Lovely Writer – Chapter 7 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

Lovely Writer – Chapter 7 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove


” Hi gene.. ” my toes are are feeling numb right now. No way! This can’t be. Tila tinakasan ako nang dugo sa nakita.

It’s him.

“Why me? Wala na bang iba? Can you explain this one yuri. ” I lowered my voice while talking on the sofa.

“Okay! Hear me out. Well..i have no choice since i can’t easily book an appointment for a hotel cause the paparazzi is somewhere. For sure dudumugin si hunter pag nagkataon. Just help him nah okay? Just this one gene. Hm? ” He held my hands as for assurance. I mean I’m not fond of someone else wandering on my condo aside from gui.

“Fine. But I’ll set my rules. ”

“Deal. Right Khun? ”

” But.. ”

“It’s like he doesn’t– ”

Yuri grabbed his shoulder and whisper something on his ear. I see hunter smirked.

Two faced jerk.

” I’m in. ” He says. I’m starting to doubt his thoughts. Lies. If not in this series I disagree on yuri.

Dinner. 7:30 pm. Gene’s Condo

“Are you sure it’s edible? “I stopped chewing my food and give a glance on the guy on the other side of the table.

“If you don’t want then throw it away. ” I simply said while I’m eating. I saw him get his spoon and grab a bite. Hindi ko ma explain ang itsura nito habang kumakain. I admit. I have no talent in cooking. My stocks in ref was already empty. The only available for now is canned goods. Yes. I gave him one. Tuna.

“Water…” I fill his glass and he drank it all.

“How was it? ” I asked while drinking water. He’s so pissed right now. Knowing he clenched fist. Why? He should be thank full that i serve him. When our eyes met..

He change it to smiling one. Here we go again. Plastic. Shape shifter.

” It’s good. Thanks. ”

” Ganun ba? I mean is that so? Don’t worry, ill serve you that food again next time. ” Pagkasabi ko palang ay nakita kong umasim ang pagmumukha nito. Yes. I’m being sarcastic. I remember what happened earlier between us.


He got stunned as soon as he saw the room. Lately, i rarely clean it since it’s my storage room or vacant room. Messy. Yung ibang comforter na nagamit na. Sirang electric fan, even my collection of comics are here.

“Here’s your room. This is very sudden so you can sleep in the sala for now. There’s no aircon but you can use my fan. It’s there on the side table, on the sala.

“Maybe you can share– ” i cut him out.

“No. I don’t share my bed with you. No one—” he passed me and walking around inside of my condo. Apakabastos. I’m not yet done talking. All the things are messy. Reason? Due to this boyslove series that i need to focus on.

“Hoy! Wag ka nga dyan! Kakasabi ko lang na bawal–” then he entered.


I immediately close my laptop and pull out the plug. Shame on you gene.

“What’s that? ”

“Nothing. Get out. We’ll talk tomorrow. ” I pushed his broad shoulders out to my room. Fine. He’s so tall. Before he asked me i slammed the door.

He knocks again.


6 times.

Eto pala ang gusto niya ah. Haisttt! Agad akong tumayo at lumapit sa pinto. Mulas sa labas ay palakas nang palakas ang kumakatok.

I grabbed the door knob and pull it.

Then something unexpectedly happened.

When the door opens i saw the man who just startled. Looking at the door.


I broke it! Shit! Shit! Fuckshit talaga! My sense comes back when he says.

” So….it means that can i enter? ”

Additional scene cut:

“Gene, look at this one. Ang ganda nang title. ” I peeped on what’s he’s watching. Gui lately has free time due to pandemic. I think we’re blessed that we have a work to pay our expenses.

“A tale of thousand stars..” i said while watching on his phone.

“Storyline? It looks promising. ” I said.

” Yan. This guy was tian, a volunteer teacher in remoted village. He undergoes a heart transplant….ek ek..when the story goes on, he meets p’ phupha a chief soldier who designated on that village. Something new right? A lovestory between a teacher and a soldie–teka lang naiihi nako. Timeout. ” Then he dashed into the bathroom. I was holding his phone and continue watching. The soundtrack of the series is really good. Same with the actors. Good plot. Cinematography was amazing. Nature friendly and tackled reality issues.

A Tale of Thousand Stars (นิทานพันดาว 1000stars; Ni-than Phan Dao) is an upcoming 2021 Thai television series starring Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri and Mix Sahaphap Wongratch.

A volunteer teacher dies in a tragic accident, in which her heart is transplanted to Tian. Through a series of diary entries Tian learns about her life; her secrets and interests. Including her promise to military officer Phupha, about counting a thousand stars with him. Tian then decides to follow in her footsteps and complete her dream. With Tian a new volunteer teacher, he attempts to befriend Phupha. Yet, Phupha gives off a cold exterior. Slowly the two grow close, but Tian’s heart beats fast around the military officer. As he starts to fall for him, much like its previous owner did. But with the area being war-ridden and dangerous,

I stopped when someone popped up message.

Solo: let’s meet this friday.

Meet? Who is this guy? I slyly peeped at the bathroom where gui was in.



Gui: Sure.


Napatawa nalang ako ng palihim at tumakbo nang mabilis sa kwarto.




Until i heard him shouting! I move fast and immediately lock the door.

“Hoy gene! Bubuksan mo o bubuksan mo? Isa! I swear! Pepektusan talaga kita kasama si norman!!!

“Ayoko. Sino si norman? ”

“Ahh basta! At sumasagot kapa talaga ah! ” Malakas ang paghila na aking ginawa sa doorknob upang hindi ito bumukas. I just stopped when it became silent.


The story Continues……

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