My first year in College – Chapter 14: New year, new me

My first year in College – Chapter 14: New year, new me?

I was still sticky from the jerk-off session I just had going through his pictures when I read my brother’s message.

“Hi cutie! Hope you had a nice Christmas! ;)”

I hesitated for a split second and replied back:

“Hi handsome! I had a very nice Christmas! Did you have fun?”

Only a few seconds later, I received another message:

“I did… Although, I still ended up alone in my bed..”

I understood where my brother was going with that.

“That’s a shame ;)” I replied.

“Shame”, I had chosen an interesting word there. A psychologist probably would have said that my subconscious was trying to tell me something. “Shame” indeed. I had just cummed and shame was indeed replacing excitement in my heart…

Was I really about to flirt with my big brother sleeping next door?

I thought it through and for once, the reasonable side of my brain won over my penis. I turned off my phone to avoid any temptation and went to bed.

This did not last long though. The next day, I woke up at 10 am with a hard on. As usual, I was horny. Looked like my brain would have to wait for the new year to take the wheel because as of now, my dick was about to take back control of the situation.

My brother had replied to me the previous night, only a few minutes after my last message. It was a picture of himself, similar to his latest public post but even more revealing – his pubic hair were now fully visible.

A few words accompanied the photograph: “Yes… a shame indeed that you’re not here!”

Another message was sent 3 minutes later: “Are you asleep?”

Poor guy, he was waiting for me, well for Anna_X9, for some playful online adventures and Anna, well I, his own brother, stood him up.

I replied with the two eyes emoji and a quick message:

“Wow! Thankfully, I was already asleep when you sent me this message or I could not have slept at all after seeing those abs! Impressive” I inserted a chocolate bar to represent the abs.

He did not reply.

I found out why a few minutes later when I went downstairs: Ryan was chatting with my father in the kitchen. It was snowy outside and he was already dressed from head to toe. He was less prude when we were at his place.

I spent the whole day checking my brother but he did not reply to Anna. I started to play some Call of Duty online with Austin waiting for Ryan to go to bed to hopefully, receive his next message. We were on the 27th, I still had four days left before following through on my resolution and becoming the “new me”.

His message came sooner than I was expecting — from the sounds I could hear, he had not returned to his room right next to mine yet.

“You like my abs?” He wrote. He was direct this time around.

I killed a few more soldiers to help out Austin and quit the game. I needed to enter a more serious battle. Austin had to go anyway.

I started to undress, removed my underwear and lied on my bed. A feeling of guilt popped into my mind as I started to touch my dick. Very soon, I would be a whole new man but before that, I could authorize myself some dirty fun. I was not hurting anyone.

“I would be lying if I said I did not want to lick those abs…” Do I need to specify that I accompanied this message with 3 tongue emojis?

RAMSOM_PL was already typing. I was getting hard.

“Well, If I ever come to Moscow… Maybe I will make you taste them! But then, I will have to taste you as well”. His following message contained the usual fire emojis. We were indeed flirting.

He did not wait for me to response and sent a picture live. He was in the bathroom this time. Only wearing a towel. Followed instantly by a second picture, focusing on his slightly hairy abs. He was flexing them. The cheeky fucker, flaunting Anna’s next meal.

I replied with a sexy selfie of Sofia/Anna I had in my collection, more revealing than what She/I would post on the Instagram profile.

“Why the American men always look so hot?” I responded.

“Why the Russian girls live so far away? ;)”

I sent another pic, where casually, he could see my feet. I meant Anna/Sofia’s feet, you get it. The effect was immediate.

“Love your body!”. “Love your feet as well!”

He sent another picture of himself; he was still wearing a towel but was now clearly hard underneath. He made sure I could see the very large bulge through the fabric. All I wanted to do was running through the corridor and kneeling at his feet. Sadly, this was impossible, at least, in real life. On the virtual world of Instagram, I could keep on playing.

“I love a sexy man licking me… my neck… my boobs… my feet.”

I knew which buttons to push to get him horny and the next picture he sent did not leave any room to the imagination.

“Look what you do to me!”

He was now fully naked and fully hard, exposing his huge uncut cock. I started jerking off, now shaking a bit while I was replying.

“That looks tasty as fuck.” I said to my brother.

I sent another picture. This time of Anna/Sofia naked, touching her boobs.

“Can I see the sexy feet of yours?” He requested.

Thankfully, I had anticipated this scenario and I had plenty “feet” content to choose from. I sent a couple of pictures. He did not reply right away. I thought he might have understood he was being catfished or maybe, he had cum right away. I paid close attention to my surroundings and I could hear the shower running from the bathroom next door.

A few minutes later, I received a video.

My brother was wanking his beautiful dick under the shower, going back and forth on his foreskin with his free hand while the other one was holding his phone. He knew how to do it right. He did not focus only on his dick, he zoomed in on his abs, his entire chest, his hairy nipples, and then… his lips… Showing off his tongue… Ready for some licking.

I could not believe what he was doing. What I was making him do.

I sent a video as well.

“You are making me horny Ry..” I started to write before realizing my huge mistake. I retyped the message. It was close, I almost sent it and called him Ryan. It would have blown my cover. “You are making me horny RAMSOM! Show me how you will suck my toes.”

“I will take some proper good care of your feet babe. I can promise you that.”

The other picture was of his tongue coming out of his mouth, dripping with saliva. Then a video, he was licking his own hand, showing me how he could suck a foot… What a naughty bastard! Well, I was not one to talk. I was wondering how far he could go now.

I sent a couple more pictures and some raunchy messages.

He sent me another video of himself wanking his big dick. Just like mine, it was leaking a lot. That did run in the family.

“I’m about to cum” He wrote.

I was about to cum as well. I wanted to see more though. I wanted this to last longer. One particular desire was growing on me: I wanted to see his asshole.

I sent another video.

“Fuck me baby. Suck my feet and fuck me!” I wrote. Anna was getting proper filthy.

I started to type a message about his ass when I heard the shower stop running and I received another video. My last video of the night.

My big brother was cumming under the shower, his thick cum splashing on the grey wall and sliding down. Watching this made me cum at the same time.

“Thanks for this babe. Hope we can talk soon… and play some more!” He wrote.

I heard him getting back in his room.

“Sure… It was great for me also. Cannot wait!”

Just after I sent this message, I put some underwear on and ran to the bathroom, straight to the shower. I could no longer see his cum on the grey wall but I licked it anyway, I knew it had been there a few seconds ago. I licked the wall until I could convince myself I had felt a taste of his cum. I could be so naughty at times.

The next day was not much different.

I spent the morning with my brother, playing games (no sexual game, I should specify), the afternoon online with Austin, and during the evening, once we were both alone in our room, my brother and I jerked off together. Well, I jerked off with him and he jerked off with “Anna”.

Things were getting raunchier. After a couple pictures and videos of his hard dick, he started to show off his feet so I could lick them too. At this point, I knew what I wanted. I had been thinking about this all day.

“I want to lick all of you: your abs, your cock, your balls, your feet, your ass.”

He understood the message.

On the next picture I received, my brother was spreading his hairy cheeks for me while flaunting his feet. His pink asshole looked delicious. I needed it. I wanted to dive in it. “Sit on me!” I wrote. He sent another picture from another angle. His asshole closer to the camera, closer to my face, closer to my mouth. Shit, my jizz came out of the dick without being able to control it.

But I knew he was not done. And I was not done either.

As we continued to send videos back and forth, my dick got hard again and I was preparing myself for another cum.

“Do you think you could take my whole two feet in your big mouth my American boy?” I asked. Drunk in excitement and power.

He replied again with a video. Deep-throating his own hand! For the opportunity of receiving one or two additional videos from “Anna”, my brother was ready to do anything, including sucking off his fingers and take his whole hand in his mouth. I cummed for the second time watching that. I was considerate though, I made sure to send him a few more messages and videos to make him cum as well. He did.

I missed on the opportunity to ask him to lick his own semen. Probably, it would have been too much anyway. Maybe next time? I smiled at that thought.

On December 29th, 2021, my nightly wanking session to come with my brother was the only thing in my mind. Thinking back, I was careless. He could have seen the Instagram profile on my phone. He could have noticed he only received messages of Anna when I was alone in my room or in the bathroom. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I said things close to revealing I was a guy like: “I’m going to explode”. But he did not seem to notice anything.

When the evening came, I approached him more boldly and sent him a picture of Anna licking her own feet. He did not respond; I sent a second one with a text: “Up for some naughty fun? I’m horny.” He saw the message but did not reply.

I was disappointed. Was it all over? So soon? Full of regrets already, I thought that I should have asked him to go further when I had the chance. Did he find another girl? Did he have doubt that I was a catfish? Was it because of Mallory? After all, he was also doing something forbidden, nobody knew he was sending nudes and videos of his feet (and more) to other girls… Maybe last night, he had felt guilty too?

The next morning, I had a message from RAMSOM_PL: “Sorry babe, I could not play yesterday… And starting from tomorrow, I may be less available for a little while. Would you be free tonight?”

The message was both reassuring, his absence did not seem to have anything to do with Anna, and frustrating, this little game would be over soon.

I did not know what had prevented Ryan from sexting the night before but I knew that Mallory would come back for New Year’s Eve and then, she would return to Perv City with him. The evening to come was therefore my last chance to play with my brother.

He was the one writing to me first at 10pm: “Up?”

“Up and fucking horny.” I replied. Go big or go home, I thought.

“Me too.” He said, with a picture of his hard dick proving his point. Apparently, he was in the same mood as I was.

“Nice…” A pussy selfie accompanied my comment. “RAMSOM, I am caressing myself on the picture of you where you wear a jockstrap, is that ok?”

“More than OK. I encourage it!” He sent me a video of him, going back and forth on his uncut cock, his leaking head coming in and coming out from his foreskin.

Sometimes it was weird as his dick looked so much like mine, just a bit bigger.

“Could you wear it now?” I dared to say. “?” He replied. “The jockstrap.”

I waited for his reply. I was anxious. Did I go too far already? I had so much plans for tonight.

“Wait a minute.” He wrote.

I heard some noise in the corridor. He was moving from his bedroom to the bathroom. Normally, nobody would enter our rooms without asking first but there was no lock on our doors. I knew, and he knew, that in the bathroom, he was perfectly safe from any outside intrusion.

He sent me a picture a few minutes later. He was wearing the grey jockstraps, flexing his muscles near the toilets. Why did my brother think It was appropriate clothes to bring for his few days back in the family home? I had no idea. But I was not complaining.

“What do you want me to do babe?” He asked.

This was all the push I needed to go further. So, he liked to be submissive. I guess this was not uncommon for guys into licking and worshiping women’s feet.

“Spread that ass for your girl.” I wrote. I was jerking off hard but I did not want to cum. I wanted to appreciate this moment for as long as possible. Ryan had given me a lot of power and I intended to use it.

My big brother obeyed.

In the next video, his phone was on the floor, and from this angle, above the camera, he was spreading his cheeks as wide as he could with his two hands, still wearing his jockstrap. He squatted several times towards the phone. Nasty fucker. I loved it. I wanted to drown in that asshole. I wanted to rim him like I did to Professor Fletcher. I would spit in it. Choke in it. Fuck, I would eat that ass so much better than I did to Fletcher! My brother deserved it more.

I wrote him exactly that, except for the part regarding Professor Fletcher. My filthy talk encouraged him even more.

In the next video, he was whispering. Not cumming at this point was more difficult than ever: “Anna, you want to lick my dirty ass. I want to lick yours too. Show me more of your feet, I want to be your dirty boy.”

This was unreal. But my brother was saying those words. To me. He just did not know I was me.

He was leaking with tons of precum. I ate mine. I knew what he had to do next.

“Suck your precum boy!” I wrote.

Again, he obeyed. He sucked his fingers almost as if it was a delicious big cock. I could not believe it, the way he was going at it. My brother was not a dominant daddy, he was a slut! We were not that different after all!

“Can I finger my ass?” he asked.

Reading these words on my screen was more erotic than any porn I could have watched. Some cum actually came out of my dick but I tried to contain my orgasm. I was shaking while I typed the two letters:


He did, using his precum as lube, he showed me how deep he could get one, and then two fingers up his hairy asshole. His ass was tight, it looked not perfectly clean, but it did not stop him.

“Put something larger in it.” I commanded. He was the one asking for it. He was the one requesting it!

He showed me a toothbrush. MY toothbrush! HE WOULD NOT DARE?!

“Not that big, but good enough.” I replied.

And just like that, he started to send me multiple videos of himself fucking his ass with my own toothbrush. The emotions that I felt while he was sliding the long tool deeper and deeper in his ass is indescribable. He was moaning too. Following his example, I started fingering myself too, searching for my prostate.

He sent another video: he was cumming all over the bahtroom’s floor. “Could not help it” he wrote. He was too excited.

This time I asked.

“NOW LICK THE FLOOR.” I wrote, all caps. “EAT THAT CUM!”

He did. He fucking did! I jeezed one of my biggest loads ever watching his tongue clean up the dirty floor. The wall behind me was covered with cum, my face and my sheets too. I was shaking. My brother was proudly showing me his mouth wide open, full of his own sperm.

A few minutes later, I heard him coming back to his room. Just like a few nights before, I went straight to the bathroom. The cum was cleaned up now but I had another idea in mind. I suddenly felt like brushing my teeth. I started sucking on my own toothbrush so I could smell and eat my brother’s asshole. It was deep in his anus just minutes ago. That thought only was enough to get me going. My brother did not even care enough to wash it. Maybe, it was a sick game of his. He wanted to me to use it afterwards. But I was a bigger pervert than my brother!

I jerked off again, watching back the video of my brother fucking himself with my toothbrush while I was now deepthroating this surprising dildo. I cummed on the floor, exactly where he did, and my dick was starting to hurt.

As always, shame got to me when I went back in my room, That night though, I tried to reassure myself. The next day would be December 31th, at midnight we would be celebrating New Year’s Eve so this, this was my last moment of perversion before “New Year New Me”.

As planned, the next day Mallory came back, as well as Austin who arrived a few hours later and met my brother and the rest of my family for the very first time. It was like seeing two worlds collide and I did have a weird feeling in my stomach when Ryan and Austin hugged to say hello.

They were both so handsome. A perfect match. If my days of being a dirty creep were not behind me, I would have imagined myself between this beautiful sandwich. Sucking one while getting fucked by the other.

We had fun preparing the New Year’s party together. When Ryan realized Austin was perfectly straight and we were just friends, he seemed puzzled. I’m sure he thought we were a couple until then.

My heart skipped a beat when Mallory asked to Austin: “So; can you tell me more about that Sofia girl?”

I did not understand at first, but then I remembered the lie I told during Christmas’ dinner. Shit. My story would not add up as Austin of course would say, and did say,:


“Ty’s girlfriend?” Said Ryan, interrogative.

“Oh!” Austin seemed to understand. “I did even know her name was Sofia!” He then spoke directly to me: “And you share her name with your family and not with me!” In his tone, he pretended to be pissed but Austin was actually smiling.

Again, I did not get what was going on until I remembered… On the last day of the semester, after my encounter with Professor Fletcher, I did say to Austin I was no longer a virgin and that I had just fucked a girl. In a sense, he knew that I was “seeing someone”. He probably thought this person was the “Sofia” girl Mallory was referring to.

“Austin, if we connect our data, maybe we will learn more about this mystery girlfriend!” Said my brother.

“Hmmm, maybe, but those additional info are bound by roommate secrecy”, Austin replied, winking at me.

In a weird way, that conversation made the possibility of me having an actual girlfriend more believable for my family and for Austin.

The New Year’s Eve party was a success and everyone ended up pretty drunk. I was careful though: Austin and I were supposed to share the same bed and I wanted to be in full control of myself when that time would come. I knew too well the difficulties I had to control my urges and I was pretty sure it would be even worse if I were drunk.


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