Lovely Writer – Chapter 5 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove

Lovely Writer – Chapter 5 – by JAMESVINCE – Novel BoyLove


” Are you alright yul? Refereshment? Juice? ” Direk ivan asked me while reading the script. I can’t help but look on the door where Hunter goes. It’s been five minutes that he left. What they’re doing inside that room. That writer. I feel something strange about him. Did he hit on hunter by chance? Fuck! Hunter is mine! I even reject my new drama for this one. For Hunter. I knew him for along time. He’s my long time crush in high school till now. I admited. I have flings but my feelings for hunter is different. Maybe we can be friendly till i got his attention.

I stand up and decided to go when the door opens. I see hunter fixing his shirt and looked at the people around him as he was doing bad. Omo! I clenched my fist upon looking on the guys who just walking out. It’s him. Genesis. He got his White mini towel while drying his face. What? Why is he drying up? Why hunter fixing his shirt? Before i knew, i crumpled the script on my hand. You need to think clearly yul!


After 1 hour.

I was watching together wtih mamu and direk the first episode of bad engineer. Result? Its not bad. Actually their visual are really something.

” Cut. Good take! ” Direk ivan record the clip so hunter and yul watch their performance on screen. I stand on the chair and go at the back of direk ivan. Yul occupied my seat. It’s fine with me.. I’m not the actor after all.

“How was it guys? Isn’t great! Their chemistry on sceen is out of this world! They’re eyes. I can feel the sensation. ”

“Thanks direk. ” Yul shyly laughed.

“Thank you direk. We only did our best. ”

“Uhm..direk? ” All of their eyes was stopped at yuri. I can see his discontented face.

“Yes yuri! What do you think? ”

“Uhm.. it’s good but..”

“But? ” Yuri immediately sit on the side of direk.

” Hindi man sa pakielamera ako or what hano..pero hindi ba masyadong intense yung kiss nila direk? It’s like it’s too much for First episode. ” He says.

” I think he has a point direk. Boyslove series may be differ interms on the first episode the first few episodes of “2gether: The Series” would suggest that it is different from other Thai BL shows. In fact, if you’ve seen other BL shows or read online BL novels on Wattpad and the like, you probably know exactly where the show is heading. ” Mamu added.

“How about this, gene come here. ” Yuri called my name out of nowhere. I gave him what the fuck face on what he’s doing now. Why me?

“Gene! Can you make fast! ” Yuri suddenly whisper something on my ear.

Gaga ka. Laplap talaga ang first episode? Watch me.

” Where’s hunter? Hunter come here. ” Hunter looked at us and come over.

“Okay. We need to play your role again. Same dialogue. With gene. Hunter is that okay with y-”



We said in Chorus. I only make this script but I didn’t expect to apply it on myself. For god sake acting is not my forte.

“Why don’t you say this to yul? He’s the veteran in acting compared to me.”

“Look gene. There’s no problem on yul. He nailed it. But the main highlight is you hunter. Gene can you please set aside your negative thoughts about sa alaga ko. Okay? ”

” Fine. ” I surrender. I notice hunter slyly looked at me. Relax gene. Relax. Help him so that your first series will be good. Patience is virtue.

Classroom scene:

After cleaning my desk , someone approach me. That guy. I was about to stand when he paused me by holding my shoulder. I was looking at his face. Those lips. He held my chin while looking at my eyes. I can smell his breath. Mint. I forcely pushed him apart. Fuck! I can’t do it.

“CUT!! Look at that direk! Gene! What are doing? Huh? Why did you pushed him? ” Yuri became furious.

” I understand yuri. Gene is not an actor. At saka diba dapat ako ang sumisigaw ng cut! ? ”

“Ay..sorry direk! Hehe. Peace. ” Yuri just chuckled while sits beside ivan.

“Gene. Take two. Just don pushed him okay? Hunter. Timing okay? Look guys, you need to have sexual tension so that it became natural when it filmed. ” Direk ivan said while hunter positioned himself by putting his finger ,holding up my chin. I just closed my eyes.

“Yes! Yes! Tuloy niyo yan! ” I heard yuri shouted.

In that moment.


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