My first year in College – Chapter 12: An early Christmas present

My first year in College – Chapter 12: An early Christmas present.

It was 8 pm and I was standing right outside my Constitutional Laws Professor’s house. What the fuck was I doing with my life? Was I really about to lose my virginity that night? Somehow, all of this felt unreal.

I knocked at the door, almost ready to be caught up by a group of camera men telling me this was just a prank and laughing at my confused face.

After maybe 20 seconds, Professor Fletcher opened the door. He was wearing a fancy suit as usual, but this time, 3 buttons were already opened letting me see his hairy muscular chest. This was not a joke then.

“So, you have decided to come Tyler.”

“Yes.” I replied, unsure if I should have run away.

“Do not tell me you have forgotten the first rule already?” He was speaking very firmly but had also a light smile under his bearded face.

“Yes, Sir.” I said insisted on the “Sir” to prove that I had learnt my lesson.

“Please come in”.

He let me in in his house. I was in a corridor lightly decorated, everything was pretty much in wood, there were some plants and a big painting. A painting of a male ass, which was contrasting with the old decorum of the room. I was shaking a bit but I had made my decision, I would go for it.

I entered a living room. It was very large and beautiful, a fire in the chimney was warming us — as if I needed any more heat – and some reddish lights gave a very particular vibe to the room. An erotic vibe.

“Sit.” Professor Fletcher said, or rather ordered. He could have spoken this way to a dog.

I obeyed and took a sit at the large dining table. He did not say another word and left the room. Maybe I was about to get killed? I had rarely been that nervous.

“I cooked some coq au vin” he said, coming back into the room with a very large plate.

“Some what?” I could not stop me from asking.

“Coq au vin. It is French and delicious. Just like the last boy I fucked.”

It was indeed delicious. We ate together in almost complete silent. He was on the other side of the large table and with the strange lighting of the room, I could hardly see his face.

I could have been in a party with my friends, of my own age, having fun… staying safe. And I was eating coq au vin with Mister Fletcher. An older man who had slapped me in the face, the very same day.

After a while, he spoke again.

“So, should we fuck now or do you want to eat some dessert first?”

I was again shocked by his words. I was so naive back then.

“I…” What was I supposed to say? Was there a right answer?

“Tyler, I asked you a question. Consent is very important to me. Should we fuck, now? Should we have some dessert instead? Or maybe, you want to go home?” He stood up.

“I… I don’t want to go home… Sir.”

He walked towards me and touched my neck with his long fingers. I was still sitting down.

“So, what will it be?” He moved his crotch near my shoulder and then pressed himself against me. “Sex or dessert?”

“Why not both Sir?” The excitement I was feeling had triumphed my nervousness. I could feel his dick, hard against my shoulder, I was getting hard myself. I could smell him. I wanted to touch him.

“You are greedy.” He said with a smile.

I did not reply.

“We can have sex first, that should help me getting out the dessert.” He moved my hand towards his crotch. This time, I grabbed his dick through his suit pants. Felt his balls.

“Mmmmm” I moaned inadvertently.

He slapped my hand.

“Not too fast boy.”

Did I make a mistake? Would that end here? No, this was too good.

“Sorry Sir” I looked above me to see his face, he was no longer smiling but did not seem mad either.

“As I told you, this will be a one-time only experience as I do not like to eat the same meal and fuck the same ass twice. Therefore, you should try to appreciate it.”

“Of course!” He slapped me. “Of course, Sir!” I corrected myself.

I could barely recognize myself. Did those words actually come from my mouth?

Professor Fletcher went towards the couches near the chimney and sat down in a large armchair. He put his feet – he was still wearing fancy black shoes – on the coffee table.

“Come to me.” He ordered. I stood up and walk towards him. “Now take off your clothes.”

I stopped.

I was not ready for that command.

I wanted to see him naked, but taking off my clothes in front of my Constitutional Laws Professor while he was staring at me. I felt too exposed. My insecurities were still very much present despite the nights spent barely naked or totally naked with Austin.

“I said take off your clothes.”

“I don’t think I can Sir.”

He seemed annoyed. Disappointed. He did not like resistance.

“Look boy, you are free to do what you want but either you obey me, either you go home.”

“It’s just… I’m a virgin and…” this word seemed triggering to Professor Fletcher as he got a little twitch and I could swear I saw his bulge moving. “And… this is a first for me… I’m not sure I’m comfortable being naked… Sir.” I added.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you want me to fuck your virgin ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then shut up and get naked. Now.” He opened his zipper and got his dick and then his balls out of his pants. As I suspected, he did not wear any underwear. His cock was huge, scary, tempting. This was enough motivation: I took off my clothes. I was now in underwear standing before him. He could see that I was hard, that made him even harder.

“I said, take off your clothes.” He stared at my underwear.

I got this weird feeling again. What if all of this was a mockery, what if the whole College knew? What if, once I was fully naked, he would just laugh and send me home?

I looked at his big dick and hairy pecs and balls, again, it was sufficient to keep me going and remove my boxers. I had cleaned my ass before coming here, I did want to be fucked for the first time.

“Now get on your knees and crawl towards me.”

“Yes Sir.”

I was so vulnerable, he was in full control, in a weird way, it was reassuring. I crawled towards him, making sure to show off my ass.

“Take off my shoes.”

“Yes Sir.” I immediately obeyed.

“My socks too.”

I did, his feet were big. I noticed it the very first day of class and now they were 2 inches away from my eyes, from my lips, from my nose. I started to smell his right foot. It was purely instinctive. He did not comment. I sniffed the other foot. I thought about my brother and his foot fetish.

“Can I suck them, Sir?” I asked.

He smiled.

“Only if you do it right, bitch.” He put one of his feet on my cheek. I was his bitch indeed.

I started to lick his big toe and then sucked it. His toe only was already large. It tasted bad but that felt right. I got even more excited. I licked the other toes, then the other foot. I was now watching him in the eyes, almost daring him to slap me again as I was sucking on his toes.

“Take the whole thing in your mouth bitch, I told you to do this right.”

“Yes Sir” I said. I had some trouble to speak, his toes already in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and tried to take his whole foot in, it was merely impossible. A tear started to come out my right eye. I tried to push myself and almost puked. “Sorry Sir, I think it’s too big.”

He stood up. He pushed my head towards the floor with his right foot.

“Look at me”

His foot was still blocking me, pushing my head against the floor, so much his command was almost impossible to follow. I moved my face on the left trying to look above me. Beyond his huge foot which he was still pressing against me, I saw his face. Right when our eyes locked, he spat on me. I moaned.

I wanted more. I tried to lick his foot in this position, without his permission. He let me have that and then he said.

“Now stood up and get me naked.”

I obeyed immediately. What else could I do? When I stood up, he noticed that my dick was already leaking with precum.

“I always precum a lot Sir…” I apologized.

“As sluts do.” He replied. I smiled, proud of myself.

I started to undress him, starting by his shirt, once I had it fully removed, I whispered in his ear:

“I am a slut Sir. I’m a virgin slut.”

His dick still out of his pants throbbed. Again, I smiled.

“Oh yes you fucking are!” He pulled my face against his armpits and forced me against his left armpit, pulling my hair. I had no time to prepare for this move. I was chocking under his hairy sweaty armpits covering my mouth and my nose. I coughed. I spat. He did not let go. Then, he put his hand around my throat. “Don’t get me too horny virgin boy, I don’t think you can take it.” Like an animal, he licked a tear which was coming from my eye. His tongue wet my whole face. I almost cummed instantly. I had never been this aroused in my entire life. I was scared at the same time but this was all part of the excitement.

“Can I touch your chest Sir?”

“I’ll allow it.”

I started to massage his chest while finishing undressing him. I felt his long hair around his nipples, on his belly, he was so strong, so manly. I felt his huge biceps. I removed his trousers and he was now fully naked, his large dick, hard as a rock. It was all thanks to me. I turned around him, I felt his back, his ass. I was worshiping and touching his whole body.

I did not dare to touch his dick though.

“Suck my nipples” He said.

I obliged, immediately. I could not believe that I was so hesitant to actually accept his proposal at first. This was the best moment of my life. I licked his nipples trying to do the best job possible, looking him in the eyes when I could. I bite one, he moaned, I did it again, he moaned some more, I spat on it, he slapped me. This time it was a real hard slap. It disoriented me a bit. I teared up.

He sat down on his armchair again.


“Yes Sir.”

He was uncut but the head of his dick was clearly visible, I crawled towards it. I knew what he wanted now and I was more than ready for it.

“Beg me.” He said. I did not comprehend at first. Then I looked at him and said:

“Please Sir, let me suck your big dick. I am YOUR virgin slut!”

“Open your mouth.”

I did.


I tried.


I tried harder.

His response was violent. He suddenly pushed his very hard cock inside my mouth and my throat. I felt like someone was pushing a baton in me. I had a strong gag reflex and push it back. A crazy amount of saliva came out of my mouth. I almost puked. His dick was wet.


I did. Every inch of it. His dick was a bit smaller than Austin’s but it was larger. I licked my saliva out of his shaft, I felt the hot dick vibrating under my tongue. There was some precum on its dickhead, I went for it. Some of my saliva fell on the floor and on his feet, he was playing with it between his toes. I cleaned it all up. I was determined to do a good job.

Then I went back on his dick and offered him a blow job, for real this time. I was the one going on it. Trying to swallow as much as possible. I heard him moaning. He was moving my head with his hand, but slower than before. I could really appreciate the moment, my mouth full of his meaty dick. I pushed myself trying to get it deep in my throat, the girth and my gagging reflex stopped me. My nose could almost touch his bush.

I felt some cum coming out of my dick, I was so excited I could not stop it.

“Sir… I….” I went on his dick again “I think I…” and again “I’m gonna cum”.

“DON’T.” He shouted.

He pushed me away with his feet on my chest, I fell back on the floor. Afterwards, he put his legs up in the air and there I was, in “Toss my Law Professor’s salad, episode 1.”

His ass was thick, muscular, hairy, manly. He was spreading his cheeks with his two hands and his asshole was there, wide open, waiting for me, winking on me. He did not have to tell me what to do, I started to lick his hairy asshole immediately. I spat on it for good measures, and tongued his ass. Inspired, I jerked off his dick with my right hand at the same time.

“I’m a virgin slut Sir.” I mumbled while eating his ass.

“Are you Daddy’s virgin slut?”

“Yes, I am Daddy’s virgin slut. I am yours Daddy. A dirty ass-eating slut”

I went back rimming his ass some more. I sniffed it. I was an animal. I would go through his big balls as well, swallowing them entirely in my mouth. Back to his dick and then his asshole again. I dreamt about that so many times. I was in heaven. I spat again in his ass, rubbed his balls at the same time. He moaned louder.

After a few minutes, he put his leg and foot behind my head to push me against his asshole. Again, I was choking. I tried to move away but I could not. He locked me harder against his ass, I tried to breathe through his asshole and started to panic, my own dick still dripping with precum. I could feel that I had no more air. I tried to shout but I could not either. He pushed even harder. My head was now fully red. I could not breathe anymore. I was about to die inhaling my Laws Professor’s asshole. It lasted for at least 20 seconds more. Then, when I was on the verge of passing out, he let go.

“FUCK.” He shouted. For the first time, it looked like he did no longer control himself.

He pushed me back, I fell. I was trying to breathe. I coughed. I needed water. He gave me no rest, instead, he e took me by the arm, and started to pull me out of the living room. I was still seeing spots and could not think through.

“CLIMB OUT THE STAIRS BITCH.” He shouted like a mad man.

I did. As best as I could. On the second floor, he pulled me by the arm again and throw me into a room. A bedroom. He threw me on the bed. I was his doll.


I was afraid at this point, his dick was huge, I had merely put 2 fingers in my ass in the shower before that. My virgin ass could not take such a big dick; and I knew he would be rough. Too rough.

“Sir… I…”

He spat on my ass, and moved me around so I would be in the doggy style position. He started licking my ass. His tongue was warm, wet, his hands were gripping my cheeks firmly. I moaned. I was petrified.

This lasted several minutes and then I felt something sliding in. A finger, then two. I screamed. It hurt. He put his hands on my mouth, I could barely breathe. It hurt so much even his fingers were too much.

“Now I am going to fuck your virgin ass boy.”

He let go his hand off my mouth a second, just enough for me to scream:

“No please!!” I was shaking and tearing up.

He stopped and moved aside. He looked me in the eyes.

“Tyler, I do not want to do anything you don’t want.” He said in a calm but firm voice, his dick still fully erected pointing at me.

“Sir…” I whispered. I had no idea of what I wanted.

“Tyler, if you want me to fuck your ass, you will have to beg me.”

“Sir…” This needed to stop, this was too much. But his dick… His body… I was a slut… I knew that I was his slut.

“So, Tyler…. Do you want me to fuck your virgin asshole?”

“Yes, Sir….” I gave in.

“Beg me.”

I was still lying on the bed. I moved a bit, put my legs in the hair and spread my asshole, I looked right at him.

“I am begging you Daddy. Please fuck my virgin asshole!”

He slid his dick inside my ass a second later, while putting one hand around my throat and looking at me right in the eyes. It hurt like hell. I felt my ass popped. I was no longer a virgin.

“This is going to feel good in a bit, you have to relax, you have to let it in.”

I was semi crying and semi moaning, I did not know if this was hell or paradise. Probably both.

He took his dick out of my ass after only 3 back and fourths.

“I don’t use lube. Suck it some more. It needs to be wetter; it will be easier for you…”

The dick was coming straight from my ass…. I looked at him and then at his shaft. Should I taste my own ass?

“Yes, Sir.”

I sucked his dick, smelling my own anus on his cock. I tried to deepthroat him again. I gagged and tons of spit come out of me. There were tons of precum too. Daddy was excited! Again, I almost puked my coq au vin. I felt some cum pouring of my dick. It was my second orgasm of the night while not touching my cock.

When I felt like his dick was wet enough, I said:

“Sir, please fuck me with that big dick. I want to feel Daddy’s cock in my asshole again. A slut needs to be fucked! I am begging you Sir.”

This time, he turned me around, in doggystyle. He pushed his dick in, and took my virginity some more. I felt his dick deep inside of me, I was in a state of trance. I almost blacked out. He fucked me hard. I would remember my first time for the rest of my life.

We were playing for nearly 2 hours at this point and my dick was still hard despite the unintentional cumming, it almost hurt. He spat on my ass while fucking me. He started spanking me. I was losing any sense of reality. A French expression calls orgasms a “petite more” (a little death), I died a little that night.

At some point, a few minutes later, or maybe an hour later, I could not say, he pulled his dick out of my ass, made me kneel again and told me.

“Now, as promised, this is your dessert boy. Consider it an early Christmas present from the College’s board of professors.”

He unloaded a crazy amount of white thick cum on my face and then put his dick, which was still somehow cumming, in my throat. I swallowed part of it and let some slide down on the floor. He put his foot on my head, forcing me against the wooden floor to lick it.

Filth. This was pure filth. I loved it. I could barely see though as my eyes were covered in cum.

I cummed again, but this time, I was jerking off my own dick and the cum came pouring on the floor. He made me lick my own cum too, putting some on his toes.

After a while, professor Fletcher seemed satisfied. He ruffled my hair and said:

“Good boy Tyler. You are going to make some men very happy!”

I was coming back to Earth and I started to feel cold all of the sudden, shaking. My Professor’s sperm covering my entire face. I had his strong taste in my mouth.

My Master for the evening left his bedroom. I did not dare to move. Actually, I did not know If I could ever move again. I just lied there, on the floor, drenched in sweat, in cum, in spit. My asshole hurt.

He came back with something in his hand. I did not recognize it at first then he said:

“Look at me.”

I looked and I noticed a Polaroid camera, and then a bright flash.

I was still disoriented as I watched my own face full of cum coming out of the camera. He told me:

“Sign your name.”

I did not think it through. I took a pen he was handing to me and did sign. “Tyler Braxton”.

“Now, go take a shower. I will call you an Uber. I hope you enjoyed your first time.”

“Yes. This was…” I could not find the words.

“Good?” He asked.

“More than that.”

The reality was that it was life changing but saying it did not feel right. Probably the experience was not life changing for Professor Fletcher as he seemed very used to fuck guys, or rather sluts, like me.

I took a shower. I thought he would join me but he did not. When I returned to the living room, it was 1 am and he was wearing a bathrobe. I could have gone for round 2. He was naked underneath and I could see his flaccid cock popping out of it.

“Now Tyler, you know the rules. You are going to take this Uber to go back to Campus. You will never speak of this night. To anyone. And you will never address yourself to me, ever. As discussed, this was a one-time thing only.”

My heart broke a little.

I knew this was the rule but I had not fully realized that he would go actually through with that.

“Can I ask you a question?” I felt that there was no necessity for calling him Sir anymore.


“Do you do that often?”


And this was our last exchange. We never spoke again.

I went back to the dorms as the “end of semester” party was still going strong on the first floor. I was exhausted and went straight to room 203.

When I entered, I was surprised to see Austin there. Surprised but happy.

“I lost my virginity!” I shouted, excited. I did not what come over me but I had to share that.

Austin seemed surprised:

“What? You slept with Janice?”

Shit. I can be stupid sometimes. Why did I say that? Now he would want more details…

“No… I slept with… I slept with some girl but she does not want it to be known and… I don’t want to breach her trust… and… Man, I lost my virginity tonight!”

Austin smiled lightly, but it was not his usual smile. With my excitement of the night and then of seeing him, I had not noticed at first that something was wrong. But Austin had red yes.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked, concerned.

“Do you mind if I come back sleeping here?” He said almost whispering.

“Of course not! What’s going on?”

And just like that, he busted into tears. “Ashley made out with another guy during the party and I surprised them and…”

“WHAT? I mean… What? She was drunk? What happened? Which guy?”

“Who cares?!” He looked at me, miserable.

“Sorry bro…” I sat next to him on the bed.

“I broke up with her.” He said.

I took him in my arms and let him lay his face on my chest. He looked heart broken. He cried some more.



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