Lovely Writer – Chapter 4 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

Lovely Writer – Chapter 4 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove


“Thanks. Btw, you’re going home na? ”

” Yeah. P’ , I’ll practice more for the pageant. ” He said while going out. That kid! So competitive. He good looks, maybe he can fixed his smile. Which i rarely see to him.

On the next day. I decided to visit my nong in engineering faculty in naval. Obviously they’re busy preparing for the event.

“Hey! P’ where are you going? ” Oh. I knew him. My junior last year. He still got the looks. Sadly, he stopped studying and he came back. Maybe he has a reasons.

“Uhm….everyone is busy noh..did you see your senior on your way back? ”

“Yeah. P’ ah…p’ can i ask you a favor. I’m the one who is given a task to receive flowers which will be using in the event. Can you help me please? All of them are busy plus i have many task to do..will it be okay? ” He asked while reading something on the phone.

“Uhm…yeah..where is the shop located? Nearby? ”

“Quezon city. Novaliches ,21st. VeryBloom Flower shop. Ah..shit! I forgot my car…” I can see his worried face

” I’ll will go with him. Where is the payment for flowers? ” What? It’s solo. Wearing simple wear and getting the money from my nong. He didn’t counted the money and began to pull my hand. I heard my nong shouting ‘goodluck’ to solo? Is it me?

” We have an hour to get there. Is it okay with you? ” He opened the car front seat and i go inside. Is he not preparing for the event? I was wondering if he has a lot of time.

” Yeah. It’s fine. How about you? You don’t have to do this, i have a car nearby so..”

” Don’t worry, i have time. Even for you. ” What? For me? Why is he like this? Why do i feel like it’s sincere. Maybe not.

” Nah. Stop na. Focus on driving will you? Uhm..can i ask you something? ”


“It’s about yester…”

“The kiss? ”

” I-It’s not kiss! Yeah. It not! You didn’t mean it. Right? I don’t know that you have a naughty side. But next time, can you please no do that thing. It’s not appropriate since we both men. ”

” why? I’m just being thankful for the person who helped me..but if it is what you want…”

“I mean… let’s be casual to each other. Like a friend. ” I laughed continuously. Fuck! After on what he did. Yeah. Just friends.

“What am i to you P ‘ gui? ” He suddenly asked causing me to stare at him. I hate this kind of thing. Why is he Handsome in that polo shirt? With messy hair and kissable lips, who can’t resist?

“Oh…solo! That place! Turn the car backward. ” I said. Tried to change the topic. I just heard him sighed and unlock the door.

” Oh..are you from naval university? ” The middle aged man welcomes me with a smile.

“Yeah. P’ sorry for being late. ”

“Nah. It’s okay. Here. 100pc of roses. ” I gave him the payment and smelled the flowers. It’s so fresh.

“Uhm…wait! ” He get scissors and he cut something. Flowers. He stared at it first before he handed it to me. What? How do he know i love Lily’s. I only glanced at this flowers shorty but.

” It’s free. I think it suits you. ”

“Thank you p’ Singto. ” My nong told me his name. He’s very famous here huh.

” Did you know. Orange lily represent loveliness? And that’s you. ” And then he smiled. So handsome. Stop it gui! Nadadarang ka na naman.

“Ah…ok. hehe..thank- ” I stopped when solo began to put his arms, into my shoulder. Why?

After taking the flowers, we put in on cold temperature so that it won’t withered. I even notice solo is sulking. I don’t know why?

” You know that we don’t have much time, but you still talking to him. ”

“Why? I’m just being friendly solo, wait…are you..? ” I statued on what he did.

Holding my hand. Tightly.

“Aside from liveliness, it also means delighted to be close to you. ” He uttered.

Why is he being like this? Randomly doing thing which makes me confused. His hand are warm. Soft. Wait! I shouldn’t be like This! Holding a man’s hand while he is driving? It’s like we’re married. I checked my phone. We only have 30 mins to go back. Wait. He’s calling. Gene. A video call.

Gene: going home?
Gui: why? What is it. I’m on the car.

Gene : you want to go on the set right?
Gui: yeah. Can i go there? I’m really excited.
Gene: don’t hush. Just bring cold drinks when you get here.
Gui: payment first.
Gene: do you want to see saint aren’t you?
Gui: fine. How many.
Gene: good for 8, i sent you the address…wait! Who was that? What are you doi..–”

Gene: see you. Bye.


” After 3 decades. speaking of the devil, why you taking so long? Who was that guy earlier! Ohooooh! Let me help you. ” I was teasing him. Look at his face. It’s so funny.

” It’s not what you think okay. Where’s saint! I even brought my white shirt to sign. ” I smile at him while touring inside the school. Yes. Bad Engineer shooting set and also same with The Gay from Nowhere starring saint suppapong. He’s handsome and cute in person. We go to his tent so that I’ll introduce gui to him.

” Are you busy saint? ” He immediately looked at the back when he saw us. He’s smiles brightly. Even though his projects are demanding, i never seen him getting mad or what. He’s very professional.

“Oh? Gene! Are you with yuri? Nga pala, im so sorry at hindi ako naka attend sa dinner nung last time. Very urgent yun eh. Ay sino siya? ” He asked while fixing his uniform. I patted gui’s shoulder but look at him now. Dumbfounded.

” he’s gui! My best friend since then, gui! Umayos ka nga! Say hi. ” I instructed. But he not moving.

“Ah… starstruck? Hi, I’m saint. Nice to meet you…gui! ” he offer his hand. Same with gui.

” Hello po. Shit! Is this real? I really really love your acting on gay from nowhere! Superb! Can you sign this? ”

“He got his pen and sign his shirt! He’s so lucky today. ” Gui whisper to my ear.

” Am i dreaming gene!? I can’t believe this! ” Ni yuyugyog pa nito ang katawan ko at ulo sa sobrang saya.

” Yeah. I told you. Stop. Okay. Okay. ” I feel like my head will be dropped on the floor on what he’s doing.

” Wait… I’ll give you something. ” Saint stands and gets his bag and opened it.

” Here. That’s my favorite Bb cream. I can see that you are a huge fan of mine so think of it as my token of appreciation. ”

“Really. For me? Did you heard that gene! Did you heard that? ”

“No. I’m deaf. ” Saint and me laughed when we see him reaction.

“Thank you saint. I’ll contact yuri so we can catch up next time. ”

“Sure. Let’s go gui. Don’t touch that. ” I pulled gui out of his tent and planning to go on our set. Actually. The whole script in this series is completely done.

Upon entering, i saw mamu talking to production crew until she saw us.

” Gene! Where’s the drink. ? Oh…hello..cutie! What’s your name. ” I literally saw mamu’s sparkilng eyes when he saw gui.

“Mamu. Stop that. You’re scaring my friend. He’s gui. My best friend. Gui. This is my boss vanessa. You can call her mamu. ”

“Hello gui. Welcome to our set. Do you want something to eat? Anything?? ”

“No. Thanks po. ”

“Po? I’m not that oldies okay. Just cross the word po’ my gosh! Gene! Why didn’t you tell me you have very cute friend? Ah.. YOU’RE MY OXYGEN! YOU’RE MY OXYGEN YOU’RE MY OXYGEN! ” look at her, singing out of nowhere. Muntik na kaming mapatawa sa ginagawa nito until we decide to ignore her. I put the cold drinks on pantry and organize it. Gui left me so that he can go to the comfort room.


I heard the door locks. What? What is he doing here! My god gene! Of course to get something to eat. I busy my self so that hoping that he will not notice me. But it’s not.

“Can we talk gene? ” He sad with baritone voice. He we go again gene. Why do i feel awkward? Just talk to him.

Genesis de guzman
June 24, 1997
Cause of death: talking to hunter

I shook my head. Fuck! Snap out of it!


Sa kanya
Performed by jkris

” Namulat ako at ngayong nag-iisa
Pagkatapos ng ula—ayy! Gene! Anong kinukuha mo dyan? ” Shit! Ever since gui is getting to my nerves. I see hunter opening a cold drink while continuously peeping on what i do.

Bagamat nakalipas na ang mga sandali
Ay nagmumuni kung ako’y nagwagi
Pinipilit mang sabihin na ito’y wala sa akin
Ngunit bakit hanggang ngayon nagdurugo pa rin

“Can you stop that gui! You’re making a noise. ” Gui stopped and simply glance at hunter and me. What’s with him?

Sa kanya pa rin babalik sigaw ng damdamin

Sa kanya pa rin sasaya

Bulong ng puso kooooh

Kung buhay kapa..

“Mamaya malalagot ka sakin. ” I imitate his singing while giving a cold stare at him. I’m dead serious. He stopped and gulped.

“I’m going first, lalalala…lalala ” he silently close the knob. Hayyst! Now. There’s only two of us. I feel like I’m getting suffocated by this situation. He stopped drinking and locking the door. Why? Why did he lock? Is he planning something or what?

He walked towards at me. Taking the space between and whisper.

” Khun …..i just want to say…” I stopped him. Why his breath smell good to me.

” No. I’m sorry. For accusing you for that. But if you think you’ll convince me on your acting… Don’t expect. ” He distance himself.

“Why? I’m just being friendly with others, they all want me to played on this role. Except you.

Okay. I get it.
What do you want me to do? Huh? I admit I’m not pro in acting but I’m willing to learn. Do you want to check me if I’m fit into the role..? ” He started to unbuttoned his uniform. I feel like i statued when he takes off also his plain t shirt. Topless.

I was not ready wheen he gasp my left hand, putting on his broad chest.

“How was it…Khun Gene.? ”



A/n: the word ” Khun ” used in thai means ” Mr. ” To address someone.
The thai Word ” P’ ” used to address someone who is brother, or sister with regard something or same age. The word “Nong ” used to anyone who is younger than you.

Ex. Nong gui
Nong solo
Khun Gene

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