My first year in College – Chapter 6: Professor Fletcher and Mr Finnigan

My first year in College – Chapter 6: Professor Fletcher and Mr Finnigan.

The next Friday stood up in my memory as it was the day I first met Professor Fletcher and Tobias Finnigan.

I was introduced to the former when I attended my first “Introduction to Constitutional Laws” class.

I first saw him from behind and I immediately noticed his muscular features and his big ass, perfectly squeezed in some fancy black tailor-made pants. “Daddy Fletcher” was wearing a Ralph Lauren white shirt, and when he turned around, his nipples were visible through the fabric. What kind of College professor had these kind of pecs? The good kind, if you want my opinion.

He had a trimmed black beard and was wearing glasses. You could tell he was the type of man who liked to take care of himself and dress nicely. From his feet (huge by the way) to his hair, he looked sharp during that first day of class and during all the classes which came afterwards.

He must have been around 40 at the time of this story: old enough to be your Daddy, but young enough to fuck you hard on a kitchen counter. If you begged politely.

I took place in one of the first rows to get a better view… And I am not talking about the board.

In my defense, I was not the only one fascinating by his ass as I overheard some girls behind me giggling about Professor Fletcher’s buttocks.

Those dumb girls. Joking around but certainly not capable of pleasuring this man. As if they would have properly rimmed him. Tongue deep inside his asshole. Inhaling his manly scents. Eating him out. I know I would have… And spoiler alert… I actually did! But more on that later.

That evening, all the cool people in Campus were preparing for the first big party of the year. Obviously, Austin had been invited and I was basically able to go as his +1.

The event was organized by the most popular frat house of CreepSide College, they were called “the ALPHAS”.

Subtle, I know.

The entire football team was part of it and other guys, deemed “alpha” enough, had been authorized to join. As if they could not be more cliché, the captain of the football team, Tobias Finnigan, was the leader of the Fraternity.

The party was happening in a big house a 20 minutes ride away from Campus. The house offered some large rooms to party in as well as some more intimate spaces to, let’s say, get to know each other on a deeper level. The place also had a pool and we were all strongly invited to bring our swimsuits. We were also promised a lot of alcohols and a DJ.

I was as petrified as excited to get there.

We went as a group with Austin, Ashley and Janice. Janice would drive us as she did not intend to drink. Austin and Ashley definitely were. We ended up also taking Martin with us (this time, he actually had some clothes on) as we were all departing from Building C.

Henry was part of the Football team and duly invited but he had to see his parents this weekend. Gary was not invited but did not seem to care.

As soon as we arrived at the event, I could feel some tension and excitement in the air. Everyone was trying to act cool but among the freshmen, every student seemed to be waiting for a signal to get wild.

Austin did not seem to bother and immediately took a beer as he went towards a Latino guy that he recognized from football try out. He introduced us to Luis but as the conversation progressed, all I could feel was deep social anxiety. Ten minutes later, I was excluded from an intense football discussion that Martin, Austin, and two other guys were now having while Janice and Ashley were chatting among themselves.

Why could not I enjoy these types of festivities? Everyone else seemed to have a great time but I was constantly afraid of doing something wrong…

I went to get some beers in the kitchen, trying to relax for a few minutes. I was feeling a bit better. As the place was getting crowded, I could not find back Austin and the rest of the group. Although, I did see half of the football team running around in swimsuits, getting outside to jump in the pool.

I followed them. Probably my gay instinct was screaming at me to “go after the naked fit guys!”.

At least ten of the frat guys were already in the pool, getting their muscular bodies wet and showing off to the rest of the party. A different group was having drinks nearby, and two of the men were actually holding hands. Ok, the “gays” were there too. My life would have been so much easier if I just walked towards them and said “hey guys, I’m a raging homosexual myself and I’m looking for friends… or for hook-ups… anyone interested”?

Sadly, I was not there in my life.

At least, not yet.

I just stood alone near the pool, drinking my beer, while watching a flow of people jumping in: some completely dressed, some in swimsuits or underwear, one Asian guy in his birthday suit. Really cute and well endowed, I would keep an eye on him.

The ALPHAS may have a cliché name but they were definitely living up to it. Those guys seemed obsessed with the size of their muscles, the number of drinks they could have in one go, and the number of girls they could fuck in one night. They spoke loudly, and every occasion was good enough to remove their clothes off and talk about the size of their dicks. Not that I am complaining as I was definitely appreciating the show. All the flexing, slapping around, pretending to kiss or to suck each other dicks. Most of the times, they seemed gayer than the two guys who were actually dating.

And it was only 10pm… I was wondering what would happen at 2 am when all of those guys would be intoxicated enough. I felt my dick reacting to that pleasing thought in my pants. I let my dick get hard as my pants would mostly cover my erection.

My evening took a turn when some drunk guy, very tall and very thin, pushed me inadvertently and made me spill my beer, snapping me back to reality.

“Sor… sorry” he said, visibly completely drunk. “Do you…. You… Moo… You…” He was trying to speak but his face was going from white to purple to green as he was staggering. He did not end his sentence; however, he did manage to puke on my t-shirt.


Everyone around got a good laugh and I tried to play it cool. My t-shirt had a gross stain but the smell of vomit was the worst of it all… I had no choice but to take it off. Not such a great feeling when you are surrounding by athletic guys flexing their biceps and showing off.

Back inside the house, I looked for a bathroom to wash myself but as I was wandering shirtless, the looks became more insistent and the situation became even more unpleasant. Thankfully, I ended up on Austin who was chatting with some guys I had never met before.

“Bro, what the fuck?” Austin seemed genuinely concerned. At this point, I was on the edge of tearing up.

“Someone threw up…. On me…” The group he was chatting with laughed at my comment, but Austin did not.

“Oh fuck… Well, that sort of things happens…”

“Yeah… to me…” I replied. Annoyed.

A girl shouted: “Dude, trash this shirt off, and preferably outside, you are going to make everyone flee this place!”. She pinched her nose at the end of the sentence.

I hated her but she was right. This was utterly embarrassing.

“Yeah… I was about to leave so…”

Austin, as always, reacted smoothly. He first told me not to move, then removed his own t-shirt and give it to me: “take it.” He ordered.

Damn, he always looked so good without a shirt on. With the golden lights of the room, his chest looked like it was shining. Woof. Despite of the dirty thoughts that were coming in my head, I said: “Austin, keep your shirt man…”

A gay guy screamed from afar “He is well better without!” Everybody was looking at us now and most of the people started laughing, some of them applauding Austin for the strip tease.

“I was going to jump in the pool anyway!” said Austin. “Who’s with me??” and just like that, he ran off and jumped into the pool still wearing his jeans and shoes, followed by at least 7 other students.

Don’t get me wrong dear ready, I fully realize that my obsession for Austin was unhealthy, but how could I not get obsessed with him? The whole school was slowly but surely falling in love with this man.

I did get out of the house and threw my shirt in the trash outside, putting Austin’s on me. I could smell his odor on my chest and to be honest, I was very close to lick the sweat prints on the fabric. The smell was not as strong as it was on his used underwear, but still, it was getting me horny.

It took me some courage to go back in but I joined Ashley and Janice who were admiring the boys in the now crowded pool, goofing around.

Janice turned towards me.

“Oh, here you are Ty! Look what they did to the guy who puked on you.”

I looked around and the drunk boy was now completely naked, passed out in a lounging chair, with some words written in marker on his skinny chest: “warning, puker!”. His soft uncut dick, just like his body, long and thin, resting on his right thigh.

“Well, is he dead? I mean, he just threw up on me and humiliated me in front of everyone, so, fuck him…”

“Humiliated you? He humiliated himself!” said Ashley, “Relax Ty, nobody cares that you smell like vomit now!” She laughed.

I did not.

“Come on”, said Janice “It will be a big deal only if you make it a big deal!”

She was right.

As we were chatting a bit more, we heard some agitation coming from inside the house. We soon figured out what was happening. The King of the evening and probably the King of Creepside, Tobias Finnigan, had joined the fun, a bottle of vodka in his hand, wearing nothing but a flashy red speedo. His bulge was so unrealistically big, I wondered if he put a sock in it. He did not, I would find out later that Tobias was nicknamed Elephant Man by his teammates, and that it had nothing to do with the size of his ears…

Everyone was instantly drawn to Tobias. He was the fittest boy there, his well-defined muscles as well as his entire body were perfectly shaved and smooth, he had a nipple ring but he also had a weird hairstyle with a crest, which made him look like a has-been rockstar. His face was not even that good looking, or at least, traditionally good looking, he had a large nose and some acne. Despite all of that, the guy was a God.

Walking around in his speedo, spanking his mates’ ass as he was making his way through, flexing his muscles to make the girl react, and showing off his butt — going as far as spreading his ass cheeks for some laughs, I got a great view at his beautiful pink and just slightly hairy asshole – Tobias Finnigan owned the room and he knew that.

He drank some vodka right from the bottle, asked everyone to step aside and jumped in the pool. Nobody would dare to challenge the status of this man.

I was blown away.

I caught Austin’s looks and it was like if he had met his new role-model. Just like me and everyone else, he could not stop staring at Tobias.

I drank another beer but I rapidly felt a bit dizzy. I was not used to drink much and went back inside; I looked for a bathroom, losing my way in the second floor. I was wondering if I was the one smelling bad or if the whole house was now reeking with alcohol fumes and young people’s sweats when I heard a girl screaming.

Still a bit drunk, I was unsure and I kept on walking. The sound came again, this time, from a door next to me. I opened, just to make sure everything was ok.

A girl was indeed screaming.

Of pleasure.

I could not tell the exact number but at least 7 or 8 persons were in the bedroom. Fucking. Sucking. Licking. Masturbating. Some of them looked at me in the doorway, others did not seem to notice me. I was so shocked, just like when I caught Austin jerking off the first day, I could not gather my thoughts.

The alcohol was not helping and there was just too much to see.

4 or 5 guys and 2 girls, this is what I can remember. Legs and ass everywhere, one girl was sucking two guys at the same time, the other girl was getting fucked by the rest of the boys, at least a double penetration was involved. Was she sucking a dick while getting fucked? The room was dark I could not see well.

After a few seconds, stunned, I heard a familiar voice: Martin.

He was there, fully naked of course, getting his big hairy dick sucked by a black girl. Martin was standing right next to the Latino guy Austin introduced us to earlier. Actually, Martin’s arm and hand were placed around that guy’s shoulder, their respective chests were practically touching each other. They were both hairy and sweating a lot.

Luis was waiting for his turn, hard as well, while Martin was getting deep-throated by the undisturbed black girl. She was very committed to her task and was caressing Luis’ balls at the same time.

Martin abruptly said, while pushing the girl’s head further on his hard cock – she was gagging but she was not giving up -: “Look man, either you shut the door or you join the fun!”

I took a step back and shut the door.

Another stupid move from my part! My brother told me to experiment, this was my chance! I just got invited to an orgy.

I spent some long minutes in the corridor, listening to the sounds coming from the bedroom (or rather the sex room) trying to process things. I had no idea how to react to any of that but one thing was for sure: Martin’s dick looked fucking juicy when it was hard!

Should I return to offer myself to him? I had never sucked a dick before but I’m sure this girl could teach me one thing or two… What the hell, I knew I could do a better job than her, taking the two dicks at the same time in my throat… I would have let the other guys fuck me too! I mean, there were more men than women in that room… Although, besides some incidental touching, not a single guy was licking, sucking, or fucking another guy.

After a while, I found my way downstairs and ended up on Janice who was biting her nails.

“Do you know where Ashley, Austin and Martin are?”

Without thinking I said: “Martin is fucking some girl on the second floor.”

Janice was taken aback. “Oh well… Look I’m a bit tired of this… I’m going back to campus, are you coming with me?”

“And the others, how will they…” She did not let me finish.

“Look, they will find their way back. Pretty much everyone here lives on campus and Uber exists… or they’ll walk! I’m not their mother.”

Something must have happened… I had never seen Janice being this annoyed. It is not surprising though. From my experience, a party can end up in only two ways: some people end up fucking, some others end up miserable, and sometimes it can be both of these things.

I was not feeling so well myself and decided to go back with Janice.

On the way back, she said:

“You’re not interested in me Tyler?” She did not look at me as she was driving.

“No… Not really Janice.”

Clearly, this evening was not getting any better and she did not reply.

We returned to building C. She took the stairs to the second floor and I took the elevators. I was still wearing Austin sweaty shirt. At least, I had that. I could jerk off while sniffing it in my room.

I went back to 403, opened the door, and for the second time in one hour, I stumbled on people having sex… And pretty rough sex!

This time, I was welcomed by Austin’s muscular ass and notorious birthmarks as he was fucking Ashley doggystyle on the floor. She was moaning. He turned his face towards me, his hard dick still deep inside Ashley’s asshole, he body was wet with sweat or maybe it was juice from Ashley’s pussy: “Oh…”

Instantly blushing, I shouted: “sorry Guys! I’ll come back later”.

I shut the door as I could not believe this was happening… again! Although, this time, it was not exciting at all. I was just feeling intense jealousy. When will I get to be part of the action and not merely a spectator?

Austin found me half an hour later in the kitchen of the first floor. I was eating some leftover pancakes. He was wearing some shorts and a tank top.

“Sorry about that bro.”

I did not respond.

“The room is now clear.” He smiled.

I was pissed off but did not want him to know.

“Ok”. I said.

Back in the room, Austin tried to reengage the conversation.

“Well, I’d say this was a pretty good night!” He tried to lighten the mood. “Man, the whole party was insane!” He probably wanted me to ask him more details about how he ended up fucking Ashley in the ass but I did not want to know anything more about this.

I took my — well, his, – shirt off and gave it back to him.

“Here. Thanks for your shirt. You can take it back now.”

“Ok…” Austin looked confused. “Bro, don’t be like this. Next time, I’ll put a sock on the door. And when it is your turn, we’ll do the same.” Again, he was trying to be conciliatory. He seemed surprised that I was this bothered.

“It will never be my turn.”

“What are you saying Ty?” I should not have said that. We were moving in a very dangerous and intimate territory.

“Nothing, good night, Austin”.

I lied down in my bed, still wearing my jeans. Austin did not respond but I could sense he was starting to get annoyed by my behavior too. I could not blame him.

He was always patient and nice to me, always making sure I would feel comfortable. He was including me in his group of friends, introducing me to girls, respected my privacy… And I was just acting like an asshole, resenting him for not liking me the way I would like him to, or resenting myself for not being like him.

“Good night, Ty” he said.


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