My first year in College – Chapter 5: Geyser, Shower and Semen

My first year in College – Chapter 5: Geyser, Shower and Semen

I kept my promise and enrolled in the Tennis club of the Campus. People there were all bulkier than me but I was not bad at this and it allowed me to have my own thing going on, apart from my growing obsession for my roommate.

You guessed it, the days went by and my crush for Austin kept on growing stronger. More than once, I could catch a glimpse of his ass, his bulge, or even a part of his dick when he was using the urinal next to mine. And every time, it got me to the edge.

I had arrived at campus for four days and I had still not cummed. The last time I had waited that long must have been when I was sick with the flu, and back then, I was not sharing my room with a hot College student, barely naked most of the time. At this point, I was feeling like I needed to release myself or my balls would literally explode.

Apparently, Austin was feeling the same way.

That night, I heard something moving in the bed next to me. My perv instincts immediately kicked in. Under the covers, Austin was jerking his big dick off. A first for my nightly lurking.

His face was the only thing out of the covers (sadly), his eyes were closed, but from his breathing and movements under the sheets, he was without any doubt caressing himself. I could see his hand, wait no, his two hands (!!) going back and forth under the blankets, more and more intensely.

My dick became instantly hard and even poked out of my own underwear.

For Austin, it must have been days as well… If the amount of cum and tension building up in his balls were, in any way, near mine, he would cum like a fucking geyser and spray the whole room with his semen. Maybe I would be lucky enough to catch it directly into my mouth. I licked my lips.

I guess he was thinking about Ashley. I kept my eyes closed (well, most of the time) but I listened carefully to his breathing, his rhythm… This lasted for about 10 minutes and finally, I heard a very subtle moan and the movement stopped.

A few seconds later, Austin got up from his bed, naked. I was seeing him from the back, noticed the birth marks on his ass as he was picking up some tissues of the floor and fixing himself. His chest must have been covered in cum as he was using multiple tissues. Even from the back, I could see a glimpse of his now soft cock hanging out… That man was hung like a horse and my craving for his juice almost got me to jump at him, right there.

I was not really into recycling and did not care that much about the environment, however, I could not tolerate this waste of perfectly consumable milk.

He put some underwear back on before getting out of the room. I guess he needed to pee or to shower and relax after that much effort.

Clearly, this whole situation got me horny as well and my cock was fully erected the whole time. Already dripping with precum, leaking from my dickhead to my balls.

Only seconds after he got out, I was beating my dick like never before. The jerk off session did not last long though. In less than a minute, a crazy amount of cum had poured out of my cock to wet my entire chest… and my face… and the walls behind me!

Fuck. I simply could not control it.

Well, it had been 4 days and I was aroused almost 24/7 since I arrived on campus! I cleaned that mess with what I could, including eating my own cum out of my hands, – I always liked the taste – and I pretended to sleep when Austin came back.

Thankfully the room was in the dark, otherwise stains of cum would have shown everywhere.

I was certain that this amount of jeez had created a smell in the room and that Austin would notice. But even if he did, he may think it was his own cum… He went back to sleep, unaware of the shared experience we just had and I watched him sleep peacefully before drifting off myself.

The next morning, we went to the bathroom together for the first time.

When we arrived, Ginger Gary was there, fully naked, taking a piss in the urinals.

This sight would be enough to make me hard but thankfully, the release I got a few hours prior made me more able to control my urges.

Gary turned around and faced us, his cut dick in full display. Decent size. Freakishly hot. Gary was not the sexiest or fittest boy of the Campus but I envied his confidence. I also envied his cock. Without any second thought, I would have swallowed it entirely to clean it out, right after that piss he just had.

*Focus Tyler*

“Hi 403 boys! How is it going in this beautiful morning?”

“Put that thing away Gary, I don’t want to puke before breakfast!” Austin joked.

“Come on, we all have seen some dicks around here! I mean, you do have dicks guys, right??” Gary pretended to be seriously concerned. “Should I ask for you to be transferred to the third floor with the other girls?”

Austin did not respond. Well not with his words. Instead, he took off his underwear and proudly showed his cock to Gary.

I definitely was not expecting that.

*Now you REALLY need to focus Tyler because this is happening and you cannot cum your load in front of these guys.*

“Yeap, definitely have one! See!”

I could not see it, Austin was in front of me and I only had views on his muscular butt and the now notorious birth marks. Fuck Gary who had first row on this private show.

“And a big nice one Sir! I am impressed.” Gary laughed. “Tyler, how can you sleep with such a Monster in your room?! Must be dangerous!”

Austin pulled back his pants. I remained silent as I did not know how to react. I was too focused on keeping my dick soft. The guys did not push me, they were nice enough to understand that I would not be comfortable to pull out the same trick or discuss Austin’s genitals.

Gary went back to washing himself up but we still had one problem to solve: shower 1 was occupied meaning that either Austin or I would have to use door-less shower 2.

Austin told me:

“Take the one with the door Ty, I’m happy to show off a bit more. Gary needs to learn what a real man’s dick look like.”

“Well, have fun guys! I’ll take the thirst stall, hmmm,” I freezed. “I mean, I’ll take the third stall!” They laughed. I laughed too.

*Sure, Tyler, everything is fine, no one is noticing that you are incredibly aroused and thirsty right now… maybe just stop actually saying the word “thirst”!!*

Gary walked up towards the sinks and started to dry himself up, focusing on his ass, almost spreading his cheeks. Or maybe it was just my lust talking? I swore I could have seen his open pink asshole. I started to get hard and jumped into the third stall. At the same moment, I heard Austin in the shower next to mine, turning the water on.

I was fully hard now. Picturing him besides me. I could not resist touching myself… again. Did my balls have more semen to release after last night? I was imagining my perfect man, fully naked, exposing himself proudly to the whole room, just behind that wall between us…

But I could do more than picturing him.

If I got out of the shower before him, I could finally see him, completely naked. The mirrors above the sinks allowed us to see in the second stall from a certain angle. Should I try? The show offered to Gary would be now performed for me too. One part of my brain was screaming at me to calm down, to respect my friend’s privacy, the other part of my brain, the one that seemed to always win, was telling me all about Austin’s wet and soapy body…

I had to try to see more.

I came out of the shower wearing just my towel for once and looked quickly at my right, I very briefly saw that he was still showering but focused on my goal: the mirrors. I could not look at him directly. I was horny but I needed to be careful, I could not ruin this by being too obvious. Once in front of the mirrors, I took a good look in the perfect angle and finally I saw…


The hairy guy, showering in the second stall, completely naked, fully exposing his fat uncut dick and his bush, actually putting some soap on his balls the moment when I started looking.

Then, something else caught my eye in the mirror, Austin was actually right behind me, wrapped in his towel, drying off near the urinals. Fuck, he definitely caught me looking at Martin’s reflection.

Austin came near me to brush his teeth, still in his towel. I did the same. Martin was kind of humming in his shower and another guy entered to use the toilets. I had to do something to divert Austin’s attention from my constant staring but I was, once again, totally paralyzed. I mumbled something about the fact that the weather was still very nice… It was pathetic, Austin did not respond.

At least, I was no longer hard.

Martin came out of the shower, walked towards us, his soft but large dick bouncing around. Why all the men in the fourth floor had to be so hot?!

“You are going to the party tonight?”

“Yes definitely.” Said Austin while he was spitting his tooth paste in the sink.

“I’m not surprised”, Martin said, “Ashley will be there!” He winked.

“And Janice too”, Austin said to my attention.

“I feel like every single student will be there” I deflected. “But yeah, I’ll definitely be there too!”


The conversation did not stop there but I could not listen anymore as Austin, right beside me, took off his towel to change into his underwear. Martin was still fully naked on my left, but Austin was also now in the nude on my right.

If there is a paradise, I am convinced that the first thing you see there is Austin taking off his towel to show off his semi wet body, just a few inches away from you.

Right there, just next to my right hand, I could finally have a full and clear view of his big, long, meaty, uncut cock. It was the most stunning thing I had ever seen in my life.

I have dated my fair share of guys since my freshman year in College but no dick has ever compared to Austin’s tool.

If I could have become his slave, his sexual toy, his thing, right there, at that moment, I would have. If he had asked me to kill someone, to shave my head, to burn my skin, I would have, just to keep this sight last a few seconds longer. His balls were hairy but we could see that he was trimming them a bit (just not lately) and his uncut dick was one that we usually only see in Porn. Hard, this penis would certainly destroy you.

It was almost abnormal to see such a big piece of meat on a white guy, Austin passed his towel on his cock to dry it off. The snake moves with the towel. He took his time, rubbed the towel on his balls. The show was flawless. 5 stars out of 5. It was so fucking inviting. Was it a semi? Could a soft dick be THAT big?

He put some underwear on. I was barely managing to hide my hard on, I pressed myself against the sink.

Please, let’s all give Austin a round of applause for this outstanding performance. The show was worth the wait.




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