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Incest gay stories: The Tent – Chapter 5

Hooper went with me on the bee trail hike. Trace and David sat with us at lunch. After lunch, I was the only one signed up for the mile swim so we split up again. My time on the swim was good, but I was hurrying to get done because I was afraid the other three would doing things without me — sexing things.

The four of us, met up again at supper. I felt better because it didn’t sound like they’d done anything without me, though we couldn’t talk about that directly because other buddies were at the table with us.

I especially didn’t want Hooper doing anything without me. We liked each other. But then David was the one who hung closest to me at supper and after, and then on the way to the evening campfire. It was clear he liked me, and honestly, I liked him, too. He wasn’t short and cute like Hooper. In fact, he was a skinny guy who looked a little like a stick with a butt on it. But it was a nice butt, and his long, smooth legs seemed sexy to me after having been between them the night before. He didn’t seem as cute as Hooper, but I decided that was because I was so used to him hanging around all the time with Trace. As we took our seats at the campfire, and our eyes met, I decided that I really liked David’s wide set blue eyes and his lips which were naturally redder than most guys’.

David sat close on one side of me and Hooper sat close on the other. Trace sat just as close on Hooper’s other side. I thought about Trace doing stuff with Hooper, but decided it was okay if I was going to be doing things with David at the same time. That is, as long as Hooper still wanted to do things with me, too. I was pretty sure he would.

We leaned against each other and laid arms over shoulders and patted backs — all the kinds of things that guys that age do with each other anyway. We simply did more than normal, and we had boners.

Hooper was first into the tent that night. Trace followed and tackled Hooper down onto the bedrolls. David and I went in, and when I knelt to zip up the tent behind us, David dropped to his knees facing me. Trace and Hooper rolled back and forth, laughing. David’s eyes met mine uncertainly and he laid a hand on my shoulder. Hooper’s laughs were suddenly muffled. I looked and Trace was on top of him. They were kissing. David put his other hand on my other shoulder.

I turned back to David and he leaned close to kiss me. I slipped my arm behind his waist. We pulled together, belly-to-belly. I felt the front of his shorts. He was hard. I rubbed his boner and his mouth opened to mine. I pulled down the zipper of his shorts and worked my fingers inside and into the fly of his boxers. I found the soft skin of his boner, and closed my fingers around it, skinnier than Hooper’s, but longer. David moaned softly into our kiss.

We wanna get our dicks sucked, Trace said from where he lay atop Hooper.

I turned my head toward Trace, and David laid his head on my shoulder. I stroked him and waited to see what my brother had in mind.

David and I figured out we can all do it at one time, Trace told us as he knelt up off Hooper. “We’ll make a square.” He pointed at me. “You can suck David and he can suck me, and I’ll suck Hooper and he can suck you,” he said, pointing to each of us in turn.

I glanced at Hooper, and he shrugged. “Okay,” I said. “Let’s do it.”

Letting go of David’s boner, I pulled off my shirt. The others stripped, too, and naked, we got into the square Trace had described. My face was at David’s crotch and Hooper’s was at mine. There obviously wasn’t as much light as that morning when I got a good look at Hooper’s dick, but my eyes had adjusted to what light there was, and I got a close-up look at David’s slender boner. He had no pubic hair yet, but his genitals had already grown large the way they do at puberty. So had his balls. His smell was lighter, cleaner than Hooper’s, but I liked it. I stuck my nose between his legs and took a deeper whiff.

His legs were absolutely smooth. So was his ballsack and dick. I pressed my face to his balls. They were moist and warm. At the same time, Hooper lifted my balls on his fingers and tested the thickness of the skin of my scrotum between his thumb and forefinger. I felt his breath on my crotch, and then his other hand on my dick. His wet mouth closed over the end of my dick and I shuddered.

It took concentration as he began to suck, for me to close my mouth around the end of David’s dick. I swirled it with my tongue and heard him whimper. A few seconds later, Hooper swirled his tongue over my glans, and I whimpered.

There may be no better way for four boys to learn about oral sex than doing a daisy chain like we were doing. That’s because each time one of us did something a guy liked, that guy passed it on to the dick he was sucking. Little pleasures made their way quickly around the square, accelerating. Within minutes, all legs had cocked open and hips were pumping, heads were bobbing, hands were stroking, and tongues were caressing.

The tent was noisy with sloppy sounds of sucking, licking, and soft moans. I caressed David’s legs and butt while I sucked him, enjoying the feel of his smooth skin and lean muscles. I felt his belly and played with his balls. With my fingers, I felt his scrotum tighten and draw up, so I knew he was close to coming. I wanted to taste his cum, so I kept my mouth on him. Most of his dick was in my mouth, and I stroked the base of his dick with a couple of fingers. I felt his shaft pulse the instant before liquid hit the back of my throat.

David hadn’t been shooting cum for long, and his was still thin and viscous, mostly like precum. The taste was better than my own and I swallowed him down. Just then, Hooper pressed my perineum firmly with his fingers. That sent me over and as I started to squirt, I whimpered. My brother Trace began whimpering at the same time, and it was like we whimpered back and forth to each other, coming at the same time.

I passed the perineum pressing on to David, who may have started the whole thing, and got a final pulse from his dick. One by one, we relaxed and rolled onto our backs.

That was so cool, Trace whispered.

No, shit, I told him. “Hooper pushed his fingers behind my balls and it me come.”

It’s called your taint, Hooper told me, referring to my perineum. “Down behind your ball where your cock is rooted. That’s called your taint.”

For the next several minutes, we talked about guys’ anatomy and compared notes about what felt good when we were being sucked. It was almost like reviewing game highlights. Then Hooper told them about me cornholing him that morning. I was afraid David and Trace would be upset we did stuff without them, especially David because he had wanted to hang with me.

But David simply scooted around so his face was close to mine. “I wanna do it with you,” he told me.

Hey, Trace said, “lets suck each other again to get hard, but going the other way this time. I’ll suck David and he can suck Aaron, and Aaron can suck Hooper and Hooper can suck me. Then, when we’re all hard, we can cornhole each other. I get Hooper.”

I had already sucked Hooper earlier, of course, but I wasn’t going to suck my brother without him sucking me first. As soon as I thought that, I realized it would probably happen sometime.

We arranged ourselves going in the opposite direction from the time before. Now my face was in Hooper’s crotch and David’s was in mine. Hooper’s dick was chubby, but flaccid. I lifted it on my hand and sucked it up, and I knew why they called dicks a piece of meat because Hooper’s was thick, even soft. It didn’t stay soft, though. I sucked it and fondled his balls, and it quickly came up hard.

So did my own dick because David sucked it enthusiastically.

I’m ready and David’s ready, Trace said, pulling off David’s dick and sitting up.

Me, too, Hooper said.

Yeah, me, too, I agreed, sitting up as well.

I had leaned back on my hands and my dick was pointing up from my lap. David had his eye on it, and surprised me by getting up and over it, planting his feet outside my legs with his cock right in my face. He squatted down like he was just going to sit on my dick.

We gotta grease up, I told him.

David knelt and sat back onto my thighs, straddling them and pulling my dick up against his.

Hooper already had his sunscreen lotion out and lubed his dick with it. Trace had gotten down in front of him on all fours, and Hooper smoothed some lotion into Trace’s crack, then he tossed me the lotion. I got some for my dick and handed the lotion to David. He squeezed some on his fingers and reached behind to rub it in his crack while I lubed my dick.

Hooper got to his knees behind Trace and aimed his dick into Trace’s crack. David and I watched while Hooper worked the head in, and then held Trace by the hips and eased all the way in. Trace seemed to take it okay.

We can try that way, if you want, I told David, “or this way,” meaning he could try sitting on my dick like he had started to.

Rising up on his knees, David scooted forward until my boner pointed up under him and his dick lay on my chest. I held my dick upward, and he started to sit, then repositioned better, then sat farther. When he felt my slick dickhead between his butt cheeks, he reached under, got hold of my dick, and sat slowly onto it. I felt it go in, then tightness pass down my shaft as David slowly settled into my lap.

Surprisingly, even though he was taller than Hooper, he was tighter. It took him a while to settle all the way down, and the process was a little uncomfortable for both of us — he bent my dick on the way. Eventually, his weight settled in my lap and his tight ring stretched my dick into him. David rested his forearms on my shoulder and his forehead on mine. I stroked his sides. “You alright?” I asked.

He nodded. “I’m getting used to it.”

He moved his hips in a tiny circle and my hands went to his waist.

Slapping sounds filled the tent from Hooper’s lap hitting my brother’s butt. Hooper had bent over Trace, his arms wrapped under Trace’s stomach, and his knees had come up off the bedroll. The only thing moving was his butt, and it was flying. Trace’s mouth hung open, and I almost laughed because Hooper looked like a dog humping and Trace looked exactly like you’d expect someone to look who had a dick thrusting in and out of his butt at frantic speed.

David’s hips moved again. I looked up at him and we kissed. He settled more weight in my lap and rocked his hips gently around. His dick lay on my stomach, so I closed my hand around it. He had gone a little soft, and I stroked him. David’s hips rose and fell. He moved higher with each rise, getting used to it. I took hold of his butt with both hands and bucked up into him, gently at first.

David groaned. He hugged onto my head. His perineum ground on my pubic bone and his dick flopped around on my belly.

I didn’t know it would feel good, he murmured.

I wanted more freedom to move my hips. Holding him tightly in my lap, I rolled us carefully to the side and then to me on top. We tightened into a ball. I covered his mouth with mine and ground slowly with my hips.

Beside us, Hooper pumped fast and Trace’s breath grew ragged. Hooper began grunting with a rising pitch. It prompted me to go faster, too.

Hooper banged hard and the two of them went down onto Trace’s stomach. Hooper, hanging on, stiffened, arched back, and gasped. The two of them froze and I could imagine Hooper squirting inside Trace. I held David tightly and pumped fast with my hips. My orgasm hit like fire and cum shot up my shaft and into David.

Hooper collapsed onto Trace first, then I collapsed onto David. Hooper slowly pushed up, pulling his dick out. Trace rolled over under him. He had kept his erection and it pointed up. Hooper reached for the lotion.

You ready for your turn? I whispered to David.

Yeah, he whispered back.

I backed my hips, pulling my dick out, and knelt between David’s legs while I waited for the lotion. Hooper greased up Trace’s dick and then his own butt, then handed me the lotion. Trace’s boner pointed straight up at the tent ceiling. Hooper turned around, facing away from Trace, and backed over it. Reaching under his bottom, he grabbed Trace’s boner and lowered himself onto it.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to try that. I was the only one who hadn’t been skewered yet, and I wanted to take it easy. So I greased up David’s dick and my butt, then setting the lotion aside, I lay down on my side, back to David, and patted my butt. “Go for it,” I told him.

David rolled up behind me. I felt him pull my butt cheeks apart for a better view, and then I felt the moist end of his dick at my sphincter. His dick had warmed the lotion. He popped in before I had time to get ready, which was probably good because I probably would have tensed up.

I expected to feel it more, but didn’t until his lap pressed my butt. But when he grabbed my hip and ground in with is dick he must have hit my prostate. At the time, I had no idea what prostate was. I just knew that something suddenly felt intensely good.

David molded his body to the back of mine and wrapped an arm over my waist. He began to pump.

Fucking is instinctive and comes naturally enough, but it was his first time. He was tentative. So I reached back for his butt and pulled with his thrusts. He grew more assertive.

Over on Trace’s lap, Hooper circled and rocked his hips like a lap dancer — something else I didn’t know about at the time. I just knew I wanted Hooper to do that in my lap sometime.

David’s arm held me tightly and his lips pressed between my shoulders. He was getting into it, and I thought he might like it better on top. “Hold on,” I told him. “I’ll roll to my stomach.”

David held on, and kept his dick pressed inside me as we carefully rolled together. When I got to my stomach, and David’s weight was on my back, his dick pressed the good spot inside me even more as he started to move again. He grabbed the backs of my shoulders and began to genuinely fuck me.

Oh, I whispered. “I see what you mean. It does feel good.”

His legs fell outside mine and he squeezed my legs between his. Using his hands on my shoulders, he pulled his entire body forward for each thrust. The way he moved, I could tell he liked it. I reached back and patted his butt. I relaxed and enjoyed it.

David squeezed my shoulders and legs tightly when he came. His dick throbbed inside me and I thought I could feel his squirts. He collapsed onto me and I thought, briefly, that he would fall asleep like that, with his dick inside me. But when it slipped out, he rolled off me onto his side. I rolled up to face him. About that time, Trace backed his butt into mine. He and Hooper had finished and were settling down for the night. We gathered our pillows, not caring whose was whose and grew quiet.

David closed his eyes and nuzzled into my chest. I was drowsy, but came back awake when it occurred to me that my brother could do stuff to me in my sleep. Trace’s soft butt still pressed mine, and I wondered how many times and how much he had done stuff to me while I lay sleeping at home.

I rolled over and spooned in behind him to whisper behind his ear. “Things are going to be different when we get home,” I whispered. David had given me a semi when he rode my butt, and my semi pressed between the back of Traces legs. So he jumped when I pressed my lips behind his ear.

His naked body felt good against the front of mine. Trace had a nice body, even at eleven. I had admired it when he and Hooper were going at it. Now his butt in my lap was bringing my semi up hard fast. And then I thought, what better time to drive home a point — and I actually thought it in those words.

I backed my hips and rubbed my dickhead up and down inside his crack. “A lot different when we get home,” I whispered.

I found his opening. He was still greased, and I was still sort of greased. I rested my hand on Trace’s hip and pushed in slowly. As my lap made contact with his bottom, Trace surprised me and nestled back in my arms. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me. Trace always seemed to enjoy being my little brother.

I wrapped my arms around him and began to slowly rock my hips, easing in and out. Trace moved with me. I wondered if he was hard and reached into his lap. His dick was flaccid, so he must have been moving to make it nice for me. I pressed my lips to the side of his neck and fondled him as I slowly slid in and out. I touched the side of his neck with my tongue and tasted my brother’s skin for the first time. His dick grew hard in my hand. It was already almost as long as mine. “You’re going to have a bigger dick than me,” I whispered.

The problem was that I had come twice already, and even with Trace moving with me. I might have to go a long time to come again and I was sleepy. I figured Trace was, too.

Thanks, I whispered behind his ear. “I don’t know if I can come again. I’ll let you go to sleep and we can finish later.

I pulled out and rolled over. David had rolled over as he fell asleep, and his back was to me. I was about to spoon him when Trace rolled over behind me and I felt his body press me from behind. His dickhead pressed into my crack.

Yeah, Trace whispered behind my ear. “Things are gonna be different when we get home.” His dick slid up my rectum and Trace molded his body to the back of mine. “We can go to sleep this way,” he whispered, and then settled down as if he planned to do just that. But then his hips moved. And moved again. He began slow thrusting.

Okay, I whispered. “Maybe I will take a turn when you’re done.”

Trace kissed the back of my shoulder and ground in with his hips.

I liked Hooper and what we did. I like David, too. He was different from Hooper, and a good kisser, and I liked doing things with him. But Trace was the one who started it all, sexing with me in my sleep, and he was the one who sucked my dick so well that first time, and he was the one who told us all what to do tonight. It occurred to me that I might like doing things with Trace, most of all. I pulled his arms tighter around my chest and wiggled my butt back into his lap to make it feel good for him. Trace murmured softly and reached for my dick.

And actually, we did fall asleep that way. Eventually.

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