My first year in College – Chapter 13: Sofia and Anna

My first year in College – Chapter 13: Sofia and Anna

I did not have time to process what had happened on the last day of the first semester that I was already back at my Parents’ dinner table in a home warmly decorated for Christmas.

We had slightly more than 2 weeks off before going back to class and I thought I may use this time to — finally – get myself together. I had just had sex for the first time. With one of my College’s professor. Nobody besides him knew I was gay. Except from my brother but I had never actually come out to him…

I was a mess.

And what about Austin? My roommate. My best friend. My jerk-off buddy. My obsession. He had just broken up with Ashley. He would be back in our shared dorm-room in a couple of weeks. Maybe it was time for me to come out to him. But would he let me touch his dick again once he knew? Would he ask to switch room?

“I asked you a question Ty? Hello?” My dad was frowning at me. Annoyed.

“Sorry dad, I just got lost in my thoughts. You were saying?”

“Ryan and Mallory will be there for Christmas, then Mallory will go spend some time with her family but your brother will stay with us for a few more days. Do you think we could organize something for New Year’s Eve, you’d like to invite anyone? Friends from home or even friends from College if they can make the trip?”

“Yes… Maybe…” I was not too sure if this was a good idea.

“Wow, always nice to show some enthusiasm when you parents offer to organize a big party…” My mom was not very fond of what she considered to be my ungrateful attitude. To be frank, I was not fond of her attitude either. I was young. And stupid.

There were some perks being back home. At my parents’ house, I had a bedroom for myself and after 4 months of sharing a room, I could finally jerk off in peace. Although, I did not have Austin to provide me with masturbation material. Hence, I had to turn to porn, once again.

No need to pretend I was watching straight porn when I was alone, I could look for a good old raunchy gay porn. First thing that came was called: “My boyfriend is a foot freak: keep on sniffing!” I smiled to myself. They almost got it right. It should have been called: “My brother is a foot freak: keep on DMing.”

I got hard.

In my bedroom, I could check my brother secret Instagram profile more easily. RAMSOM_PL had now 586 followers and 276 posts available. He had not changed his profile picture; he was still unrecognizable.

If only I could send him a request to follow, I could check his sexy pictures… The few minutes I had spent on his page was one of the most exciting moments of my life. To be fair, Ryan was also sleeping next to me at that exact time, his hard dick poking out from his pajamas, but still, I was certain I would thoroughly enjoy to scroll through his posts.

I was supposed to get myself together, not leaning in my worst perv instincts, especially when they were about my big brother.

Although, if I really wanted too, there was a way I could send him a request to follow.

I had nothing to do but playing video games all day, sometimes alone, sometimes online with Austin. We were both fairly good at Call of Duty. Hence, I had time to find another hobby to fill out my two weeks of holidays.

Once the idea had formed into my brain, it was already too late. To be frank, I think the idea had formed a long time ago, the night I found out about Ryan’s alternative Instagram. I just never dared to really stop and think about it. I was rarely by myself when I was on Campus anyway. But here…

I was battling with myself. I did have a resolution. I wanted to set myself back on track. The goal was to finally have the courage to come out as gay and to find myself a real boyfriend, not a psycho College professor, not a straight roommate, and even less so, my own brother…


Those are the type of things we do at new year. Right?

I had 10 more days before that…

What if I indulged in my filthy fantasies? For the last time. Then, I could start 2022 right. I would have gotten it out of my system.

But since it would be the last time I would fantasize on my brother or a straight guy. I figured that had to do it right. I had to go full in. A last hurrah!

The next part of the story is probably the part I am the most ashamed of, but because I fully trust you and because I hope you can learn from my mistakes. I will tell it all.

For the next couple of days, I spent most of my time creating the perfect fake Instagram account. Catfishing is a full-time job and it was made for an obsessive geeky guy like me.

First, I needed to find the perfect girl.

That did not mean the hottest girl of the world. She needed to be hot but my brother would accept my request only if my profile looked real. I needed to have tons of photos, and they had to look genuine… I thought, maybe I should also send X-rated stuff in RAMSOM_PL’s DMs… I needed both soft pictures to make the profile believable and hardcore stuff to get Ryan horny. Of course, I also needed feet stuff, no doubt it was his thing.

I searched “feet girls”, “sexy feet women”, “girls show feet” and I stumbled into a world I never knew existed. Thousands and thousands of girls were showing off for even more guys to enjoy. The feet community online was real and vibrant.

However, I was afraid my brother would already know some of the “feet” girls. After hours of research, I ended up on a Russian girl’s Onlyfans, she did not have much following but had 1.340 posts on her page. I subscribed.

I had found the perfect girl.

Her posts did not have more than 10 or 15 likes each but she had been sharing multiple selfies and videos of her, a high number featuring her feet, every day for the past couple of years. She had an Instagram already but RAMSOM_PL was not among her followers. She barely used it and had only 300 followers. The chances my brother would recognize her were very slim.

Her name was Sofia, well at least her “Onlyfans name” was Sofia, but I would call her Anna.

Once I had the girl, the next step was to create the profile: “Anna_X9”.

Thanks to some knowledge in social media and good tips I gathered on specialized forums, I found a way to post pictures on the Instagram profile which would be dated from several years/months apart so the profile would not seem too new.

I took photos of Sofia, and uploaded them at different period of times. It looked real as fuck.

Only problem was: Anna had 0 follower and 0 like. This was the next step in my catfishing journey.

I started to follow hundreds of guys, who gave me follow back and liked my pictures. A lot of horny guys out-there. I was not fooling the smart ones but enough guys started to like my stuff to make the profile credible. Damn, when it came to get some following, girls had it way easier than guys on social media back in 2021.

I did not need thousands of subscribers, just enough so we could think my Instagram had been active for a couple of years.

On the third day of my plan, I was “Anna_X9”, I had 234 subscribers, I followed 78 persons, both women and guys to make it real, and my bio was saying: “Moscow Girl at heart. Dance like nobody is watching <3”.

I know right? I was good! Not as good as I thought though… But more on that later.

We had arrived to the finale step: the day before Christmas eve, I sent my request to “RAMSOM_PL” and waited.

And waited.



I was checking every hour to see if RANSOM_PL had accepted my request but nothing. My DMs were full with guys trying to hit on me, but my brother was not one of them.

Jaded, that night, I jerked off to complete strangers sending Anna_X9 dick pics in her DMs. Straight guys are not really good with dick selfies, I can tell you that much, but it gave me a bit of practice for entertaining guys with Anna/Sofia’s profile. It worked well. I did cum right in my mouth so the night was not a total waste of time.

The next day, Mallory and Ryan arrived at the house. Despite my creepy behavior – that I was telling myself I would correct for the new year – I was actually happy to see them and spend time with my brother. Through the cold weather, we found an indoor court and played some tennis before attending the Christmas dinner. Checking him getting undressed before and after the match, I felt a bit guilty of what I was doing. Such a nice big uncut dick though.

I should have felt guiltier.

During Christmas dinners, questions about a potential girlfriend seem to be more pressing every year and now with College, I was cornered at every turn. I ended up saying to one of my aunts: “I’m seeing a girl… Her name is Sofia but this is nothing serious yet…”

My brother scrutinized me. He did not say anything.

Before going to sleep, I checked again. My request was still pending. It felt weird now that my brother was here, sleeping in the other room with her girlfriend. I almost cancelled the whole thing.

The next day was spent eating some more and exchanging gifts. There was a box with a weird packaging under the tree, waiting for me. The gift was poorly wrapped and we could barely read my name on it. I looked at my family, puzzled.

“This one came in the mail box two days ago”, said my mom “We don’t know where it’s from.” She seemed as curious as I was.

I opened it. It was a replica of a bronze sphere, representing a planet outside of our solar system. I recognized it right away: the planet where Garuto was born. A little paper said: “Thanks for getting me the latest edition. Your fave roommate.”

I was so moved; I could have cried.

My mom read the paper to everyone and they all seem pleased I was getting along so well with my roommate.

Ryan was scanning me, smiling. He thought we were boyfriends for sure.

Sadly, he was wrong.

I called Austin thanking him a lot, embarrassed that I did not give him anything. He said that I was saving his holidays with our Call of Duty online gaming and that it was the only thing keeping him from thinking about Ashley. I proposed that he joins us for New Year’s Eve and he actually said yes. I was over the Moon.

That night, I did not think about Anna or Sofia, I thought about Austin and I. I had feelings for him. Not just lust. Actual feelings. My stomach hurt.

On the 26th, Mallory left to spend some time with her family and Ryan stood behind.

A few hours later as I was about to get to bed, I heard my phone vibrating. RANSOM_PL had finally accepted the request. Of course, Mallory was away, now Ryan could play.

My heart started pounded fast.

I finally had access to my brother secret profile. My dick got hard instantly. I received a text from Austin: “up for a late-night game?”. “Sorry, not tonight, I’m spending time with my brother.” I replied. At least, I did not lie.

I got myself naked, lied on my bed and I started to go through the pictures of my brother. 276 posts of Ryan showing off. I went back to his very first pictures from 3 years ago, I wanted to appreciate the moment and make it last. Starting from the first posts, I could see him slowly getting more daring in his content throughout the years.

The first picture was just him shirtless. 20 years old Ryan was a bit less muscular and a bit less hairy. He was already very athletic and very hot though. Second picture, he had a grey tank top on, I knew this photo actually as he put it on his real Instagram as well. Third picture was in the same tank top but a detail caught my attention, his bare feet were casually lying on the coffee table in front of him.

This may have look innocent but knowing what I knew then, I was convinced he was purposely showing off his manly feet.

Things got steamier about 50 posts later when he stopped pretending to sometimes wear clothes and was shirtless on every single pic. On his 65th post, he was wearing only black boxer briefs. His bulge was showing. This is where I actually started to jerk off.

Again, I am not proud to admit it but I zoomed in on his crotch and beat off my dick to that picture for long minutes. I could have cummed already but I wanted to go through the whole page. 211 posts to go.

The following posts were all in the same black briefs. Some were shot from behind, showing off his bubble butt through the fabric, it was from two years ago and his ass had gotten thicker since then. The 71th post was the most sexual yet: he was in the same underwear, but was flexing his muscles, his tongue out, in sort of a provocative way, his V line proudly exposed. He was wearing his underwear so low, there was no mistake it was on purpose.

The post after this one, he was showing off his feet wearing even tighter blue boxers. My brother’s toes were now in the forefront of the picture as he was lying down on his bed.

I jerked off harder. He was purposely flaunting his body. He wanted his audience to get aroused. It was working!

After some pics in underwear – I particularly loved his white Calvin Klein’s, as they made me think about Austin, he tried something new: Speedos. I had already seen my brother at competition or in the pool, but I had never seen him wear those speedos. They were grey, almost silver, very tight, too tight for his big dick and butt. He knew it. He wanted it this way. He was practically naked on his 106th post, as naked as Instagram would allow (fuck their community guidelines), except for these very thin speedos covering his junk while exposing a clearly visible penis line and big balls. His body was now more athletic. More developed.

I zoomed in on his barely hidden penis and this time, I had to put down my phone and take a breath so I would not cum. I thought about Ryan, who was sleeping in the room next to me. Probably naked. This was not helping me calm down.

After a few minutes, I went back on the page. Post 111, post 123, post 145… Maybe he could not get any filthier on his Instagram. Various speedos. Various angles showing off his muscles, his feet. His wet body. Switching positions. But nothing more than a barely naked Instagram Model. Don’t get me wrong, I was still very much appreciating the show.

Post 153: that was interesting. He was wearing only a towel, his right arm behind his head. His body looked more like the one I got to see recently, more chiseled, more athletic, showing off a lot of hair under his armpits, around his nipples… His pubes were visible, just a little bit, but still, right above his towel which he was wearing low.

Post 154: Same towel but view from behind… I could see his ass-crack now. It was shaved. I preferred it with a little bit of hair but I appreciated the time he took to prepare himself for this picture.

I had to put my phone down once again. I was edging.

Post 185: He was actually touching his feet. A dirty look on his face. He looked like an actual Pornstar, the perfect fit for Anna/Sofia. Or dare I say… the perfect feet!

Getting access to his dirty secrets, to his filthy side was more arousing than I could tell. Seeing him flaunting his huge biceps. On some pics, it seemed like he was about to lick them. What a whore I thought!

Post 187: He had both of his hands behind his head, wearing some black speedos, his body fully wet out of the pool. His hairy thighs looking stronger than ever. His abs pearling with water. The comments under the post were insane, those girls were drooling over this wet God. I was too.

Post 201 almost got me cumming. He was naked! Completely naked. Kind of an artsy shoot. I was wondering if he was playing alone with his phone or if he had help taking the picture. Probably not Mallory. Was he seeing someone? Or maybe a male photographer offered him some guidance? I would have taken the job. Shot from behind, he was standing up in the middle of his living room in Perv City. This photo was more recent. His ass looked spectacular. Just like when I surprised him naked during my weekend at his place. But here, I could take the time to study every detail of his muscular butt. I could imagine myself spreading it. Licking it. Eating his asshole.

I almost licked my screen…

Following posts featured more underwear, more pits, more muscles, more feet, more speedos… Some towels… Throughout the months my brother had learnt to play with the camera and now every angle used was another occasion to show off a specific part of his sculptural body.

The last 10 posts were probably the best ones. Winter got him horny!

He was winking at the camera. He was taking himself in picture from below his crotch. His bulge was most of the time the center piece of his pictures.

Post 275: He was wearing a grey jockstrap. I almost died. He was photographed from the front so I could not see his hairy bare ass but seeing him wearing this. I could not hold myself any longer. His big bulge looked delicious in those. It was like he was about to participate in a gay porn scene. FUCK.

My cum was about to be released when I realized that, damn, he had just posted!

Live from his bedroom. A few feet away from me. A couple minutes ago.

The 277th post featured Ryan, lying naked in his bed, the covers barely hiding his junks, pubic hair partly visible. There was a legend under the post: “Who needs some heat during winter nights?”.

I blew my load reading that. I was too excited, I aimed at my eyes unintentionally. I was blind for a few seconds: Karma, I guess.

After collecting my cum and eagerly licking it out of my fingers, I checked my inbox, well Anna’s inbox, well Sofia’s inbox — you know what I mean – which was full as usual.

My heart skipped a bit, I had a message from RAMSOM_PL a couple hours ago, right after he accepted my request. I had not even noticed.

“Hi cutie! Hope you had a nice Christmas! ;)”

Things were about to escalate. Quickly.



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