Learning to Suck – Chapter 2: Sean Shares My Mouth with a Friend by putmeonmyknees

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.

Learning to Suck – Chapter 2: Sean Shares My Mouth with a Friend by putmeonmyknees

The next day at breakfast in the cafeteria I was carrying my food tray looking for a place to sit down when I caught a glimpse of Sean at one of the tables, talking to several other football players. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but Sean was jerking his hand in front of his face and pushing his tongue to the side of his cheeks in the universal blowjob signal. His buddies all laughed and then looked over at me as I walked by their table. They were all smirking when they saw me. I quickly turned and headed to the opposite side of the cafeteria, not knowing what they were saying about me and I was afraid to make eye contact or acknowledge any of them, especially Sean.

I kept my head down the entire day, afraid that everyone somehow knew what I had let Sean do to me the night before and scared that everyone would see me as some vile submissive cocksucker who would let anyone use my mouth.

When I finished my last class and was heading back to my dormitory, I saw Sean sitting on a bench in front of the entrance to my building.

When he saw me he said, “Hey Jay, I’ve been waiting for you. I want you to meet a friend of mine tonight. I’ll pick you up at 9:00 pm in front of your dorm. Be there or you and I are done.” He smirked and walked off without my being able to reply.

I was dumbstruck. “What am I getting myself into?” I thought.

I ate dinner and showered, and then got ready for whatever was in store for me. I thought about what Sean had told me about meeting his friend and I had butterflies in my stomach. What would I have to do for his friend? Were they both going to use me the way Sean had the night before? I was a bit scared, but at the same time couldn’t help feeling turned on by what would happen that night.

While doing homework waiting for 9:00 to arrive, I couldn’t concentrate and my heart was racing. I went downstairs and waited in front of my dorm for Sean to arrive.

He pulled up to the front of my building and rolled his window down. “Get in. We’re going to my friend Mike’s house for some fun. Mike’s roommates are out tonight so we have the whole place to ourselves.”

I got in Sean’s car.

I said “Look Sean, I did what you asked. I sucked your cock and swallowed all your semen. I’m happy to keep doing that for you. Can we just leave it at that? I’m not ready to do that with another guy.”

Sean turned his head and said “No. You need to do a lot more or I stop feeding you my cock. I want my buddy to use your mouth the way I have been doing. What is it going to be Jay?”

“Wha…what do you want me to do for your friend?” I stammered.

“Not just my friend. You’ll be taking care of both of us tonight. We still have more things to teach you. You will do as we say, is that clear?”

“Yes, Sean, I understand.” I was silent the rest of the way. I knew if I wanted the pleasure of sucking Sean’s cock regularly, I’d have to do what he wanted me to do for his friend. Inside I was nervous but somewhat thrilled I would be sucking two cocks.

We drove downtown to an area where most of the houses were rented to college students. At the end of one street we pulled up to a small two-story brick townhouse and Sean pulled in the driveway.

“Okay bitch, follow me and I’ll introduce you to my buddy,” Sean announced as we got out of the car.

I followed him up the steps to the front door, and Sean rang the doorbell. After a minute or so, the door opened and standing there was another football player. He was big and beefy with a brown crew cut. I think he was one of the lineman on the football team. I recognized him from the locker room, but didn’t know his name.

Sean stepped in and said to me “Bitch, this is my buddy. Mike. You are going to take care of him the way you’ve been taking care of me. I want you to do exactly what he tells you to do. Got it?”

Mike looked me up and down and smiled, saying to Sean, “Why don’t we bring the little cocksucker into the living room and make ourselves comfortable. I’ve got a few cold beers for us.”

As we walked past the kitchen, Mike looked at me then and said, “In fact, why don’t you grab two beers from the fridge while Sean and I get comfortable? The living room is right down there.” Mike motioned with his arm to where I should bring the beers.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the refrigerator, then walked into the living room. Both Sean and Mike were sitting on the couch looking very relaxed.

“Bring them over here bitch and take your clothes of!” Mike barked at me.

I handed them each their beer, and then started to strip off my clothes. While I was stripping, Mike pulled up a video on the TV screen. I couldn’t see it because my back was to the TV, but I heard loud gagging sounds as evidently someone was taking a cock in their throat. I caught a glimpse of the screen when I was completely naked, and in the picture was a petite blonde girl on her knees, surrounded by four or five guys all with their cocks out. One of the guys was holding her arms behind her back while another had his hands around the back of her head and he was thrusting his big cock down her throat while she gagged and slobbered.

Sean said to Mike, “That’s how you treat a cocksucker. Am I right?” They gave each other a high five while hooting with pleasure.

Mike looked at me then and said “Do you like what you see bitch? Sean tells me he’s been training you to be his cocksucker. If you get good enough, we might be able to get you in a situation like that little blonde whore, with you on your knees surrounded by cocks. From what Sean tells, me, I think you’d like that.”

Both Sean and Mike then unzipped and pulled their pants and underwear off. They lazily spread their legs and sipped their beers. I looked at Mike’s thick beefy cock. It was starting to engorge. Sean’s cock was already pointing strait towards the ceiling and big as ever.

Mike said to Sean “Do you want first dibs?”

Sean smirked, saying “No, you can use him first.”

Mike grinned and then said to me “Get down on your knees between my legs bitch. Looks like I feed you first.”

I did as I was told. I kneeled between Mike’s legs and looked at his thick cock, now fully engorged and easily as big as Sean’s cock.

Mike took a sip of beer and looked me in the eye. “What are you waiting for cocksucker? Put it in your mouth!”

I opened my mouth wide and engulfed his cock, wrapping my lips around the shaft. I started nursing the thick cockhead, feeling my mouth salivate and providing a slippery hole for Mike’s penis. His cock was so thick it felt like it filled up my entire mouth and my jaws were open as far as they could go. I moved my tongue along the base of the shaft while keeping his man meat in my mouth hole, nursing his cock like it was a big pacifier.

Mike started to moan. “That’s it bitch suck on it like a baby with its bottle. Make my balls ache for release.”

When he said that, Mike evidently got an idea.

“Better yet, take my ball sack and stuff it in your mouth you nasty slut.”

Mike grabbed my head with one hand and pulled it off my cock. With the other hand, he cradled his ball sack and pushed it one ball at a time into my mouth until I had the whole package in my mouth. His balls were covered with thick hair. It was not unpleasant, though I could taste sweat and a bit of piss. I gargled the balls like they were a big piece of juicy fruit which I was enjoying the juice from.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” Mike moaned and then took another swig of beer.

Sean chimed in. “That looks fantastic. I’m going to make him suck my balls for a long time. He’s so fucking nasty he actually enjoys taking sweaty balls in his mouth.”

I could only say “Mmphh…” as my mouth was filled with Mike’s large ball sack.

Mike whispered something to Sean. All I could make out was …”get this on video.”

While continuing to suck on Mike’s balls, I heard Sean reach for something from behind the couch and the next thing I knew I heard the sound of a video camera being turned on.

I heard Sean then say “Okay I’m getting this. Keep your balls stuffed in his mouth Mike.”

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Sean had a small video camera and was filming me! I tried to pull my head away but Mike was too strong.

“Keep the balls in your mouth whore. We’re going to record this for posterity.”

I did as I was told, feeling ashamed and degraded but also powerless to stop them from what they were doing to me.

Sean filmed my ball sucking for another few minutes, then said to me, “Okay bitch get his cock back in your mouth. I want some footage of this.”

Mike grabbed my head and pulled his balls out, then said “Open.”

My mouth made an audible ‘pop’ sound as the balls came out. I then opened my mouth wide to receive his thick cock again. This time he roughly pushed the cock into the back of my throat, making me gag.

“Mmmphg….gaaack” was all I could say as Mike moved my head forcefully up and down the shaft of his cock, each time pushing the cockhead into my throat and making me gag and tensing up my whole body. I was drooling and gobs of spit were leaking out of my mouth with each thrust. I felt totally degraded.

“That’s it Mike, make the bitch gag on your cock. This is good stuff. I’m getting it all on video.” Sean sounded satisfied.

My eyes started watering as Mike fucked my throat. He was now totally in control. I was simply a wet hole for him to use. I continued gagging and slobbering and choking on his big cock.

This continued for several minutes until I could sense Mike’s cock tense up and his balls started to pull up into his body as he said “Oh Fuck, I’m going to cum in this little bitch’s pussy mouth!”

His cock started throbbing and he held the back of my head in place while he pumped jet after jet of thick cum down my throat and into the back of my mouth. I struggled to swallow but I knew if I wanted to breathe I had to take the whole load and satisfy Mike.

Mike grunted as the last spurts of warm semen flooded my mouth. “Get that nasty jizz into your whore belly bitch!” Mike declared and then the last of his salty cum was in my mouth and I swallowed the load, making a big gulping sound in my throat as the semen worked its way into my stomach.

Mike relaxed his whole body and groaned, “Ahhh that felt awesome! Sean, you’ve got to use this bitch’s throat. It was incredible!”

Sean said “I will. I got all that on tape too Mike! What a whore!”

Sean handed the video camera to Mike and said “Okay Jay, on your knees over here now,” snapping his fingers and pointing to the spot on the floor between his spread legs.

I crawled over to position myself in front of Sean.

Sean then turned to Mike and said, “Mike, why don’t you set up the tripod this time. I may need your hands later.”

“You got it bro,” Mike acknowledged and busied himself attaching the video camera to the tripod he had set up in the corner.

Sean looked down at me and said coolly, “Take my balls in your mouth bitch and do a good job sucking them until I tell you to stop.”

I opened my mouth wide and with one hand took Sean’s ball sack into my mouth, slobbering over the two balls, shifting them back and forth in my mouth as I sucked.

Sean moaned with pleasure. “Oh yeah, that’s it Jay. You are one nasty cocksucking, ball sucking bitch, you know that?”

I gargled “Mmph grrhh” as I concentrated on sucking Sean’s balls. His balls tasted a bit milder than Mike’s with just a hint of sweat and man musk. I concentrated on giving them a continuous suck, swirling my tongue around to bathe the balls in my saliva.

Sean held my head steady as he moaned in delight. Mike was busy commenting on my technique and spurring me on with my work.

“That’s it whore, suck those nasty balls. I know Sean’s got a big load of jizz for you to add to my cumload already in your belly. You will swallow the whole load too.”

I managed to mumble “Yess…Sirr” while keeping Sean’s balls in my loving embrace.

After several minutes of this, Sean said to Mike “Grab his arms and hold them behind his back, Mike. I want to try something.”

Mike grabbed my arms with his meaty hands and held them behind me like a vice.

Sean looked down at me and said, “Now, Jay, you’re going to learn to deep throat properly. If you want to be my bitch, you have to get good at taking our cocks in your throat.”

I looked up at him sheepishly and said “I understand, Sean.”

“Good boy.” Sean grinned. “Now open wide, here it comes!”

With that, Sean forcefully shoved inch after inch of his big cock down the length of my tongue and into my throat, pushing his cockhead to the point where he had a tight seal in my esophagus. I couldn’t breathe.

“You like that bitch? My cock is owning your throat now. You need to get used to this because this is how my friends and I will be using you in future.”

I nodded as best I could with Sean’s seven inches in my throat. He then pulled his cock out so I could take a breath.

I sucked in a big breath of air, filling my lungs. Both Sean and Mike laughed at that.

“Looks like your cocksucker does need air after all, Sean,” Mike chortled.

Sean smiled and said “Back it goes bitch” and shoved his cock all the way down my throat again. This time he forcefully moved my head up and down his cock, making my throat into a tight pussy for his meat tube, while Mike continued to hold my arms behind my back.

I struggled, but it was useless. My mouth and throat had become their pussy.

We continued the cycle, with Sean periodically giving me a chance to breathe, only to replace his cock down my gullet. The only saving grace was I could feel he was close to coming, and I knew his climax would be soon.

Sean tightened his grip on my head and said, “Oh yeah, I’m ready to shoot down this bitch’s throat!”

Hi cock started to pulse and the first big jet of sperm shot out like a cannon into the back of my throat. I couldn’t even taste it as it went straight into my belly. Sean spewed gob after gob of thick white semen into my mouth and throat. I gargled and sputtered the jizz, struggling to down his huge amount of semen.

“Oh fuck this feels good!” Sean moaned with pleasure as the last spurts of cum landed in my mouth. “Now swallow like I taught you bitch.”

I gulped down the last gobs of cum.

“Lick it clean boy.”

I worked my tongue around Sean’s piss hole, making sure there was no more cum left, and told him “I got it all, Sean.”

“Good boy.” Sean answered.

Mike then hooked up the video camera to the TV and rewound the tape to the beginning and pressed ‘play’. I remained on the floor at their feet, watching in disbelief as the camera had recorded every nasty thing I had done. Sean and Mike got close-ups of me sucking their ball sacks, taking their cocks down my throat, and swallowing all their semen.

We watched the whole show, probably 30 minutes or so while Sean and Mike drank their beers and commented on how they had used me.

“Well Jay, how do you like our little movie? Do we own your mouth or what?” Sean said, smirking.

I looked up at him and said “Please don’t show this video to anyone. I’ll let you do what you want to me. I just can’t have this get out.”

Sean smiled. “That’s what I thought Jay. As long as you are a good cocksucker and do what we tell you, this video is our little secret.”

I was frozen there on the floor, naked and on my knees, cum in my belly and my face reeking of cock and balls and thought: oh my god, what am I getting myself into?

To be continued….

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