My first year in College – Chapter 11: A man with a plan

My first year in College – Chapter 11: A man with a plan.

If you let something happen more than once, it can quickly turn into a habit and nothing is more difficult than breaking a habit.

I was determined that my habit of masturbating with my roommate remained so I needed to quickly shut down Austin’s habit of fucking, and now sleeping, with Ashley. Instead of working on my notes to prepare for my final exams of the semester, I was dedicated my time and energy to find a way to get rid of Ashley.

I designed several plans to make Austin and Ashley break-up but none of them were sufficient to do the trick as the couple seemed to grow closer every day, spending more and more time together. This meant that Janice was slowly but surely moving into my dorm room…

I still had one big ammo up my sleeves: I was aware of a certain gangbang which had occurred a few weeks prior… Ashley would certainly not be too happy to learn about that.

However, having Ashley know about the cheating would not be my finest move. First of all, despite my creepy obsession for him, Austin’s trust and friendship were actually very important to me. Second of all, on a pure strategical level, as the whole idea was to get closer to Austin, betraying his trust in the process was not the smartest thing to do.

The worst thing about sharing my room with Janice was that, not only I could no longer jerk off with Austin, but I just could no longer jerk off, at all… I had to hide in the toilet stalls to masturbate and it was not that fun when Steve or Gary were taking a shit right next door.

I did spend more time in the bathroom anyway as it was now the only place where I cool see Austin naked. I had learnt to control my erections (well most of the time) and I was still taking every opportunity to stare at the guys: Austin of course, but I could also have a peek of Henry’s big dick, Martin’s virile body, Steve’s beautiful ass, Gary’s ginger pubic hair… and then I could finish myself off in the toilets or showers stalls.

I know right… Such a glamorous sex life.

I was now pretty well integrated with the guys. We would sometimes hang out during the evening, drink some booze in one of our rooms (Gary, as R.A., insisted we did not drink in communal spaces), and spend some times “between balls”, as Martin would say. Pretty much all of them had girlfriends at that point.

During one particularly drunk evening, all the guys started to share their kinky fantasies. Martin said it right away: it was all about the sloppy blowjobs for him. He mimicked the way he would take a girl’s head and force it down his crotch. “I enjoyed slapping her too” he said “but the more saliva she spits out, the more I’m enjoying it!”.

Gary more shyly shared he was more of a boob guy and that he could spend hours sucking on tits. Luis, the Latino guy, was there too. He said his dream was to fuck a mother and her daughter at the same time. “Gross!” reacted Steve. “I know a guy who did… well who even does it regularly…,” replied Martin. “Yes… Tobias!” The rest of the group shouted in unison.

Henry’s answer was straight to the point: “I just like a girl who can take my entire dick deep in her pussy and then in her ass. If she can do that, I’ll fuck her brains out until she passes out.” Gary started to smirk: “Well if she can take Mr Big Boy’s Dick deep inside, she sure deserved to be fucked like a fucking champ!” He was right.

It was now Austin’s turn to share his fantasy. I wondered what he would say. After a few jerk-off sessions, I knew what he liked: fucking girls roughly in the ass, double penetration, getting rimmed probably, degrading the bitch certainly… “It’s a tough question. I think I like everything.” “Come on man!” Said Steve. “Yeah, spill your guts!” Added Martin “We all have been honest here, no judgment.”

“No, it’s not that. I don’t mind telling but it’s just hard to pinpoint! As long as the girl is super horny and shows me that she wants my cock, wants it bad: I can do everything. I like to see how far she can go to please my… my needs I guess!”

“Yeah, that’s a big factor” Martin admitted. “I just want a nasty slut.” Finished Austin and everybody got a good laugh.

It was my turn. I had to come out with something. I said the truth:

“You know guys, I’d just like to be roughly fucked by all of you at the same time and then take your loads in my mouth!”

Henry spat some beer he was drinking right on Martin’s t-shirt, everyone laughed out loud, me including. Of course, they all thought it was a joke and my tone was sarcastic enough, they would believe it was. Martin slapped Henry: “Man! Control yourself!” “I thought you’d like the spit, Martin!” Teased Austin. “Sorry, Nerdy Ty just shocked me right there!” Apologized Henry.

Martin took off his shirt. Some beer spilling was as good ass any other excuse to show off his hairy chest. “Stop playing around Ty, what’s your thing?”

At this point, I knew I had to come up with something dirty enough so they will be satisfied with my answer but not too crazy either. “I love to lick a girl’s ass!” I simply said. “As if you already done that!” teased Martin while scratching the hair between his nipples. “I have not…” I admitted. “I’d love to.” There was a short moment of silence.

Austin stood up from the bed we were both sitting on and ceremoniously said, while patting my shoulders: “You day will come Son! One day, you will eat an ass!” Everybody laughed, once again.

Finally, Steve who was the drunkest of us all, came out as a “foot fetish” guy, telling us all about the wonders of women feet. I immediately thought of my brother and his own foot fetish. I would have to return the RAMSOM_PL Insta profile later.

After 10 minutes of feet talk, Martin, who was fairly drunk too, took off his shoes and stinky socks, showed off his huge feet and invented a silly game with some cards. The rules were not very clear but the looser would have to suck on his nasty feet…. and armpits. I knew Austin had already licked Martin’s ass in part of his journey to join THE ALPHAS. Clearly, this man was finding every occasion to have other guys licking and worshiping him! Obviously, I did not mind at all, but at the same time, I was afraid that if I lost the game and started licking that man, I may never be able to stop.

Hung Henry and Ginger Gary were the two losers of first round and started alternatively licking Martin’s pits and feet. Gary almost puked after swallowing one foot in his mouth. I concealed the hard on which was growing in my pants as best as I could. They looked disgusted. I definitely was not.

A couple of beers later, other bets followed and after I lost a round, Martin decided I had to smell and lick my right neighbor’s armpits.

Austin was sitting on my right.

I looked at the guys, and then directly at Austin. “Bro…” I said. “It’s the rule man!” He took off his shirt with a smirk exposing his perfect chest to the rest of the group. I felt the temperature rising in the room. “Look guys! He’s blushing!” Said Luis. “Guys, that’s so fucked up!” I replied, trying to justify my embarrassment… Which was actually more of a deep arousal.

I had dreamt of this moment for so long: Austin lifted his arm behind his head.

“Lick!” He commanded.

He seemed excited by the idea. Maybe, it was just my own arousal talking. Others guys started to shout: “LICK, LICK, LICK, LICK!”

I was fully hard. Did they see it? Would they care? Everyone was drunk.


Austin was waiting for me, now it’s two arms behind his head, flexing his muscles. He was facing me, his chest a few inches from my face. His hairy armpits just below his biceps were sweating.


I went for it. I sniffed and then I licked. I heard the other guys screaming behind me. For a very brief moment, I was in paradise and Austin squeezed my head by locking his arm against my face, forcing me into his sweaty hair. Then he let me go. I do not really remember what happened after that. I must have blacked out. I only knew I wanted more of Austin’s body, sweat, hair, juice… Anything he would let me have.

On the opposite spectrum of those crazy evenings with the guys, Janice was getting really anxious about the exams approaching and she was spending literally all of her free time in my room, well I guessed in “our” room, studying.

A week before the end of the semester, Austin moved all of his stuff in Ashley’s room, including his Garuto collection, formalizing the move out. Ashley and Austin did ask for our opinion first, but Janice and I did not really have a choice and we pretended to be fine with it.

For me, this was the final nail in the coffin.

As I was now closer to Henry, Steve, Luis and Martin who were all part of THE ALPHAS, I had the idea to make them talk. If they were the ones to spill the beans to Ashley about the gangbang and the cheating, Austin would be mad at them and not at me and I would keep Austin away both from Ashley and from his football mates. Two birds, one stone.

The plan seemed to work fine as the boys were teasing me about the fraternity and trying to convince me to join. I faked that I wanted to know more and one conversation leading to another, they finally let things slipped about sex rewards… They had already mentioned Tobias’ sex life during our evenings “between balls”. During the next party, I was pretty sure I could have Steve drunk enough to retell everyone, including Ashley, the sex scenes which would sometimes occur after football practice.

The semester was ending and I knew that I would have to break Ashley and Austin up before Christmas. I thought that if they spent the holidays together, then, it would be too late and I would lose Austin forever.

You see my dear reader, I was forgetting he had never been mine to begin with.

I went to the laundry room in the basement and stumbled onto them. Speaking of the Devil… They were both cuddling as they were waiting for their clothes to dry.

“Oh, I did not know you were here guys!”

“That’s fine Ty.” Said Austin.

“We are not fucking or anything!” Added Ashley with a smile. She was always this blunt.

“Come sit with us!”

I did my laundry and discussed with them. We actually had a really good time.

Chatting and laughing with the couple I was trying to destroy, I felt like pure shit. Right there, I saw something I never took the time to see before, or did not want to see before. In the past few months, despite some insecurities and uncertainties, those two had actually fallen in love.

It was so clear all of the sudden, in the way they were touching each other, looking at each other. They loved each other.

I was disgusted by my behavior. Austin was my friend before being my sexual toy. He was clearly happy with this girl. What the fuck was I thinking lately?

This came as a shock and a sort of a wake-up call.

I went back to my room and started to cry. I was failing my class, hiding who I really was, trying to destroy people’s lives just so I can see my roommate’s dick more often. Janice caught me crying. It was embarrassing. I told her part of the truth; I was feeling down because I expected poor results at my final tests.

Janice was the right person to share my room at that tormented time. I had never met someone so organized with school work and only a few hours after my meltdown, she prepared me a very detailed working schedule. She was a bit too uptight but she was a good person.

The next day, I had my last class with Professor Fletcher. I was so committed to getting back on tracks that I tried to listen to what he was saying about gun regulations instead of creeping at the gun he was merely hiding in his suit pants. I felt sometimes he was positioning himself to reveal more of his body on purpose, but I stayed focused… as much as I could.

There was no Christmas miracle and I did not do very good at my finale tests but Janice’s intense training did work and my head was so much absorbed in academic results that I had put my obsession for Austin aside, at least for the week.

When 10 days later, I presented myself for my last exam, Introduction to Constitutional Laws, I was exhausted and happy to nearly be done with it. Although, Professor Fletcher did not make it easy for me. Daddy Fletcher was once again in a mood to show off, his chest hair coming out of his shirt. He also spent the whole test his legs spread out; his bulge clearly visible. I was now certain that he was not wearing any underwear: visible penis line. I drooled.

At the end of the test, when I gave him back my copy, Professor Fletcher asked me to stay a bit longer. “I would like to talk to you, can you wait here a few minutes?”

I was petrified. Did he notice the staring? Did he already know I had miserably failed his class? Maybe he wanted to offer me some one-on-one tutoring… Wait no, this was me dreaming.

I did not dare to move and I waited, anxious, for my class mates to give back their copies and leave the exam room.

Professor Fletcher put the copies in his bag, and then slowly turned around to look at me. He was sitting but his desk was placed on a platform and even though I was standing up, I felt very small below him.

“Tyler Braxton, right?”


“We say, “Yes, Professor”, or “Yes, Sir”, when addressing to a College’s Professor.” He corrected me.

I was taken aback. Being alone in this huge room with him was intimidating enough, but this tone was killing me. I felt as if I was about to take a spank from my dad.

“Sorry. Hmmm… Sorry, Sir.”

He smiled. I relaxed a little.

“Although, some might consider that since the test is done. I am no longer your professor. Would you consider that Tyler?”

I was puzzled.

“I am not sure… Sir.” This time, I corrected myself.

“Hummm… Well, I would say that we are no longer in a teacher- student relationship.”

What the fuck did he mean? He remained silent. I wanted to leave. Still, the more the conversation kept going, as awkward as it was, the longer I could look at his biceps.

“Sir? Why did you want to see me?” I finally said, trying to break the long and uncomfortable silence.

“You see, Tyler. I wanted to ask you something.”

Why could not he go straight to the point? He was the one asking to see me but I practically had to beg him to know what this was about.

“Yes, Sir… What would you like to know?”

“Tyler, have you been staring at me this whole semester?”

I felt myself blushing instantly, all of my face must have been red. My heart beating accelerated.

“What? I… What do you mean?”

I was confused and like paralyzed.

He only said: “Sir” and looked at me severely.

“Sorry… What do you mean, Sir?”

“I thought my question was clear. Have you been staring at me? More specifically, at my ass, at my biceps maybe, at my bulge certainly?” He spread his legs a bit more, I looked. Then realizing my mistake, looked back at his face. He was perfectly still, calm, his eyes scanning me.

“No, of course not…” I was literally shaking. “Sir, I have not.” I tried to say firmly. I failed.

“Hum… Ok. I just wanted to check. You may go now.”

It took me a while but when the words finally hit my brain, I took my things and started to leave, without a word. I was a few inches away from the door when I stopped.

“What if I were Professor?” I could not believe what I had just said.

He smiled at me. He stood up. He now looked like a giant from his platform.

“Well then, since we are no longer in a teacher-student relationship, I may have invited you home so you could stare at me in a more intimate way.”

I dropped my bag on the floor. He chuckled.

“Sir… I…” He started to walk towards me, got very close. I could feel his manly scent. How could I stay still? He touched my chin and raised it to make sure I would look at him.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Tyler?”

“Yes” I said, without thinking. This could not be happening.

He said “come again.”

I knew what he meant.

“Yes, Sir.” I said.

He moved his hand from my chin and went back to his desk to write something. I was starting to realize what I just said to my professor. I may have gotten myself into a lot of trouble. Of all the situations I could have chosen, this was how I chose to come out to someone for the first time in my life?! What had taken over me?

Professor Fletcher came back to me with a piece of paper. He put it in my hand, I felt warmth as he was closing my hand on the paper.

“This is my personal address, Tyler. If you want to, you can come to my home tonight at 8 PM, we will have a nice diner and then, I will fuck your ass. I will pay you the uber home.” He said those words as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“I’m a virgin.” I could not believe the words coming from my own mouth.

“Even better” He replied, now savagely smiling. He took my hand and put it on his crotch. “See, I’m already starting to get hard.” He was and I was losing my mind. “Although let me be very clear, this is a one-time opportunity only. I will not ask again and even if you come tonight, this will only happen once.”

At the end of that sentence, he gave me a slap; Not too violent but a real slap. “And I told you to call me Sir. You don’t say “I’m a virgin”, you say “I’m a virgin Sir, and I want you to fuck me in the ass for the first time Sir”. Is it understood?”

“Yes, Sir. This is very clear.” My eyes were watering and my hand was still on his crotch.

“Then, maybe I’ll see you tonight Tyler.”

He once again went back to his desk. I picked out my bag off the floor, I realized I was sweating a lot and came out of the classroom. I opened the piece of paper in my hand. I read the address. I was still shaking.

Was I supposed to actually go there? A lot of things could go wrong… This all could be a trick, a trap… If he was serious, he could get fired… I could get kicked out of school?

There was a party on campus that evening. The party where I initially planned to expose the Football team’s secrets to Ashley.

Should I go to Professor Fletcher’s place instead?



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