Mr. Black And Ivory by Ivorycd

A gay adult story: Mr. Black And Ivory by Ivorycd ,


Mr. Black & Ivory : Intro

This is the story of a young whiteboi and his older black daddy. A story of love, friendship and a deep dark lust.

A little about me: Ever since i was younger I had loved both the male and female body. Beautiful faces, lickable tits, sexy hips, dicks and everything else! I was a short teen(5’2 155lbs, thick apple ass with large hips and a tiny smooth undefined upper body, dirty blonde short hair and I always liked to keep my body shaved) growing up in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s I was used to having computers, internet, and all the porn my teenage body could handle.

I was a very pale white 17yr old boy about to turn 18, and I had always enjoyed chatting online with people from wherever, about whatever, usually just casual chats about life, love, and how things were going in general. I also had just discovered my fetish of wearing panties and women’s clothes. I had started my own collection of panties that I would wear as I would dress up, watch porn, and talk to strangers.

Since I was a teen I would frequent multiple chatrooms, straight, bi, and sometimes gay under the name, “Ivory cd.” Late one evening I was on one of the bi chat rooms I would frequent, when I recieved an incoming messag from a man named “Mr. Black.” He started the conversation with a, “Hey gurl, how’r you doing? Huge fan of white cd’s here, asl?”. I responded,”I’m good, just chatting, how’r you? 17 almost 18yo,m(like to cd), nyc.

How about you?”, I asked. He told me he was a 42 year old, single black male, also from ny as well. He asked what brought a kid like me to a chat room, I told him how I enjoyed talking to people, and he agreed as we embarked on a night long session of learning a bit about each other. We had talked about my failed high school love life, and my love of porn. We talked about his work, nerdy hobbies, and his love life as well.

After we had talked all about talked life, love and responsibilities, we began talking about porn, crossdressers, trans, women, and men. After chatting with each other for hours, learning secrets, and sharing our inner most fantasies. We had begun to probe into how much we like traps and crossdressers and he was of course thrilled when I told him how I enjoyed dressing in all sorts of outfits.

He expressed how much he loved a big white ass in panties and we laughed.The topic eventually got on to if we wanted to meet up sometime. It happened to be perfect timing for my my birthday was comig up the next weekend, and if he wanted to meet me at a club to celebrate, meet, and party. Although I was just turning 18 he suggested we go to a club and dance .I agreed because one thing about me is, I LOVE TO DANCE!!!!

So we continued taking throughout the night, since neither of us had to work in the morning or the next day. He asked how long I had been dressing, and I replied, “About a year, ex-gf left a bunch of panties over, and I tried some on one day and loved how they felt.” He told me about before the wife he would frequent clubs and bars and fuck all the cute sissies. He seemed, to have a story for everything!

Hardcore, interracial, bdsm, anal, bi, gay, orgies, and more! And sometimes mixtures of multiple!! I was amazed by some of his stories, and he had a way with him that turned me on as he chatted me up. He asked if I was a virgin and I told him I had done it with some girlfriend’s, but never with guys; although there had been some playful night’s with friends from high school, but was all jerking and blowing. After talking for sometime about his fetishes, mainly including white ass, big booty, crossdressers, tranny’s and pretty much everything! lol! After talking about his fetishes for some time he eventually asked me,”How long have you liked the black cock?.”

I sat back in my chair as I was baffled, I had actually never given race a thought when it cam to sexuality, but I was intrigued by question, and told him, “Idk, never thought that black cock was different from others.” He told me,”LOL, go search some porn videos on black cock and you’ll get turned on boi ,” he said as i could imagine him laughing as typing. He told me to take a few minutes to search bbc videos on some porn sites and get back to him. I instantly went searching and cam across a video of a fat assed white sexy, curvy beautiful milf, and a huge hung sexy black stud. I loved the fat ass of the milf,as she bent over and shook her ass for the camera, and all of a sudden there it was, a fat black cock, larger than anything I had ever seen, easily 5x my tiny white teen cock. While watching the milf and the bbc play around I realized I was fully aroused and super turned on!

I messaged Mr. Black back with my observations, and my self-hatred as I told him how sexy and hot big black cocks looked, and that he was right about them being larger. He laughed and of course teased me about how black cock was bigger than my white cock, but then he asked if I wanted to trade some pics and see eachother more. I said sure, and within minutes he sent multiple pictures of him, his abs, his sexy body and his gordeous fat black cock!

More turned on than I had ever been, I instantly began the process of showering, shaving, and dressing up cute to take pics.I opened up my secret girly clothes drawer and got a pair of white panties, fishnets, and a few other goodies. I sent him some sets of me in a cute slutty cheerleading halloween dress, red and white, with white panties underneath ,and another of me in fishnet body stockings exposing my white ass and pink boipussy for him. After they were sent he replied in seconds with more pictures of him stroking his fat cock, and telling me how he loves the shape and look of my phat white ass. I was overwhelmed and flattered, feeling better than I ever had talking to this random older stranger online.

We had chatted all night and by the afternoon, we were both about to pass out and fall asleep. We made plans to talk that night and throughout the week, and especially Friday! A.K.A my Birthday! We said or goodbyes on chat and continued casually texting throughout the week, mostly talking about how sexy we found one another, and he of course teased me about being curious for his cock! Sending pics all throughout the day, asking what I wanted to do with it, and attempting to turn me on; and it would work of course!

The week had progressed as expected: I had taken more pictures of my pale white body in sexy panties and sissy clothes, and in turn he showed me more of his big black cock and hard massive sexy body. He had instructed me to watch some “sissy hypno” videos. So I obeyed, and watched, oddly turned on by the racial undertones and rough hardcore sex. Initially I thought they were dumb, but as the days went by and I browsed more I found myself being turned on by the little things. Such as the videos talking about sexy alpha men, usually black men, sissy white boys, and beautiful curvy women, but as it all progressed all I could think about was Mr. Blacks hard body and his monster fat black cock! The week went on slowly as all I could think about was Mr. Black.


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