Beach Photography

Incest gay stories: Beach Photography. Author: JusJus. Two brothers decide to take photos of each other in their Speedos. But the younger brother has something else on his mind… his brother’s huge cock. Ben looked over to his older brother who was already half naked. It had been Sam’s idea to go to the beach, to go swimming and sunbathing and all the things that a family did. The story is including of Fiction, Blowjob, Boy / Boy, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Incest, Teen, Virginity, Young theme.

Incest gay stories: Beach Photography

Author: JusJus

Sam tore off his shoes and jeans, he already had his swimming trunks on underneath. The bright red material clung tightly to his golden skin outlining his oversized cock and balls. Ben gulped as he starred at the huge outline of his brother’s cock. He wished he could see it, touch it, suck-

“Hey, you coming?” Sam’s voice shook Ben out of his daydream, he looked up and saw Sam looking intensely at him.

Ben nodded his head quickly and turned away to undress. Why hadn’t he thought of putting his swimming trunks underneath his jeans? Sam was going to see him totally naked now. The idea made his penis twitch. Please don’t get a boner, not now. He pulled his shirt over his head, nervously looking around the beach but they were alone. It was as if they were at their own private beach for the day. “Come on bro, hurry up.”

Ben looked back at his brother, “don’t look then.” He got his trunks ready and laid them on the floor, then quickly pulled his jeans and boxers down, stepped out of them. He felt his brother’s eyes on his back, his butt. Ben swallowed hard as he shakily gripped his trunks, a pair of dark blue Speedos. Then he stepped into the legs and pulled them up, and snapped the waistband tight around his hips. The trunks squeezed at his package as he felt his cock start semi-harden.

He bent over and heard a slight groan from behind him. He turned his head quickly, catching his brother starring at him before Sam averted his gaze. Ben quickly gathered up his clothes and used them to cover his now fully erect cock.

“Hey mum,” Sam said, “is it all right if we take the camera and take some pictures? You know, of the sea.”

“Oh, of course, darling,” she passed him the camera.

Sam waved for Ben to follow him, “come on.”

They made it to a secluded cove, with rocks all around them they were not going to be seen by people walking by.

“So what do you want to take pictures of?” Ben asked, trying not to look directly at his brother’s tight trunks.

Sam just turned the camera on and started clicking away, the rocks, the sky, the sea which was now retreating. Then he turned the camera on Ben, “come on bro, be a model for me.”

Ben gulped, “a model, what kind of a model?”

“Just strike a pose,” Sam showed him, putting one arm behind his head and thrusting his hips forwards. As he did so the front of Sam’s trunks pulled away from his body and the tip of his cock poked over the top. Ben’s eyes widened as he starred at the head of his brother’s cock. He licked his lips. Then he repeated the pose, keeping his eyes firmly on the peeping tip. Sam hadn’t noticed yet or hadn’t shown that he cared about it. Ben felt his erect penis pressing his tight trunks into a tent that was now clearly visible.

He saw his brother lick his lips, then take a picture.

“How about lying down?” Sam suggested, “on your front?”

Ben got to his knees and then on his stomach. He could feel his penis straining against his trunks so he pressed it hard into the hard ground.

Sam took some more photos and then told Ben to turn over. Ben did so, looking down at the huge tent in his trunks.

Ben heard his brother let out a soft moan. Snap went the camera. Snap, snap, snap.

“Hey, can I take some pictures of you?”

Sam handed Ben the camera, “sure, how do you want me?”

I can make him do whatever I want, thought Ben.

“Erm, how about on your knees?”

“Sure,” Sam got down on his knees, and finally saw the tip of his cock sticking out the waistband of his Speedos. “Oh,” he said, tucking it back in, but not before Ben had taken a picture of it.

“Did you just take a photo of my cock?”

Ben gulped, and then slowly nodded.

Sam’s eyes glared at Ben. And then, they closed. And he leaned his body back, pushing his crotch towards Ben. “Is that good enough for you?”

“Y-yeah, thanks.” Ben started to take picture after picture of Sam thrusting his crotch and huge tented Speedos at him, his muscular chest, smooth-shaved golden legs and shaped pecks and six-pack.

Sam put his thumbs inside the waistband of his Speedos and easing them an inch down his thick thighs. Ben’s eyes widened even more, but he never stopped taking photos.

Down and down they came down his thighs, until Ben could see the base of Sam’s huge penis being pulled down. And then it came free and sprung up, smacking against Sam’s stomach. Ben drank in the size and thickness of his brother’s cock. At least eight inches in length and thicker than he could possibly wrap his hand around, if his even tried to.

“Well,” Sam said, “are you going to take pictures…?” Ben realised he had been stood motionless, staring at his brother’s powerful cock.

Ben nodded, but Sam continued, “or do you wanna touch it?”

Ben’s mouth literally dropped open.

“Come here,” Sam whispered.

Ben ran over to Sam and knelt in front of him, eyes still on the throbbing, veiny shaft of Sam’s cock. He licked his lips again, then looked up. Their eyes met, Sam nodded.

His hand shaking, Ben gently reached out and touched the tip of Sam’s cock. It twitched as he touched it and Ben pulled back.

Sam let out a little moan, “more.”

Ben wrapped his hand around it, his small fingers reaching just over half way around. Sam let out a breath and closed his eyes. “Stroke me,” he said.
Ben gently pulled down on Sam’s cock, and then pushed back up. Again Sam moaned, this one louder then ever. “Oh, Ben.”

Ben’s small hand around his cock felt incredible. The soft hands gently squeezing his thick meat made a tingle flow down Sam’s spine. “Oh, yeah. Faster…”
Ben stroked him faster, using quick and short pumps. Then he pulled down further, all the way to the base of Sam’s cock, making Sam double forwards and groan into Ben’s ear. Up and down, Ben stroked his whole huge length, listening to the moans of pleasure escaping from Sam’s lips. His luscious lips. Sam licked his lips again with his wet, slippery tongue. Ben leaned forwards and licked Sam’s cock, from the base to the tip.

“Oh God, Ben!”

And then Ben plunged his mouth over the tip of Sam’s cock. The width of Sam’s cock forced his mouth as wide as he could make it. The salty taste filled his mouth as he pulled off and swallowed the taste, his brother’s taste.

Ben looked up again, Sam looked back, “don’t stop.”

And with that Ben planted his lips back over the top of Sam’s cock and sucked. He pushed himself further down the cock trying to get as much of it in as possible. His desire trumped his need to survive. As Sam’s cock passed the back of his throat he suddenly felt himself choking for air. Instinctively he took a breath through his nose and found he could breath fine. Taking a few more deep breaths he pushed Sam’s cock deeper and deeper.

Sam could not believe how deep his brother was going but the feeling was unbelievable. He felt his younger brother’s throat squeezing on his cock. His brother’s mouth was so tight, and the pressure. Sam groaned loudly, “Ben!”

Suddenly he could stand the slow pace Ben was taking, and he grabbed the sides of his brother’s head. He forced his brother deeper onto his cock, until his huge balls were touching Ben’s chin. The bend of his penis down Ben’s throat was the best feeling he had ever felt, the warmth flooded his body. Pulling Ben’s head up he forced him back down on his cock, all the way down. He felt his ball slap against Ben’s chin. Over and over, while Sam starred manically into his younger brother’s watering eyes. Ben glugged and gulped, then choked and hacked as his airway was invaded, Sam’s monster cock stretching his throat wide.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!” Sam moaned as he slammed his balls into Ben’s chin over and over. “Suck it deep. Oh!” He felt the pressure in his balls rising and then he felt Ben’s throat close even tighter around his cock.

He was going to cum if he didn’t pull out, so he yanked his cock free of Ben’s mouth and felt it slap up against his stomach, coated in pre-cum and saliva. “I’m going to cum, soon,” he said as he looked at the mess of Ben’s face. Ben’s eyes were watering, tears streaked his cheeks and saliva and pre-cum dripped from the corners of his mouth.

“I think I jizzed in my trunks,” Ben said, breathing hard. He pulled the waistband of his Speedos down revealing his still erect penis which was now covered in white cum. “That felt so good, please don’t stop.”

“You sure?”

Ben nodded, “I can breath better now, so go faster and harder.”

Sam’s cock was throbbing hard as Ben placed his lips back over Sam’s cock. Just that made Sam pant with pleasure, his tip now delicate to the touch. Then Sam grabbed the back of Ben’s head, locking his fingers through his hair and yanked him down onto his cock. Harder and harder, all the way down. Ben’s nose against his stomach, Sam’s balls now slapping hard against Ben’s chin. Sam felt Ben squeezing his cock even more then before.

“Oh yeah, Ben. Oh, suck it. Suck me! Oh yeah!” Sam felt the heat rising from his balls, the overwhelming pleasure as the wave of orgasm hit him. Sam pulled Ben’s head down to the base of his cock and held him there as his cock spurted thick, white globs of cum straight down his throat. Four, five, six spurts. “Oh, Ben…” Sam shuddered with pleasure and his eyes closed. His cock continued to throb inside his brother’s tight throat, still squeezing his cock. Another four big squirts of his cum went down Ben’s throat.

Then he released Ben’s head from his tight grip and slowly pulled his cock from Ben’s mouth. Ben swallowed the last of Sam’s cum, drinking down his thick, creamy prize and looked back up to meet his brother’s gaze.

“When we get home,” he said, “I want to do that again. But this time, I want you to cum in my ass.”

And with that, Ben licked his salty tasting lips and took another look at his brother’s cock which was now growing limp. He hoped that today would be the first of many times that he saw his brother’s cock. He had a lot more he wanted to do.

Thanks for reading my first story on here. Please feel free to leave comments for improvement or thoughts. Hope you enjoyed, and you soon may get to see what happens when Ben and Sam get back home.


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