were both changing in front of each other – I could hear them jokes about the size of their respective junks. Apparently, Henry was HUGE.

That year was going to be “hard”, in every sense of the word, for poor closeted Tyler.

The water was getting cold and I needed to get out. I dried myself a bit with my towel in the shower stall and put my boxers on before going out of the stall.

Henry was only wearing a red short, showcasing his muscular and smooth body, almost perfectly shaven, and the other guy was trimming his beard in front of the sink, only wearing a towel. I did not know his name; he was quite fit as well, – not as big as Austin or Henry though — but his towel was so low I could actually see the beginning of his bush as well as his hairy ass crack.

Fuck me. I felt my dick twitching right away.

“Hi dude, first time in the communal showers?” He said in a cocky tone. He was visibly very comfortable with himself.

“Hi guys, Hi Henry… Yeah a lot of first times for me this week.”

“I’m Martin”, said the new guy. He was probably the hairiest guy in campus. He was scratching his ass while talking to me. This was already all too much for my poor virgin self. I knew I needed to escape the situation.

“I’m Tyler… I…. Nice to meet you”. I fought not to stare but those two guys way were too hot. “I’ll go change in my room, see ya!”

I had to flee as I would definitely get hard if I were to look at these guys any longer. Maybe my awkwardness was even more telling than a full hard on to assess my sexual orientation.

While I was going back to room 403, I started to count the number of guys I had seen barely naked or totally naked in the last 24 hours. For a second, my guilty conscience shut up and I started to smile.


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