My first year in College – Chapter 07: Toss my black salad

My first year in College – Chapter 07: Toss my black salad.

I did not see much of Austin during our first week-end on Campus. He spent some of his time with Ashley and his new football friends, and I spent most of the week-end, apart from a tennis practice, in our room watching YouTube videos, reading manga and playing video-games.

We were still very cordial with Austin, but cordial is not the best word to qualify a healthy relationship and even less so, a friendship… In a weird way, I had a feeling that Austin had given up on me.

The truth is: I was jealous that he was making so much friends and spending so much time with Ashley but I also knew I had no right to resent him for that.

At least, I still had one thing: the view of his body every time he would change or go to bed. Clearly, Austin was getting more and more comfortable. Like Gary and Martin, by week two, Austin would now get naked pretty easily in the bathroom or, and I liked it even more that way, in our own room.

Often, I could peek at this ass or flaccid uncut cock.

Austin always slept wearing only his underwear and the covers became more and more optional. Also, after his first wank session, the masturbation — still under the sheets though – seemed to become part of the nightly routine except for the times he would come back from Ashley’s room. That girl would deprave me of his semen.

After what happened when I surprised them fucking, there was an unspoken rule that if he should have sex with Ashley, that would only happen outside of our room.

I was not sleeping much and the purposes of my days were pretty much waiting for the night to come so that I could finally appreciate which type of underwear Austin would wear that evening, how much of a bulge it would show, and how long it would take him to cum under the sheets. If I were in luck, I would also be awarded a quick strip tease and a view of his meaty dick.

I did run into Martin a couple of times after the party but he did not mention any orgy and I was starting to think I may have imagined the whole thing. Although, the image of his erected juicy hairy dick was still well imprinted in my mind. Also, the black cock-sucking girl was in my English class. The lucky bitch.

I had planned to spend the following week-end at my brother’s place.

My older brother Ryan would be kind enough to pick me up after my Constitutional Laws on Friday, a class that I refused to miss; – Professor Fletcher’s butt may have had something do with that decision — and I would come back by train on Sunday night.

The night before I left and despite the weird vibes we were having, Austin, unknowingly, offered me a beautiful present.

I woke up in the middle of the night, satisfied to hear the familiar sound of Austin’s heavy breathing and beating under the covers. My eyes were still closed but I could feel that there was something different this time. In a way, the breathing seemed to be more intense and I could almost hear him moaning. This goes without saying, I got hard instantly.

When I semi opened my eyes, always trying to remain discreet, the room was not in its usual darkness. A light was coming from Austin’s bed. His phone. While he would usually jerk off his eyes closed, this time, he was watching a video. I could not see everything because of the stupid desk and chair which were standing between the two beds, but I could identify that he was watching porn.

Hardcore porn.

My heart was pounding fast and loud, I even feared he might notice but thankfully, he was also wearing air pods and was listening to the video as much as he was watching it. I was more at ease to move a bit, just enough to slide down my own underwear and grab my dick under the covers.

I almost screamed when I noticed he was watching a gay porn!

At least a dozen of black and Latino men were showing off their huge dicks and thick asses to the camera. All of them looked tasty as fuck. I could have cummed right away.

Then, I sadly realized that one white girl was on the floor, not even pretty but fully naked and on her knees, her mouth wide open.

Not a gay porn after all, just your regular 15 on 1 gang-bang scene.

All of those dicks were so closed to each other, sometimes touching, as the brunette girl was going from one hunk to another. The fact that this was the type of porn that turned Austin on got me to precum very fast. How many cocks was he jerking off too? When your porn has more males than women in it, does it not make you, at least, a bit bi? Myself, I would watch tons of straight porn as long as it involved a sufficient number of big cocks.

Austin was focused; he was beating his dick harder than the previous nights, biting his tongue.

When they started to fuck the girl, he advanced the video to the point where the girl was double penetrated, wait, triple penetrated?! Fuck, that bitch was good at her job! My view was not perfect and sometimes I missed part of the action but it did seem that the more dicks were involved, the more satisfied Austin was getting.

At some point, Austin looked towards my direction, probably to check if I was still asleep. I am pretty sure he did not notice anything. From the previous nights, I had learnt to be almost invisible so that I would not disturb his jerk-off session.

I had been watching him and the porn for fifteen minutes or so when the guys started to explode on the girl’s face, one by one. Well, sometimes two of them would ejaculate at the same time, sending friendly fire to their male co-star. All of this seemed to turn Austin on as he unintentionally sucked his fingers. He was — purposely or not — licking his precum. I could not blame him; I was hard as a rock myself and I had to refrain from cumming.

When all the guys had deposited their loads on the trashy girl’s face, she was unrecognizable, one could barely see her eyes under this much semen. I thought Austin was waiting for this moment to cum, but he did not.

Surprisingly, the video was not over. The guys were not done and moved on to sit on a couch, then left up their legs, offering their assholes for a rimming session. FUCK. And this was not considered gay?!

The girl, still full of cum, would crawl down towards them and go down to each of this guy’s asshole, licking their anus while she would leave a mixture of all of the men semen deep inside their respective ass. One guy was even spreading the cheeks of his mate, making sure the girl would have an easy… and wide access… to the asshole of his co-star.

Straight bromance: what’s more beautiful than that?

Austin was breathing hard and moved part of the covers. I could now see his hand moving and part of his large cock. The sight of his erected shaft in the darkness sent me to the edge. The porn was turning nasty. I heard Austin moan louder.

He moved the phone a bit and I could barely see the rest, but from what I could tell, the next few minutes involved some more rimming and a guy literally pissing on the girl while she was eating out his friend. Who knew Austin would enjoy such filth?! I could now feel my precum sliding down my own dick, reaching my balls. But I refused to cum before Austin.

Finally, while the girl was apparently left to rest on the floor, the men took turn slapping her and spitting on her, degrading that bitch even further. Austin exploded at that moment. This time, the moan was loud and clear and there was absolutely no doubt he had just released his load.

I closed my eyes but I could not help to cum at the exact same time. I felt the cum pouring on my chest while I tried to stay still.

Degrading, filthy, nasty porn, that was the type of stuff which got Austin going then. How pathetic I was, that I would have let him do all of those things to me: slapping, spitting, cumming, pissing… I would have rimmed that ass like it was my last meal, suck his dick until choking myself… I was totally willing to become my roommate’s sex slave.

I did not dare reopen my eyes at first but I could hear Austin fixing himself. The temptation was too high. I took a peek.

The covers were now besides him as his huge dick, now semi hard but still full of cum was hanging on his chest. He was using some tissues to clean up the mess — again such a waste -, but by the grace of God, Austin was using his phone’s light to give him, and give me, a proper view of the white semen sliding down his abs.

Thick white sperm. The best kind.

I closed my eyes again, terrified he would see me checking him out.

I waited half an hour to hear him snore and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. My own cum had dried on me.

In the bathroom, I did some investigation on my phone. Typing some key words of the scene I just saw. After some research, I did not find the exact video he was watching but I found the website and series it was coming from: “toss my black salad!” Such a poetic title for this modern work of art.

Despite the night he just had, Austin still woke up with his tent in his underwear the next morning. That guy was always horny. Well, I guess we all were at that time in our life.

Best thing though: he was now barely hiding it. Lying above the cover, he was exposing proudly his hard on under his boxers. I could not tell if it was intentional or if he just did not care.

“Mornin’ Austin.” I said.

“Mornin’ Ty, you slept ok?” I cringed, remembering what happened just a few hours before.

“Fine, you?”

“Great.” You bet… I thought. “I’m going to hop in the shower now; I have class early on Fridays.” He stood up.

“Enjoy”. Before he left the room, I said: “Hey Austin, remember, I won’t be here this week-end, I’m leaving at 2 this pm, back on Sunday night. So, if you want to use the room and… and invite Ashley… I guess that would be the time.”

He turned back to face me. Even after two weeks, I could not get over this perfect body. He had grown some hair on his chest. *Focus on the face Tyler, not the bulge and treasure trail.*

“Oh… You’re sure?!”

“Yes of course, why not? I won’t be here so it’s all good.”

“Well… great mate.” He smiled. “It’s just that… I felt like you were really mad about last time I invited Ashley over and…”

“Look, that night, someone had puked on me. I just wanted to forget about the party, go to sleep and the room was taken… I was just frustrated.”

“Yeah… I see. Totally, sorry about that. The puking… and the fucking.” We both smiled. “I don’t live alone in that room and I should have considered you before doing anything here, it was my mistake.”

“Look, Austin, that’s fine, maybe I overreacted.”

“No, you are right. I was just not thinking clearly, I was drunk and horny as hell. It’s a risky combo for my brain!” He grabbed his dick in his underwear: “That one was doing all the thinking for me!”

I laughed. My dick twitched under my sheets.

“Ok then, go take your shower and if we don’t see each other until then, have a nice week-end”

He walked back towards me, his towel in his hand, still wearing only his underwear — that I knew were full of cum — and hugged me quickly: “nice weekend bro”.



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